Monday, March 30, 2009

30-03-09 (Monday) "Beehives

I was rather frustrated last night because of Mathematica. Managed to clear some stuff up at drop-in tutorials today. Its just amazing how God makes everything fall in place if I trust in Him. :)

Anyway... Mathematics. This simple yet hard-to-define fact about bees has got me even more amazed by God's awesomeness. ("There is no charge for awesomeness.. or attractiveness" ~ Po).

I'm typing this off my Maths tutorial worksheet.

"In a beehive, each cell is a regular hexagonal prism, open at one end with a trihedral angle at the other end as seen below. It is believed that bees form their cells in such a way as to minimise the surface area for a given volume, thus using the least amount of wax in cell construction.


Note: Actual measurements of the angle in beehives have been made, and the measures of these angles seldom differ from the calculated value by more than 2 deg."

If you don't call that amazingness from God, I dunno what to say.

Bees don't do "SA =6as + 6sh". Hmmm... Or maybe they calculated it before they evolved from humans into bees...?

Kar Wei's friend's blog has quite some nice posts. Congratulations on joining the family, Kar Wei! =)

Sunday, March 29, 2009



n.b. sooooooo. friggin. p**sed.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

28-03-09 (Saturday) "Earth Hour 2009"

What did you do at 8.30-9.30pm today? Were you kept in the dark?

Went up Mount Ainslie (by car this time...) with some pals from B & G to check out the view as Canberra switches off at 8.30 tonight as a sign of support of protecting our Earth.

That's the parliament house right behind us with its lights off. All the light from the street lights are still bright tho.
Lights did go out then but it was still pretty much bright cos' of all the street lights that didn't go off. Don't think they'd want mayhem to break all over the place just for Earth Hour.

There're lights in our heads! Ideas!
Which got us to this theory that maybe if ALL lights were to be switched off during Earth Hour, including street lamps, car lamps... Cars would be banging into each other, rolling off bridges, down hills, ramming into trees, airplanes banging into high altitude buildings... Humans would practically be wiped out. Which means...

What's the cause of climate change again? Pollution. Where does pollution come from? Humans. (Don't start blaming the cows. Methane and all that from them are only because we rear them for meat in huge numbers and they can't do anyth about it!) So, since humans=pollution, maybe Earth Hour's trying to save the earth by getting rid of the source of pollution.

No humans = No pollution = No climate change!

Anyway... Didn't like that theory one bit. Have a good night everyone! And... Protect our earth! Say "no" to plastic. 3Rs. Don't waste.

Tried "Print Screen" during chat...


Friday, March 27, 2009

27-03-09 (Friday) "Its the Weekend!"

Dunno why I feel extra relieved to be heading into the weekend this week. Somehow really feel like resting after a while.

Cooking is actually quite fun so far. The best part of it? No one complains about my cooking. Why? Cos only I eat it. *blank stare* I can whip up all sorts of weird stuff and enjoy the fruits of my own experiments. Heheh. Cleaning up is rather troublesome though.

I'm wondering how many of me pals r doing with their uni applications now... Especially those hoping for UK and other oversea countries.

Earth Hour's coming up! Turn off your unnecessary electronics between 8.30-9.30pm. Especially those stuff that you leave on standby 24/7. (e.g TV, Hi-fi system, router, VCD & DVD players, etc...)Even better if it goes off permanently!

Be covetous, be VERY covetous...

"I shall use the foolish of this world to shame the wise"

That verse in the Bible(sth like that, not verbatim) kinda made me realize how the church somehow always manages to reach out to the needy in a non-spiritual way more than those who are financially, physically and mentally sound. Just like how Jesus somehow appealed more to the 'sinners' of His days on Earth.

A reminder, ppl: Christians are not perfect. God is still not done with us. We're not better than you. We're just saved. Forgive us when we sin and have wronged you. (And we surely HAVE and most likely WILL no matter how hard we try not to.)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skyfire yesterday night. Amazing sight for a full 21 minutes! Shall show you some pics here.

I've been thinking about this whole new thing about blogging nowadays and I think there's a whole of narcissism wrapped up in it.

I'm writing this with 4 fingers pointing back at myself so don't get angry or anyth. Just give it a moment of thought and agree/disagree however much you want to.

It seems like the bloggers end up being the biggest visitors to their own sites, constantly checking on any new comments or posts in the chatbox.

