Saturday, December 15, 2007

15-12-2007 Why Boys(Like me...) Like Girls

Stuff that just make me like girls:
The way they...

1. ... always smell so gd. (Even AFTER sweating n walking thru muddy waters n all sorta dirty stuff ~ Who knows, maybe even poop!!)
2. ... squeak when sth falls or they miss a step or they accidentally fall off their bikes.
3. ... make me all warm and fuzzy inside when they (accidentally) lock eyes with me and smile oh-so-sweetly.
4. ... can talk so much that I don't hafta worry abt thinking of stuff to talk abt.
5. ... can stop to listen even though they want to talk so much.
6. ... actually LISTEN to me and not just stare me and nod blindly.
7. ... have a LESSER ego problem.
8. ... don't give me that accusing tone that says, "HA! I'm right! You're WRONG! You're LOUSY!" when blaming me.(I'm not married yet what...)
9. ... laugh at my not-really-funny jokes even when the guys find it lame.
10. ... laugh at my not-really-funny jokes even when the guys find it lame and making the guys feel out of place if they DON'T laugh. :)

Okla. Mind-block le... I'm sure some if not most of you guys out there can agree with me when reading that. For you girls, just be who you are. I'm sure ppl find it attractive that way. At least... There HAS to be SOME GUY who finds it attractive. :P

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

02-10-2007 (Tuesday) Superheroes

With so many movies about superheroes on the rise recently(e.g. Spiderman 1,2 & 3, Batman(,) & Robin(,) Returns, Superman Returns (too... ), Fantastic Four(or should be it just one... Jessica Alba? *drool*).), I'm sure you've wondered whether there really are superheroes among us or whether you yourself could have some superpower that you don't know of. Then, after being convinced by every friend around you that you're perfectly human(Siao la you, only know how to talk crap, impossible la, got superpower...), you then question God why He forget to make a superhuman couple AFTER Adam and Eve, maybe ADAManator and EVEporator...?

Anyway, I've been watching this new hot series recently, "Heroes". (Halfway through...) And... I think I figured out why!!

It's simple, really. God didn't make superhumans so that our world wouldn't be more screwed up than it ALREADY is...! I mean... In movies, the superheroes ALWAYS use their superpowers for the good stuff but if you gave a REAL human those powers, he'd use them for all SORTA stuff.

The invisible guys would just visit toilets and bathrooms of the opposite sex and the law against shoplifting would be useless since they can just stuff floating around and then out the store;

The flying ppl would make the aviation industry run out of business, there would be traffic jams in the air and there wouldn't just be road accidents but AIR ACCIDENTS as well already. Engineers would have to figure out how to make traffic lights in the skies, clouds would have to be cleared for people to be able to see where they're heading...;

Science lessons would go out the window as so many ppl can defy the laws of physics by breaking every bone and just healing themselves instantly while others spontaneously combust or do physical actions with their minds;

Heck, there wouldn't be any privacy AT ALL anymore, since even your own THOUGHTS are not exempt from intrusion of 'the mind-readers'...

I'm sure you get my point. We should really be thankful that we're made such ordinary persons with no crazy abilities. At least that way, there's no MORE havoc than there already is in our world.

God is just awesome. :P

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted. (What has to be done HAS to be done...)

Friday, August 17, 2007

17-08-07 A New Goal

I suddenly have a new target for what lies ahead of me...

New Zealand!

You know... The place where sheeps outnumber homo sapiens 3 to 1(or is it even more...?). The place where LOTR was filmed. The place where the rugby is rather famous with the "All Blacks".

The place with the famous huge aboriginal Maori people and their huge balls as musical instruments...

No kidding...!!!
I myself am not too sure why after seeing this single 'stall' promoting NZ studies during this career and future studies fair that was held in my school a few weeks prior to this that I really wanna go to NZ to durther my studies. One good guess is the relaxed environment.

Of course, like Chung said, using the word 'boring' to describe NZ is an understatement but... after so much time of UN-boringness here, maybe I wanna get the best of BOTH worlds, why not?

Of course, one GREAT reason to go there is because of all the beautiful scenery you get there that is could almost be compared to a fraction of what paradise has in store.

I'm sure many of you have seen it on the Lord of the Rings tri-movie-logy but I wanna see it for myself. The REAL thing!!

Who knows? I might even get to hug and cuddle those cute lil' wooly sheeps!

Monday, July 30, 2007

30-07-07 (Monday) Gathering of Thoughts

Had some thoughts to just let out all at once.

