Monday, August 31, 2009

31-08-09 (Monday) "Happy 52, Malaysia."

This may be a bit late but still... Happy 52nd Merdeka Day, Malaysia!

I'm still wearing that "Malaysian" tag on me proudly. I still owe you a lot for who I am now.

If God knows everything that is about to happen and He can do everything, is He gonna do what He knows will happen or does He know what He's gonna do? Can He do something that He knew was not SUPPOSED to happen?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

30-08-09 (Sunday) "The End of Famine"

It officially ended 2 hours and 51 minutes ago.

The thing about doing this 40-hour famine is this... Its not the hunger that gets to you. Its the urge to just eat and stop that hunger. Food's everywhere... People all around are gorging down food like its free... And you just really have to control yourself for that 40 hours!

The realization I got out of taking part in this event is that despite me not eating for 40 hours, I actually HAD THE OPTION of eating. What about those people out there living on less than $1.25 a day? They don't even have anything to kill their hunger!

In the midst of the 40-Hour Famine, I was actually coming to realize how blessed I am, how much abundance I live in.

There's still time for you to give. The donations only close on 30 September. So... Here's the link once again... My 40 Hour Famine Number is: 29287126-6

My sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to the people who have kindly and generously responded to my challenge to give up till now.

Sometimes I think its the laziness to just go to the website and spend 2 minutes filling in your details that's hindering you from giving rather than having to give up your money.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26-08-09 (Wednesday) "I starve, you give!"

For those of you who haven't gotten my email yet, I'd just like to throw you a challenge.


Give so that people around the world can stop starving.

Give as you have always wanted to but never got any opportunities to.

Give because you have been given more than enough.


Donate online now at My 40 Hour Famine Number is: 29287126-6

My 40 hours starts 8pm this Friday(28/08). That's Friday 6pm in Malaysia/Singapore time. My first time doing this and I'm quite a food person so I hope its gonna be worthwhile, with your help, that is...

I'm starving so that the kids out there don't have to starve...

"One man gives freely, yet gains even more;
another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.
A generous man will prosper,
he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed."
~Proverbs 11:24,25

Friday, August 21, 2009

22-08-09 (Saturday) "PFM"

Prayers answered.

Praise God!


"In the body if one cell or group of cells grows and flourishes at the expense of the rest, we call it cancer and know that if it is allowed to spread the body is doomed."
~Dr Paul Brand

Monday, August 17, 2009

18-08-09 (Tuesday) ...



How I Met Your Mother just crax me up!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

16-08-09 (Sunday) "Thankful..."

Went jogging yesterevening. Did a lot of thinking and mind-clearing.

I thought about all my pals from home all the way from primary school to sec school, but especially in sec school.

I was thinking of how far we've all come by now. How much we've achieved individually. How much things have changed (for the better).

Gosh Olympus' point-and-shoot sucks... -.-
Several are here in Australasia furthering our studies; a few in Singapore, enrolled in THE MOST prestigious university(s) in SEA; Some others are fortunate enough to be studying across the Pacific in Northern America; there're also an equally big number taking on Western Europe and; of course, not forgetten are those who're all over Malaysia, doing their parents proud...

... I think about all of us and the only thing that goes through my mind is this: "Thank You, God, for blessing us ALL with so much!"

I think of how amazing it is that we're spread out all over the world despite starting from the small CITY(typed "town" initially) of Miri. How cool is that?!?

Gee... I wonder how everyone's doing, especially those that I've lost contact with for quite a while now...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

14-08-09 (Friday) "How To Protect Yourself From Zombies"

*Sigh*... Just finished my assignment. Felt a bit lousy not knowing how to do the bulk of it. Thank God for smart friends! =)

Anyway... Read this up at to relax a bit before I go to bed. Very amusing and funny stuff. =D


Zombie Self-Defense

Whether featuring traditional, shambling zombies or a newer, smarter breed, most movies and games agree on how to survive a zombie attack:
  1. Don't panic.
  2. Get away from the zombies. Most of the time, you can move faster than they can.
  3. Gather food, water, an emergency radio, flashlights and weapons, and retreat to a secure location.
  4. If possible, retreat to a shopping mall, general retail store or other location where you'll have easy access to food and supplies.
  5. Stay away from densely populated areas, where the infestation is likely to be heaviest.
  6. Barricade all entrances and stay put at all costs.
  7. Don't get surrounded or backed into a corner or other enclosed space.
  8. Remember that anyone bitten or killed by a zombie will become a threat to you and your party.
  9. Wait patiently for rescue and make long-term preparations for your survival.

zombies surrounding people
An important rule of zombie survival: Don't get surrounded. From "Night of the Living Dead."