Many bloggers end up writing all about themselves that they get too engrossed in themselves, unconsciously telling themselves that the world revolves around themselves. I'm generalizing when I say this. I don't mean EVERYONE'S like that.

Blogging has even become a form of self-advertisement, with all the "Aiyah... Lazy to tell you again. Its on my blog, go read it there." or the "Eh? You dunno meh? Its all over my blog!" or... "Hey! Just updated my blog. Check it out." I dare say blogs have even become the yardstick for popularity and for some... One of their avenues of obtaining significance.

I'm saying all this full aware of myself being guilty of all I'm saying so don't worry about me getting self-righteous and all that. =)

Many use the excuse of blogs being 'their channel of expression'. I think it IS a good reason if it STICKS to that. Just... Keep it there, ppl. No further.

Meet Kuljit a.ka. Kul. He's got a nasty flick when it comes to frisbee. He's an Arsenal fan. -_-
Just a reminder, ppl : The world does not revolve around you.
That applies to you too, jtkl89.

Brennan - Not so cool flick... Sorry, man. Nice pose, nonetheless. Hehehe...
Cheers! :P

Earth Hour's coming soon!

When we think we're humble - we're not.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

21-03-09 (Saturday) "Inward Bound"

It was 9.30pm. After a highly uncomfortable hour-long(slightly more I think...) car ride while blindfolded, we were dropped up with our teammates to stand blindfolded in the dark, while they drove off, while we waited for the 5-minute alarm to go off before we took off our blindfolds.

... Mock drop begins...

Just got back from the Inward Bound mock drop. My team managed to get to the endpoint only at around 1.15 am just now. 25+km. In the night. At the start of autumn. With a load of about 5kg behind your back. Freaking strenuous physically and mentally. I guess the relief and the high I get when I reached the endpoint made it quite worthwhile.

It kinda just made me think of how despite all the struggles and hardships we face in life, even though it gets really tough to keep on going at times, focusing on the endpoint and the reward then kinda just gives us the motivation to push on.

I was also thinking of the fact that in spite of all the pain I was going through, it barely compares to what Jesus underwent on His way to the cross. Aaaagggghhhh....

I don't care what you say. SLRs rock! Btw... The pics had NOTHING to do with the mock drop. First two pics were on campus. Other 2 weren't.

I am gonna sleep so nicely and wake up so lately and start today once again so lazily...

Nights!... Or... Mornings!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

17-03-09 (Tuesday) "Updates"

Its been almost a week now...

Its week 5 for me here now. Weather's becoming rather cold after the heavy downpour 2 nights ago. Forecast was put at a minimum of 10 deg C this morn. Apparently, it DID get that cold as a friend of mine testified. I can't judge. EVERY morning's cold to me. Winter... So anticipating your arrival... :S (*balloon bursting* pssshhhh...)

Ee May's arrived in Adelaide for more than a week now...? Slowly settling into her new room and getting used to the busy life of a student dentist.

All Aussielia ppl are back in their respective places, studying hard now, it seems...

My sincere condolences go out to my dear friend and bro-in-Christ, Tan Kang Wei. My heart aches for you, bro. Do take care. You're the big man in the family now. I pray for divine strength and perseverance to hold on. Pls do not forget that you have pals all over the world who you can count on anytime of the day. Keep in touch.

Congratulations to all those of you who received xrazy good results over the last week! I prefer to NOT list your names out for your sake. Looking forward to hearing about your journey on from here. DO keep my posted, yeah?

To those of you feeling weighed down recently. Check out the great night view!

Need I keep this going? Seems rather stale and dead now...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

12-03-09 (Thursday) "The Best So Far"

Wahseh man... I tell you sth oh... Tonight's dinner has been my best that I've cooked so far eh.

Spaghetti with SUPER cheesy diced chicken breast and steamed broccoli and mushrooms. I tell you ah... The cheesy chicken ah. wahseh... So nice until I don't dare cook again anytime soon so that I don't get too used to nice food ah. And then got sweet watermelon courtesy of Chin Ming, Wan Keen and Wilson for dessert in addition to Mary's superb chocolate cookie. Adumak... I was so hungry I couldn't wait any longer to take pictures so... yea.