Why are some ppl(like me) so... hypocritical? I'm referring to those of us who go to church. We can accept the loud/weird/annoying laughter of our pastor or elder and just say,"they're only human, why expect perfection?" but when it comes to other ppl in our lives, we just can't accept them as they are but have to condemn them to eternal(as long as are mortally alive, that is) damnation in the 'Hell of Embarassment". Why? We can accept the occasional mistakes in grammar and pronunciation some senior in church makes but when we're in the world outside, we just grab every opportunity to humiliate others when they make the slightest mistake. Can you tell me why? So many ppl just keep God in their lives on Sunday. It's like a Sunday-pass thing. When Sunday comes, you go around doing everything showing this pass to everyone that "Hey, it's Sunday and I'm a Christian today!"

For those who aren't so, I thank God for your being a role model for the 'less fortunate'...

The sermon Rev. Edmund preached the previous Sunday mentioned sth that struck me. When Jesus was being baptised, usually big occasions like that would be marked by lightning striking a tree nearby, or the clouds all turning dark in a split-second or maybe just some massive flower blossoming session to happen.(Maybe these just happen so much in movies that God decided NOT to go for cliches but..) However, I only came to realize the significance of what God did to show that Jesus was His beloved Son. He sent the Spirit down on Jesus in the form of a dove! Not an eagle with a lightning scar across its forehead or some roaring lion pouncing into the water but a DOVE! Rev. Edmund went on to say that this shows how God wants us to be gentle in everything that we do. In a world full of revenge and tempers raging, it really IS quite inspiring to think of sth like this. What have you done lately to show some gentleness within you?

Just finished reading "The Problem of Pain" by C.S. Lewis last week.

He put in a lot new insight that I never really thought of. He's really quite a thinker. It really takes a lot of understanding to read his writings though. I tried to read his book here and there like on the bus while going somewhere and even while waiting in a queue(which Singaporeans LOVE to do...) but the stuff really got to the point of being processed fully except for the times when I was just sitting silently reading it. I recommend this book to all those out there who like reading stuff that just makes you go,"Hey! I never thought of it that way!"
Two lines from the book that struck me the most was this...
"God whispers in our pleasure, speaks in our conscience, but shours in our pain."
"A man who admits no guilt can accept no forgiveness."

And finally...
I just find English really peculiar. How can two words which SUPPOSEDLY should be antonyms turn out to be totally different? "in" is the opposite of "out", right? Isn't it cool that "income" has nothing to with being the opposite of "outcome" at all?(Except that income only comes as an outcome of input becoming output... Sth like that...) I'm sure you can come up with many more examples. Don't mind sharing, yeah?

Friday, July 27, 2007

27-07-07(Friday) El Nino

I apologize for not updating for so long. It's been a rather dry period recently with not much inspiration to tal about.

Now I only urge all brothers and sisters reading this to just stop and pray for the 22 S. Koreans captured in Ghazni as hostages by the Taleban. It just feels so sad that ppl go to such extremes to achieve what they desire.

"Local police said the South Korean man's body had been found with multiple bullet wounds in the Mushaki neighbourhood of Qarabagh district in Ghazni province - where the Koreans are being held.

South Korean media identified the man as Bae Hyung-Kyu, 42, a church pastor and leader of the group."


Read the full article here.

May God forgive these merciless ppl.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

15-07-07 - Sunday - Cool Multiplication for Large Numbers

Some cool stuff! I have NO IDEA how to REPRODUCE that!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

14-07-07 Can a true Christian lose his salvation once and forever?

Just came back from Care Group(CG) and got really inspired to share sth with you out there.

Can true Christians lose his/her salvation forever?

According to Hebrews 6:4-6, a true Christian CAN lose his salvation. Salvation is a very precious gift. We must not take it lightly but protect it safely.

But seriously, if one has ALREADY tasted the wonders and greatness of God, why in the material world WOULD one turn away from God? Unless... It's a DELIBERATE ACT to test God, right? And clearly Jesus has also told us NOT to do that in Matthew 4:7b and Luke 4:12b "You shall not tempt the LORD your God."

I mean, sure... You say,"But God is a merciful and loving God who's very, VERY forgiving!!!"

Of course, He is. But does that mean you are ALLOWED to push Him to see far you CAN go until you WON'T be forgiven?

My CG leader gave quite a good analogy. Imagine you're being swept down some rapid river of life by temptations and worries of the world and Jesus comes along and throws you this Rope of Salvation. It's only up to you whether or not you WANT to grab the rope or not, right? The fact of the matter is that if you opt NOT to grab that rope, it's your loss but the rope will STILL be there, right? Salvation will always be there, available for you to grab onto.

Okay, next situation. This Ezrah and I came up together while having a wonderful discussion just now. Let's say you decide to grab onto this Rope of Salvation. While Jesus pulls you onto the Shore of Eternal Life, free of all the sins and hardships of the world. Then, while He's pulling, you suddenly, for your own reasons, decide to throw away the rope... It'd be out of your reach should you want to grab on to that rope again, right?

