Friday, March 26, 2010

26-03-10 (Friday) "I Smile..."

I just wanted to express some gratitude for once. I want to show some appreciation for all that has happened/ is happening around me.

I smile when I get something in my mailbox, especially if its from someone I know. (eBay stuff is pretty good too but they don't make me AS happy.)

I smile when I get a msg in the middle of a busy day from friends/family, just asking me how things are like, checking on my existence.
I smile when I tease/bother ppl (in a fun, joking manner, of course). And they don't get angry. Emphasis on latter.

I smile when I'm approaching a junction on my bike and the road just happens to clear up.

I smile when I hit a perfect smash across the court/table or when my shot goes past all the foosballers into goal. :D

I smile when I see duck families waddling in single file on University Avenue.

I smile when I see those lovely flowers in full bloom all around me.

I smile when I notice the leaves changing colour as autumn approaches.

I smile when I get a French sentence/phrase correct.

I smile when I taste something new and awesome. Like sucking warm milk through Tim Tams with both ends bitten off. GAAAaaaaAHHHhhhHHH!!!! Craving!!!

I smile when I think about how amazingly different people can be. How no 2 persons are the same and that is just what makes them, them!

Wen Hui is perfectly normal. I just happened to upload his pic.
I smile when people show concern and love at the times when I LEAST deserve it.

Sometimes... I smile when I don't mean it. But I choose to believe that the outward action affects the inner feelings and that things happen for a reason beyond my finite understanding.

There IS more to life than all that we have now...

p.s: Where HAVE all the ducks gone...?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

24-03-10 (Wednesday) "Now"

Changed. Things have.

... And I wondered why my family never really went around to other people's places when I was younger.

The reality of adult life has unveiled itself to me.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

21-03-10 (Sunday) "Marley & Me"

Just finished watching "Marley & Me". Very sweet and touching movie. For those of you dog people out there, I highly recommend this movie.

It moved me to tears. More than any other movie has so far.

Monday, March 15, 2010

15-03-10 (Monday) "Attention, anyone?"

Haven't posted anything in a while. Here goes anything...

I think a lot about how it'll be like when I see God. There're so many people who'll be together with me and with God that day.

... Then I think of how class is like in uni, in JC, in Chung Hua, in CH Pujut...

With so many(well, not many relative to the number in heaven one day but still pretty many) people in a class, it is easy to just blend into the background and not be noticed by the teacher. Just sit behind and copy everything the teacher writes, don't bother asking questions and score average marks and your teacher will forget me within 3 months of me leaving his/her class.

How different it is with God, no? He'd be able to name your favourite food, favourite travel destination, every single story behind your scars, all the girls you've ever had a crush on(... and those who've had one on you... *ahem*). He genuinely cares. He gives you His time. He gives you His attention.

He gave you His Son.

At least I have been living out the truth in THIS part of the Bible faithfully...

"... treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy,
and where thieves break in and steal."
~Matthew 6:19b
The Holy Bible

Sunday, March 07, 2010

07-03-10 (Sunday) "A Plea"

I have a plea.

I am shaving my head in the World's Greatest Shave, which raises funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, this coming Thursday (11/03/10). That's 4 days away!!

It may not seem much to some of you but I'd like to make this worth my effort.

I'm aiming to raise AUD500.00 for the cause.

And I'd like you to help me out in this.

Just click on this link - and click on the green 'Sponsor Me' button and donate any amount you'd like to donate. EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS!!!

... Who knows... I might even post my picture up on the Internet if I hit my target. :)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

04-03-10 (Thursday) "Avoiding Awkward Ah"

These few years or so I've somehow picked up a rather non-practical but still interesting skill.

Avoiding those awkward moments when you cross paths with people whom you kinda know yet don't really know and you dunno whether to say "hi" or not, to strike up a short conversation or not.

Here you go:

1. Realize that something might have slipped out of your pocket and start reaching into your pockets and searching frantically. (Doesn't work for outfits without pockets or pockets on front of shirt as your head would still pretty much facing up.)

2. Remember that you heard your phone's message tone went off earlier and decide to read the message then.

3. Hear someone calling from behind or across the street and turn to the direction quickly until you walk pass the person.

4. Your love for nature kicks in suddenly and you have the urge to appreciate the flowers by the roadside, the birds in the air, the lovely clouds or even the dead cockatoo on the road.

5. Decide to call your mom right there and then realize that your parents aren't awake in their part of the world only when you're past the person.

If all else fails... be nice and at least give a smile. :)

p.s.: Note the feeble attempt at assonance in the title. -.-