N.B: Australians love bananas

N.B. for N.B above: Yes, the FRUIT banana

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink;
or about your body, what you will wear.
Is not life more important than food,
and the body more important than clothes?
Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns,
and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.
Are you not much more valuable than they?
~ Matthew 6:25-26

Sunday, March 08, 2009

08-03-09 (Sunday) "Credits"

At this moment, I really feel like I have to give due credit to someone.

Even though we've had our disagreements every now and then...
Even though we've had our internal quarrels...
Even though we've had our isi tersirat in what we say...
Even though we've teased each other every now and then...
Even though we've annoyed each other in someway, somehow...
Even though we've disturbed the other's sleeping pattern occasionally...

We've still had our fun outings together with the other Malaysians (+ 1 Hongkee...)
We've still had our fun football sessions with the other Mat Bolas around...
We've still had our amazingly delicious Gelare sessions like once a year...
We've shared many packets of chips and other unhealthy junk food...
We've had our not-so-occasional sessions of DotA, CS and Halo where we'd have so much fun bullying Andy or get so frustrated losing to AI+ and restarting another game and losing again... -_-
We've had our many candid and unglam shots taken... (Okay, maybe just you, not me.)

I've been motivated/pressured/pushed/egotised to study hard because of you...
I've been kept in awe of your determination...
I've been amazed by your level of general knowledge...
I've been impressed by how you shift your biological clock every time some holiday comes around... (who cares about daylight savings time and jetlag when over there...?)

For all the good times and bad, the full two years have inevitably come to an end. But right now I'd like to give you due credit for what you have definitely given me a hand in achieving. My actions and words have not been very loving and nice often, and for that I apologize. I don't care what others say but I love you with the love of God and have always have, even though my actions may betray me.

This post is for you, my ex-roommate ~ Arvind Dev!

(Sorry I had to post another unglam pic here... Hehehe... This pic was one of the best I have, in terms of memorability...)

Of course, most credit to God for guiding me through those two years and constantly showing me His realness and greatness throughout, more than I deserve...
Not to forget the super-nice teachers of 07S45 who gave me unwavering and undeserving faith despite my own feelings of incompetence...
The superb classdudes and dudettes of S45 who provided the best atmosphere for studying I could ever wish for...
The amazing V
JC that provides all-rounded education (academic, physical, and yes, even SPIRITUAL!)...
The support of the prayer in the prayer group. WEAREVERYHAPPY!!!...
CMCers who've helped me grown so much in that period. Esp the YM, BOSS and Godsrockers!...
CCC(Youth Alive) bros- and sis-in-Christ who've added colour to my spiritual life!...
Friends from Miri who're spread all around (Australia, Malaysia, Singapore...) who've given me such nice support in the form of just plain friendship...
Family who've supported me in prayer!

08-03-09 (Sunday) "Make Like A Caterpillar and Change"

Once upon a time, a caterpillar was growing up slowly in a meadow. He looked all around all he could see was the dirt around the ground where he crawled.

One day, he met Beetle and said, "How ugly this earth is, full of dust and rubbish strewn all over the floor."

Beetle said to him, "Its all in how and where you look at it," and went on his way. The caterpillar thought about it but still couldn't see how the world could look nice at all.

The next day, while the caterpillar was chewing away on some leaves, Dragonfly happened to pass by and the caterpillar complained once more.

"I don't understand why the earth has to be so disgusting and boring, with all the droppings and dead things covering its surface."

"Well, that's because you're only looking at that side of it," said Dragonfly, and off he flew. The caterpillar was starting to get annoyed that there was no one who seemed to agree with what he thought.

Not too long later, after gaining some weight and starting to feel a bit slower in his movement, the caterpillar chanced upon Bee collecting some honey and said, "This world is makes me sick. All there is to do is eat and everyday I go through the same routine in the same ol' place. How come you're still so hard at work gathering honey all the time, Bee?"

Bee, without pricking his head up as he continued with his honey-harvesting, said, "Once you get to see what I see from a higher view of this world and you realize that what you do DOES make a difference in its own small ways, you begin to live with more reason and life becomes... plain wonderful! Sorry but I have to go now. More honey to collect!" And off the busy Bee went.

The caterpillar got very frustrated and decided to separate himself from the ugly world for a while so he started weaving himself a cocoon.

Days turned to night while the caterpillar lay in his cocoon, constantly wondering, "What is the problem with those people? There must be something wrong with their eyes to see anything worth being delighted about in this world."