John 3:16 ~
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." Right? According to my CG leader, the original Greek version goes to say that whoever CONTINUES BELIEVING in Him will CONTINUE TO have eternal life.

So... Guys and gals and aunties...(Uncles all too busy working, won't be here reading one...) I urge you all to ponder on this thought and to take your gift of salvation seriously and do NOT, I repeat... Do NOT take God for granted. Our imperfect humane self has a limit to our patience which we tends to be pushed often but do NOT try to push God's limit... He IS God.

Here, I hafta give lots of credit to Ezrah Nyanat and Chung for their wonderful insights on the topic as we pondered on it tonight. They unceasingly provided many quotes from the Bible that I had no idea existed before... My hats off to you both!

"It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age, if they fall away, to be brought back to repentance, becauseto their loss they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting him to public disgrace." ~ Hebrews 6:4-6
Verses courtesy of

14-07-07 "Alamat Hari Kiamat Makin Hampir..."

Flipping open the Straits Times this morning, I just felt sad and sorry for the stuff that I find...

Indonesia again eh? This ain't much news...

Well, with all the amount of pollution they're making, this ain't surprising too...

But... Japan??!! This I don't recall much though...

You may see this is some normal phenomenon with the change of the typhoon and directions of the monsoon but... '12m-high' waves don't happen every year, okay... At least, not much in places other than Indonesia...

I just start to wonder again whether or not God actually had in mind for us to leave Him no choice but to come back and deal Judgment on us faster as we destroy the earth so hard, so fast...

On a different note... I got bored in class last few days and did something 'bimbotic'

You girls pay so much for those fancy nail polish and I can get such sexy and funky designs for practically free...!(Oh shoot... It won't go away...!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

11-07-07 Because I hate you...

I just happened to read VJC's own blog and got to this interesting post on Aaron Hall. If you wanna know what happened to him, click here.

It's pure brutality what ppl do to achieve their goals nowadays. Just this morning, I read news of the Lal Masjid and all the violence that took place there. Is there ONLY violence in the world nowadays? Why do we human just INDULGE in others' pain? Why is it that accidents are the ONLY thing that makes us slow our vehicles down to poke our noses into and those courteous drivers letting drivers drive out of busy junctions only get a simple wave and the ppl behind just honk away at the 'good Samaritan'?

Why is it that when fights break out in school, 70% of the student body turn up within half a minute and 30% of the staff appear within the next half a minute but when some student helps pick up some rubbish or helps carry some kid who took a fall, everyone just turns away and stares with the "omg-look-at-that-silly-lil-kid-doing-good-stuff" look.

This attitude of ppl nowadays is the very reason why the media focuses mainly on the nasty stuff happening around us, causing great hype that last weeks on stuff like Cho Seung Hui's massacre, Altantuya's murder and China's faulty products.

I guess this is what God meant by not focusing on appreciation in this worldly realm for our reward is in heaven. Do not be dismayed at being sniggered at for picking up those Milo cups at the stadium, my brothers. Ignore the stares while you guide the old lady across the road.

I think the lack of good public transport has caused us to lose out on many possible chances of helping ppl out when walking along the streets. Stuff like giving your seat to those who need it more is no longer present when you're driving your own car or just have your own transport.

Just a chain of thoughts after reading Cosiety's post and the news. Lastly, speak up for the weak. Defend those who deserve it. Let justice continue to breathe in our world...!

Monday, July 09, 2007

09-07-07 VJC Sailing Team Deserves Their Win!

At assembly today, my school's sailing team made their announcement of their proud triumph this previous week. I was very touched when we got to the part where they were thanking everyone who have contributed to their success. They actually rounded off with "Finally, we would like to thank God for giving us all this. All glory to Him!"

This is the very first such statement in our assembly!(Since I came, that is...) I'm sure God gave you this win despite all the odds cos' He KNEW you all would give glory back to Him! My hats off to you, VJC Sailing!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

08-07-07 Randomnity VIII

Time for some picture-tell-story time...!

Went to Carl's Jr. not too long ago. Stupidly ordered a large meal because I thought I was REALLY hungry...

Can you tell how big this is? Oh, and this is before the FRICKIN' EXPENSIVE HAIRCUT!! Looked so 'guai zai' and innocent then, eh?

Can tell here?

It was stupid because... I can get FREE REFILLS!

My supidly LARGE meal... McD's fries still rule...

Sexy bacon.. I just loved this huge burger. And NO the burger is NOT huge because I ordered a stupidly LARGE meal...!