Also, avoid common mistakes like:

  • Sheltering in a vehicle to which you do not have the keys
  • Leaving blades, cudgels or other basic weapons out for zombies to find
  • Teaching zombies how to use firearms
  • Giving your only weapon to anyone who is hysterical
  • Retreating to a basement or cellar without taking supplies with you
  • Getting into an elevator in a building infested with zombies
  • Letting personal feelings and arguments get in the way of survival

Monday, August 10, 2009

10-08-09 (Monday) "Change"

Status change:

Marital status - Ooopppsss... Still single.

Employment status - EMPLOYED!!!

Employer - Subway, Citywalk Branch


Praise God for this! No, REALLY!!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

08-08-09 (Saturday) "I Have Survived!"

You know the feeling you get when you've known a person for quite a while and one day s/he shows you something that s/he could do that you never knew before this and you just go "WOW! I never knew you could do that!"

Well, today was something like that for me, except that I knew God could do wonderful things and HAS created amazing stuff but I've yet to have experienced it for myself.



Another thing crossed off my "To-do-on-earth list".

Snowy Mountains in New South Wales!! I was pretty impressed/glad with our progress throughout the whole day though. :) We started off barely being able to get ANYWHERE on our skis(I'm serious. I couldn't even get myself to this tiny bump along the flat grounds which is like only 20cm higher than the flats) to eventually getting down the beginner's slope with a tad of confidence.

Sure there were lots of falls and slips along the way(at least 24 falls in 8 descents I think... I think I averaged 3-4 falls per descent.) but hey, what better way to learn than from mistakes, right? This brought me back to the book by Philip Yancey again, how pain usually works in our advantage. =)


p.s I am ready. Bring it on tomorrow, Bruises and Usually Manageable Pain (BUMP)!

Friday, August 07, 2009

07-08-09 (Friday) "I cometh..."

Blinding white slopes... Bodies zooming down everywhere... lifts transporting ppl up lazily...

Falling and tumbling over and over... Drenching my gloves in melting solid water...

3 hour-plus trip...

I am ready. Bring it on.

p.s If I stop updating, you know what's happened. But one thing I ask, do not mourn. Rejoice, for I will be in a better place.

p.p.s Funny how my 300th post has to have a "p.s" sounding like that...

07-08-09 (Friday) "How can, God?"

"Where Is God When It Hurts?" ~ Philip Yancey

I was thinking of all the real-world examples mentioned in the book. You know... Those times when some accident happens to your dear pal... Or your relative is diagnosed with some terminal illness... or your beloved pet dog gets poisoned by some random dude... And then we start saying in our minds, "How can a loving God let something like this happen?"

New family in ANU!!!
I wonder... How come its only in the bad times that we can point the injustice towards God? How come God takes all the blame for all the bad stuff happening?

Duckling butt. Rare moments when its actually cute and adorable. :S
What about all the good times that've always been present in our lives? How come we give all the credit to ourselves? When the sky just happens to clear up before you're headed outdoors for a game or you're travelling?... Or when you somehow just evade an accident by swerving your bike to the left in the nick of time?... Or when a natural disaster happens back home and your family members are one of the few "lucky" survivors?

I sense an accident just about to happen in the next frame...
Why, in those moments, do we attribute it all to plain "luck"?

"Wah heng ah... LUCKILY it didn't rain ah. Wait so long to play liao then rain today ah... Suey lo..."

"MAN, that was lucky! I missed the car by a mere inch!! If I hadn't turned in time, I'd be a goner!!"

"Mommy, you and daddy really lucky yeah, everyone kena except you two ah..."

How is it justified that in those times we don't say sth like,"How can such an awesome God bother to do sth so amazing for little me?" but we still dare say sth like,"How can a loving and just God let this happen to me/us?" in trying time?

p.s Full moon was yesterday... All geared up for it dy, then the clouds suddenly shrouded the whole night sky. -_- Sien...

p.p.s Today's date very nice. (:

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

04-08-09 (Tuesday) "Pain ah..."

I'm finding God's sense of humour quite interesting here...

I'm having this hard time with my ulcer(s) in my mouth right now and... guess what book I'm reading now...?

"Where is God When It Hurts" by Dr Philip Yancey. -_-

The best part...? I'm starting to be GRATEFUL for the pain. =)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

02-08-09 (Sunday) "Ahhh...."

It August now. Gosh... over 5 months already...

How's your family been? Are they still keeping a healthy lifestyle in the midst of all the busy-ness?

What about yourself? Have you managed to find anytime for yourself? Like, absolutely for yourself, no one barging into your peace? Managed to keep all of yourself well-nourished, mind, body and soul?

What about giving yourself to those around you? Have you managed to say anything nice to someone around you at all? You never know when a person needed those "you-FELT-LIKE-saying-but-DIDN'T-DARE-say" words at that very moment...

Have you been grateful for being alive today? For your loved ones who're still alive? Friends? Teachers? That nice guy/gal who helped hold the door open for you?

Ah... Bliss.

On another note...

I can only have that much respect for people who swear (for lack of a better word) profusely.