Then, one fine day, after having been cooped up in his cocoon for a long time, the caterpillar decided to give the world another chance again. He broke out of his cocoon. He did not realize that he had wings and was now a butterfly. So, he walked about his little plant-house and still could only see the floor strewn with dead, dry twigs and leaves in the middle of spring.

After a while, the butterfly felt something flapping behind him and was shocked to find a pair of brightly coloured, beautiful wings behind his back.

"Oh my! What pretty wings I have! I shall try them out right now!"

And off he went, flapping his wings furiously. He rose two feet of the ground, then five, then ten...

Suddenly, he was looking at the whole garden that he always crawled around, but this time from twenty feet up. He gazed in wonder at the blossoming tulips in the meadow just a bit to the right of his plant-house.

"Where did that come from?" He wondered.

Then he flapped around a bit and saw the boulevard of trees just beyond the fence separating his garden, lush with flowers of all colours covering the trees.

"How did I miss that?"

The butterfly was totally dumbfounded.

Only at this time did he recall the words of Beetle, Dragonfly and Bee.

"It all looks different up here. I've been missing out on all the wonders around because I've only been looking at everything that isn't nice on the ground. I'm glad I've managed to change my perspective now and to get a butterfly's-eye view of everything. I NEVER want to go back to looking at things from down there anymore."

So the butterfly started living life with a higher and broader perspective and everything seemed to make more sense to him thereafter.


Friday, March 06, 2009

06-03-09 (Friday) "A Photo Entry"

Today's date. Multiples of 3. So pretty...

Sun setting behind the mountains one fine evening/night.
After accumulating so many pictures on my phone, I've decided to post them up for you to see what's been on here.

Free bbqs everyday during O week in my hall. Everything HAS to haf many traces of black in order to pass as 'cooked n ready to eat'

The kitchen of my hall. I so love the 'community'ness of the layout. Everyone just talks with anyone at any table during any meal. So awesome...

Lecture theatres... *zzZZzzz*

Fire drill. 6 am. Freezing cold. I was wearing PJ pants n a T-shirt. Some guys were topless. Ironic. Fire drill and we're feeling cold... -_-

Trekking up Black Mountain which is behind my hall. After the fire drill. Cold. Didn't manage to sweat cos' too cold.

The beauty of it all...

That tree on the right was supposed to look like some ginseng thing... Wrong angle...

Bush Dinner & Dance for 1st Years.

Very Irish-country-like feel. Like in the movies. Reminded me a lot of Lord of The Rings tho... The Shire...

Market Day of Orientation Week. Packed with people. I think the whole of Canberra was here. That's why so many ppl.

DFO (Direct Factory Outlet). Quite decent leh... They slash prices by quite a lot for many stuff!
Entrance of DFO. Looks like some desert-ish place, no? So Wild, Wild West ah...

Someone told me that... Apparently, Canberra used to be a desert before being developed. Dunno la...

The brunch with the Singaporeans in my hall. Too bad I already had my heavy breakfast prior to it so didn't eat much...

Pretty night view at this boulevard on campus, very close to my hall. SOOOO NICE AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

The day view. MYGOODNESSANU'SCAMPUSISSODARNBEAUTIFUL!!! (I was gonna leave out the aprostophy out before realizing how bad it'd look... :S)

My FIRST dish of fish n chips. On campus. Wasn't desperate. Just wanted to try out. Quality? Ok okla... Nothing out of the ordinary. Overpriced? Definitely.

The family of ducks that wander around the boulevard area outside my hall. SO DARN CUTE LA!!! The father duck(can tell from the mane thing behind its neck) even comes along with his beak open if you step so close. ADORABLE!!! Step closer then he starts coming after you. FIERCELY, might I add! Heheh... Haven't seem in a while... Missing them now...

A standard dish of vege and chicken mixed together for dinner. I'm starting to LOVE broccolis...

Saw this animal at night on this tree next to my hall's central block. Someone told me its a wombat and I was like... "I've only been in Canberra a few days n I have the privilege of spotting a WOMBAT already??!!?"

... Then someone saw the pic and said its just another possum... *bored stare*

Weet-Bix. Can't do without it for breakfast!

Note : The following two pics are NOT from my phone's camera.

One of my quests... To try out the whole range of Arnott's stuff biscuits/cookies while I'm here.

Aaahhhh... Tim Tam... AB-SO-LOOT-LEE SIN-FUL!!!

Your grace is enough for me