And here's Arvind eating with me, totally unaware that I was taking a picture of him only until NOW as I'm posting this... Awww... Don't he look so innocent..? Oh... That 1 L nalgene bottle's there to let you see how big the drink is too!

Okay, enough of the sinfully, pleasurable sinful stuff...

I went cycling with my senior, Xing Ji yesterday evening at ECP.

That's Xing Ji in white in front there...

We got to this jetty with a pretty nice view...

I think that's St John's Island or something further to the left... Hey! I can see my roommate waving from our room from here!

Not very long later, we saw this towering structure and...

Can you guess what it is? I'm gonna tell only in the next post... Winner gets... a 'HADIAH MISTERI'!

I dunno why but I think this pic would look nice... What say you?

As we turned back, the sky was dark already...

This pic, IMHO, is kinda impressive with the light rays and all that... I like it...!

The bunga-bunga, gesi-gesi, showoff-showoff version of it. Actually, not very gesi oso la ho... Only senget nia ma... What's so gesi...??

Now for a thought.

Human greed and desire is insatiable. We desire to be able to fly in the skies like a bird(not on a massive air polluter like the Airbus A380 or BOEING-787) one day if given the chance. Then, it just came to me that if we were SOMEHOW given the opportunity to do so, we wouldn't stop there. We'd want MORE! We'd wanna be able to travel to outer space freely! Like the debris and asteroids floating out there! This is just a comparison to money. We can NEVER have enough. Get your first million by 45 years old and then you think: 'Can get a million, the next million won't be hard, right? At most also die trying what...' Then, earn another million, try to save money by giving some money to charity so that you get taxed less... 'Just another million will be enough la' you say... Enough is NEVER enough.

Hmm... Come to think of it... It's like what men AND women want for their bodies too. You know what I mean... Bigger is better? Some just keep wanting bigger or maybe a smaller... Body shape... Yeah, that's the word...

08-07-07 Frickin' Haircut!

I'm getting ready for my jumps this coming Tuesday so I decided to get a haircut yesterday 'in conjunction' with it. I figured to try out the professional shops around for once, just to 'live the good life' for once. Thus, I went searching high and low at Parkway Parade for a LESS COSTLY barber shop. Besides that S$10 in-the-open express barber 'stall'... The cheapest rate I could get was... A FRICKIN' S$25!!!

I told myself: "This is just a one-time thingy so just do it and get over it. Don't think. Do."

... So I heavy-heartedly agreed to get a haircut at his place called 'Team Salon' and sat down on that chair I love to sit on so much... The barber chair. heheh... Anyway... It just felt different sitting there while that very professional-looking lady with nice hair(of course la... hair salon wat... Expensive one again eh...) cut at my hair... It must've been because I'M PAYING LIKE 4 TIMES MORE THAN I USUALLY PAY...!!!

This is sth new... They bring some tea and UP-TO-DATE magazines to me while I wait for the pro-lady to give me my due service... I guess the tea must've been included in the $25 too... Hmm... Should ask whether they'd cut the price if I DIDN'T drink it... (Man, I'm starting to sound like some kiasu Sgian now...)

Following that, I guess I must've been pretty satisfied with the haircut... Since I HAD to be. (Frickin' $25, okay?!!)

Took this pic after I went swimming yesterday.

What do you think? After such a PRICEY trim... I SHOULD be making full use of it so... I camwhored a bit lo. What's the cam and cam-phone around for, if not...

Some MORE cam-whoring before church this morning... In my room... That lil' pimple on my left cheek very obvious, right? Darn it... ARRRR...!!

For those of you whom I took your pics off for the previous post on cam-whoring... Do NOT take this opportunity to strike revenge on me...

Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: 'It is mine to avenge; I will repay,' says the Lord." ~ Romans 12:19


Saturday, July 07, 2007

07-07-07 "Chinese News"

I used to think that the people in China eat almost everything they could find when I found out that they actually eat dogs. Then, earlier this year, I read abt some restaurants in Shanghai serving up crocodiles on their menus. I mean... Wow... they're actually eating one of the longest surviving predators now. That officially makes them the very TOP of the food chain, right? But NOooooOooooOOO... Why stop at crocodiles? There're BIGGER and BETTER stuff this world has to offer...

"Chinese eat dinosaur bones as medicine"

wow... Something new eh? They really eat EVERYTHING! Even the stuff that are ALREADY extinct. My my...

AP Photo: Visitors look at the leg bone of a dinosaur believed by Chinese scientists to be...the 'dragon bones' from the dragons flying in the sky

Following that, this following news I have been following over the past few weeks...

Another consumer product disaster in China: exploding mobile phone batteries

“Right after I powered on the cell phone and pressed the button it exploded. My nipple got burned so badly from the explosion”.

Ouch...! This is like the 5th or 6th such incident in China already! Really makes you consider sticking to the REAL stuff for a GOOD reason, yeah? I guess Malaysia's government discouraging piracy is REALLY meant for the good of its citizens then.

Imagine just lying on the bed in your nighties or just topless(for guys, of course) and you just realized your handphone that's lying on your chest isn't on. Then, you turn it on and *!!!KABOOM!!!*................


I'm NEVER gonna turn on my handphone when it's in the pocket of my pants anymore...

Last Sunday, he(Mr Jiang, King of BBQ in Jiangxi, China)BBQ’d 128 whole lambs with a 40 meter long grill all by himself and it only took him 2 hours to cook them.

Food, glorious food...! I'
m only wondering why the number...? 128? He must be some geek mathematician in school or maybe just another computer nerd obsessed with binary numbers. His next attempt would probably be 256 crocodiles? or maybe 512 dinosaur bones?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

04-07-07 Mathematics

I'm not sure whether anyone is born a math genius but one thing I'm quite sure about is this... No one can be very good at maths WITHOUT practice. If one is willing and actually puts in effort into practising, I'm sure almost ANYONE can become good at maths.

Sigh... Just got back my maths paper for our mid-years exam. I did terribly... Like REALLY terribly terrible! This is quite a blow for me... I guess this is God's way of bringing me back to earth... To remind me to be humble and do my work consistently...!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

01-07-07 I do NOT deserve them...

I just finished reading YN's entry on friends and then happened to flip to KW's blog. No new entries but as I scrolled to the links to other ppl's blogs, I noticed that she entitled it "MY PALS"... That got me thinking of how many friendships and maybe other relationships I never really deserved all along...

I did not deserve Kar Wei's friendship for being so pampered and temperamental in 2006. I did not deserve her friendship for always being the one getting angry at little matters and pointing fingers at her all the time. I owe her for standing my childish ways.

I did not deserve Chung's friendship for all the way back in the year of 2004 when I rejected his application for being an AJK in Orientation '05. I owe him for always putting him down and shoving my ego up his face.

I did not deserve Michele Chai's friendship for always causing all sorts of quarrels and strife to emerge between us. I did not deserve her friendship for the many lies I told to her despite her knowing the truth even before I tried covering it up. I owe it to her for my hypocrisy. I owe it to her for bearing with my ego and having to let go of hers.

I did not deserve Gareth's friendship for always having a go at him at every opportune time. I did not deserve his friendship for always belittling him and trying to p**s him off. I owe him for bearing with my naughtiness and 'jio'yness.

I did not deserve Janice Wee's friendship for not being there for her at many times but instead only able to make things worse for her when things aren't going her way in the first place already. I did not deserve her friendship for forcing her to make choices she does NOT need to make. I owe it to her for keeping it in her and not getting angry but finally coming clean and being honest to me.

I did not deserve Aaron Wong IH's friendship for uh... Not being cool enough.

I did not deserve Esther Lu's friendship for some really stupid stuff I've teased her about. I owe it to her for forgiving me for the silly little 'I'm-angry-you-told-others-abt-the-gift-I-gave-you' incident in... 2000.

I did not deserve Alvin Tan's friendship for always making him feel noobish. I did not deserve his friendship for not making him realize how wonderful God has created him and the gifts that God has actually blessed him with. I owe it to him for giving my words so much credit.

I did not deserve Louise Lu's friendship for my really childish days. I owe her for the 'cold war' period, having caused her to become upset.

I did not deserve Leonard Lu's friendship for not being able to stand on his side for many times. I did not deserve his friendship for not being able to cover for him sometimes. I owe him for standing up for me at many occasions.

I have many more to record but it's getting very early now(12.23 AM) and there's church later! I really thank God for these many blessings I have had and for many cases, still have. I really regret letting such friendships rot away and not making effort to retain them. For all my acquaintances and companions out there, I say this...

Forgive me! I am only human and imperfect. Let my letdowns be drowned in my apologies...!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

30-06-07 My Blog is rated SG-17!!!

AAAaAaaaaAPUUUUUUUUU!!!!! I went to Aunty Vivien cum i-Youth's blog and I came across this entry "How Is Your Blog Rated?" and... what the...??? My blog is restricted to those below 17 because it has... 6 specific words? And since when did 'pain' become a bad word? HAHAHaaahaha!! Gek dao ah!

Here it is:

"Hahahaha...following Kristine's example, i went a little further and took the liberty to rate the following blogs and publish their ratings as of 25th June 2007.

JT's blog
Online Dating
This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
* crap (3x)
* death (2x)
* pain (1x)"

I guess I gotta start a security feature to stop those under 17 from entering my blog, eh? hahah... No more for you, Alyssa, Kah Ying and those of you underage kids who wanna enter...

Suddenly it sounds as if my blog is a porn site or sth... Don't penalize me for using that 'p' word, aV!!

30-06-07 Which Type of Person Are You?

There're a few ways ppl get along in life. Some get along doing everything that can be done to fix a situation; some just sit around doing their own stuff, ignoring what others do or what help they can render; some sleep(Zzz...) while others do their stuff, pretending they don't know that others are doing something for them and; some others just complain that others don't do their job properly.

Which one are you?

The Bible doesn't only tell us to "be the salt and light of the earth", to do what we can for the better of this world. The Bible also asks us to "do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe".

Think about it... If you're cleaning the toilets at home and you're frumbling and grumbling away... Do you think others will be going like, "Wow, what a good boy/girl he/she is... Doing chores without being told despite complaining..."?

I must say that this is NO easy task. I imagine how my parents used to be sweeping the floor or mopping the floor or doing the dishes or clearing the table or gardening or... all those stuff and I'd be working out my 'potato couch' skills. Now, AFTER leaving the comfort of home and I start to HAVE to be doing stuff by myself, I feel what they must have felt, suffering there doing all that hard stuff while others who are MORE than able to help out just laze around and STILL can complain about stuff. For those of you still home, I hope you start doing what I rarely did... Help out at home. As for those who aren't... I urge you to not be so bitter about doing something for others or just something you weren't supposed to do. No credit here on earth means God decided to save it for the long run... in HEAVEN! It even earns you interest, from just a temporary pleasurable word of praise from friends to sheer pleasure... For eternity!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

28-06-07 Gathering of Thoughts

Mid-years are over! I am SOOooOOooo relieved! ESPECIALLY not having to listen to ppl boasting how much they didn't study and planned to fail and all that!(For a while at least...) So, as celebration... I shall enter all the thoughts that I gathered over quite a while and didn't manage to blog about...

Now that I AM already 18 and a full-fledged adult already, I suddenly realize that next year I'm gonna turn 19, then the NEXT year, 20! WOW! I'm gonna be in my 20s in less than 700 days! My MY! I have to say... the difference between the following two years will REALLY be huge. I mean, even though it's just 1 year apart, being 19 and 20 is VERY different! The gap between 19 and 20 years old is actually MORE than 1 year, if you get what I mean... Wow... I wonder what silly stuff(s) I'll do when I reach 20...

" 'Men is Too Selfish To Be Generous.' Prove this wrong". This was one of the 'motto's that VJ used to encourage students to take part in this charity drive earlier on. I came to realize quite a while ago that giving is actually a form of 'self-praise'. Okay... My explanation... When you give someone something, they either like it or hate it. Either way, they'd usually be polite and tell you, "I LOVE this colour!" or sth like "OMgoodness! I can't believe you bought/made me this!" OR... They'd just be polite and say a nice "Thank you so much!". Either way, you still get words of praise or gratitude and that sweet smile from them as they tilt their head slightly to the left. By giving, you actually are "forcing" others to praise you back. That in itself brings great happiness and brightens up your day, no?

Another thing I got to realize is this... Listening to ppl ain't a very easy thing to do. Or maybe.. It's just NOT a 'guy thing'. Heheh... I'm not too sure. 1 thing I CAN be sure about is that it's hard for ME...! I mean, when ppl tell me stuff, I have a tendency to interrupt with a word here and there. So... Here I salute those who were attentive and listened in the past: Kar Wei(especially), Chung, Aaron Wong IH, CP, Janice Wee, Leo, Esther Wong Xiao... sth and uh... the others who I will add to this list as soon as my memory reboots.

Earlier on, I attended this thing in church for CG leaders cos my CG leader asked me to join him. It was abt mentoring. The speaker, Rev Edmund de Souza mentioned how we can mentor and how we can BE mentored. He mentioned that being a mentor means you shouldn't make yourself seem too clever or too superior. He said that a mentor should be honest and share his own problems too so as not to give one's mentee the impression that one is perfect. I agree totally with what he says. I also realize that (forgive me for my pride in saying this for those who don't think so) some ppl get this impression of me as being this perfect kid from this perfect family. I just wanna make it clear to all of you out there that it is ABSOLUTELY not true. I jsut seem to have such a full life bcos I have Jesus as my personal Saviour and my life just brightens up after I took Him seriously. Even so, I STILL have MANY problems that I guess I don't let many ppl know. I sin. A LOT! yea...

After being injured or getting muscle aches/pains and all that... I've come to discover this '3-day Rule' for most injuries and pain. The 1st day AFTER you exercise too hard/get the injury, it's gonna hurt quite a lot. The following day, it's gonna be a KILLER! SO MUCH more painful than the 1st day. The day AFTER that, it's gonna return to the 1st day's condition or maybe even alleviate even MORE! Days following the 3rd day will possibly see a complete disappearing of the pain or just slight feelings of it. Get hurt enough times and I'm sure you'll discover this too! Who needs biology? Hahah... I'm just kidding.

"We don't stop playing when we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing." Well said, don't you agree? I read this off a McD leaflet encouraging families to join this series of fun and activities organized by McD. I guess it doing well to counter the unhealthy food it's feeding us, eh? Anyway, I am absolutely supportive of this quote. So next time if you see me trying to make a fool of myself or just thoroughly enjoying myself doing childish stuff or just playing around, don't tell me to "Grow up!" or you'd have just confirmed that you're officially old.

And to end things off, I have one thing to say... Thank GOD for round tables! Talking doesn't become such a hassle anymore!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

26-06-07 Congratulations, Sexy-Eyed, Now-Straight-Haired Fish!

With reference to the post

"The Simple "Smile"-er Incidents in Life...

dated 21-05-07, I would like to congratulate Chia Kah Ying for scoring 47/50 for her English essay in the semester test! I appreciate that you give me a bit of credit by telling me that your essay entitled "Laughter" got some inspiration from the above mentioned post...

~Cheers!! God bless you, girl!

Monday, June 25, 2007

25-06-07 We're not THAT different after all...

I suggest those of you who haven't seen this video on YouTube to see it. Look under "Kawanku", the 1 with just words and the person rapping in the background.

After my first 2 subjects for mid-year today... I have sth to say.... "SIEEEEEEENNNN AH!!!!"

It's not because of the exams, really! It's the PPL! I'm sure those of you in or from Chung Hua would know... I go to school, the first person I see starts off a conversation like the following:

"How's your studies?"
"Ermmm... Okla. Did what I could."
"Really? So you're all ready for the exams le ah? Confident le ah?"
"Er... Well..."
"Good la you! I didn't even manage to touch my book ah! Was playing for the whole holidays ah! Last night also couldn't help but play games ah! How? Getting ready to fail nia ah! Die sia..."
"Oh... Ok... Good luck failing then!"

... Well, the last line doesn't usually go off like that but, I sure wish I could say that sometimes... I mean... BS la! Prepared to fail le and still so proud abt it? As if la...! Then later the paper comes back and you get 80++ and THEN you start with the routine again...

"EH! I didn't study also get 80++! Heng sia...! Eh, how'd you do ah?"
"70++ lo..."
"What? Oh, only lose to me by a bit nia la."
"Yea, sure. I guess I'm really stupid to lose to someone who didn't even study and still beat me, yeah?"

Then, there're those who do something similar after the exams...

"Wah, how sia...? Die lo this time. Dunno what I was doing for the compo eh...! Only crapped around nia ah. Fail lo this time..."
"Crapped? But i saw you write two full pages wat..."
"Yeala! Crapped until two pages, no point one eh..."

... As if... Even ME the king of crap(literally) can't even crap for 1.5 pages and you can crap THAT much?

I'm sick of all this 'kiasu' type of attitude la! What's in it for you if you try to make me feel confident?! You'll get an extra 0.1 mark for every person you make feel more confident is it?


Saturday, June 23, 2007

23-06-07 It's Not Easy To Be Nice...

... In other words, it's easy to be NOT nice. I think this will be the first in a series of future entries.

For this entry, I got the inspiration while I was on the bus just now. I realized how easy it is to annoy the person next to you or even the those on the whole bus. Here's a list of what you wanna do have ppl turn their heads and scowl at you on the bus.(personally not recommended)

1. Clear your throat and cough really, REALLY loud.*Ahhh-HEEKKKKKkgGGghhhHHH*
2. Keep fidgeting in your seat.
3. Push your knee(s) against the seat in front.(What to do? Legs too long, seat too cramped what, right?)
4. Board a bus right after some vigorous exercise and when you're sweating like a... sweaty person you are(I dunno how ppl can use animals as a comparison here cos... I dunno which animal on earth actually sweats a lot on its body after running or sth) and wheezing like a heart-attack patient. Then, sit really, REALLY close to this young lady/man who obviously is all dressed up for some really nice function.
5. When boarding the bus, put your heavy groceries down real slowly(got eggs inside, right?), then reach for your really heavy backpack and start digging for your purse/wallet. After finally finding it, start digging in your purse/wallet among your many, MANY coins for the exact change, struggling as there are mostly 1 cent(if in M'sia) and 5 cent coins.(Don't wanna top up, more expensive what, right?)
6. Due to all the seats taken, you stand with several others. Standing with them, you opt NOT to place your items on the floor as they're just so precious and fragile. Then, because of the DRIVER'S reckless driving, you keep jerking back and forth and knocking into the others standing, occasionally bumping your backside at the old seated lady right beside where you're standing.
7. In a similar situation as in 6, except that you did not buy or bring anything. So, you're able to stand properly. Then, with your back facing a mother and child, you accidentally let out a audible fart. (Hmmm... Sounds like a Toilock Man mischief...)
8. Like a combined situation of 4 and 7, except this time the bus is really PACKED! Even standing space is no more available. Having nothing to grasp except for the iron bar above which the shorter girls standing beside you can't reach, you decide to just grab it. Then, your amazing power emanating from your underarms cause the girls to squeeze closer together, using their perfume's fragrance as life support.
9. Keep pressing the "STOP" button after every stop even though you're not getting off soon.
10. Keep pressing the "STOP" button even after the "BUS STOPPING" sign is up.
11. Drink something(which is illegal on buses in Singapore) and as the bus turns or jerks, you spill the liquid on the ppl beside AND in front of you.
12. Blast your MP3-playing mobile phone to the maximum.(Works best when you have a low-quality MP3-blasting mobile phone. e.g. Nokia?)
13. (For girls) Knowing that you have really smooth and long hair, you wish to show it off. So, you shake your head around every 10 minutes, your hair tickling the poor old man beside you who is trying to have a nap.
14. Take off your shoes after a long walk in the damp forest at MacRitchie Reservoir/Lambir Waterfalls or from mountain-climbing at Canada Hill.
15. Talk really loud over the mobile phone.(HELLO? HELLO! OI! HELLO! I CAN'T HEAR YOU! CAN YOU SPEAK LOUDER? PPL CAN'T HEAR YOU AH!!)

Warning: Some of the actions above may lead to the bus driver stopping the bus instantly and kicking you out of the bus personally. Perform at own risk. bears no responsibility for stupid actions taken on bus.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

20-06-07 Pics Update

I realized I took many pics that I wanted to blog with but never got to use them so... Here they are, all in one go...

Here's justa scene of the wonderful sky and all that from my floor at a different spot. sorry for the grainy effect buy my camera phone just doesn't have as good a camera as Chung's. Hahah...

You know how women are always well-known for their shopping abilities?

Check this ad in the papers out... For guys, the only brands are Kickers, Lawman and Sifs while for ladies they have Hardy Amies Weekend, Melange, Elle Lingerie, Jockey Longerie... Lafelle and (deep breath) Willow. Obviously, they don't really bother about catering much for the weaker-at-shopping sex...

Just this previous week, after I came back to Sg, there was this "The New Paper Cyber Challenge", which offered competition for NFS:Carbon, Fight Night 3 and NBA Street Home Court on PS3 and; Battlefield 2142 and C & C 3 on PC.

Don't see that many PS3 all in one place very often, yeah...?

I joined the NBA thingy with a friend of mine as registration was free and the 1st prize included a PS3 console and S$1000.00!!!

Nice big TV screen for games, eh? It could almost compare with Chung's one at home!

We both actually made it throught he first 2 rounds and we thought we'd actually stand a chance at the prizes...!

Obviously, it's a guy thing...
Then came the second day when we returned for the quarters. *BOOM!!* We got blasted back into reality. Hahah... We went there just to be beaten 21-17. Well... On the bright side... At least we got to enjoy and play a PS3, right?

With the occasional kids coming along out of curiousity and then keep begging their poor parents to buy the console. Sigh... These cruel, CRUEL advertising ppl...

Anyway... After dragging myself back into reality...

I discovered this shop selling all these board games... There were SOOOOooOOOo many games!!! See for yourself...

Games galore...!!

I kinda missed some of the games that we used to play in the past...

Games like this, "Risk". I remember enjoying this a lot for a period of time. Now, I realize that games like this don't have high re-play values, unlike... THE SETTLERS OF CATAN!!!

Even in places like these you get to see how patriotism is instilled in Singaporeans...

Okaylah... Maybe Malaysia not much different, with her own version too but...

What about this...?

Cool, yeah? I can guess what's inside though... Stories of how to cope with 'kiasuness', stories of the poor Singaporean men trying to tackle Sg women with only 4 out of 5C's, stories of the National Servicemen trying to keep their weight down with the wonderful food in NS(???)

Now, THIS following picture is plain random but I saw it at this music store earlier in the holidays...

I'm sure you can tell that the guitar on the right is the real-sized thing? Well... The one on the LEFT is the main reason for this photo! It's sooooOOo PETITE! A kid's BASS guitar!!??!!

"You never know why you're alive until you know you'd die for" ~ "I Would Die For You" - MercyMe