Tuesday, May 27, 2008

27-05-08 (Tuesday) "In the Quiet"

"... the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind tore into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice." ~ I Kings 19:11b-12

My Daily Bread today. Life nowadays always so busy, having a planner makes me constantly reminding myself of the NEXT big thing that's coming up that I sometimes forget to focus on the present. Bad bad...! I really wish I could discipline myself to sit down quietly someday and just... LISTEN!

As I was typing the verse, I also happened to realise sth quite interesting... 'but the LORD was not in the wind(cyclone?); and after the wind an earthquake(7.9 earthquake?); and after the earthquake a fire(forest fires?)...' Does that remind you of anything that's going on recently? Could God be speaking to us NOW in that still small voice without us realising it? Have YOU tuned out your own world to enter God's world yet?

Just this previous weekend, on Saturday, Hillsong United was at the Expo for this youth concert. They did not disappoint. However, the speaker(whom I shall not name),... Hmmm... HIM I found rather... Well, I was rather critical of his message. That's all. He was preaching the Prosperity Gospel to all who came. "Enter 'The Zone' and you'll get your straight A's, get enough money to give freely for offerings and all that's great in life!" Heck, why not add in 'marrying that Emma Watson that you've been dreaming of' to the list to? I find these kinda approach to the Gospel rather... Untruthful... Becoming a Christian doesn't mean life becomes perfect, does it? I think it just means you find a whole new meaning to life and therefore life becomes more meaningful. It means we now have Someone to turn to in our deepest times of need!

This reminds of another friend of mine in the hostel who was talking over a meal with another pre-believer on how he met this lady barber who was saying how her kid got really good results after praying and all that, that becoming a Christian ensures success all the way. This kinda turned him off apparently.

Well, then again... These ppl are at least TRYING to spread God's love and His love for them around. Who am to judge them? Furthermore, in such a huge crowd on Saturday, quite a number responded to his invitation to receive Christ, which means his style IS the way to portray the gospel to bring these ppl to Christ, right? I just hope that after that they will not be frightened when they discover the ugly truth.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

21-05-2008 (Wednesday) Hostel Connection Allows Blogging. Fully Taken Advantage of Immediately

FINALLY I can log into blogger.com in my room! NOW I can post more pics! WOOHOO!

Soccer guys finals today.

Against MJ. Once again got to experience the Victorian Spirit in its fullest.

The grand stand was packed from our side all the way to MJ's side.

*Sigh* Sadly, they opened up the scoring early in the game which we pulled back later in the first half by a magnificent volley by Chester. I guess it's within God's plans that VJ be kind and NOT win everyth. MJ went ahead again in the second half from a finishing header from a cross from the left side of the penalty box. They tried really hard to even it out for the whole of the second half thereafter but it was to not much avail. We eventually lost to MJ. Even in the sadness, the unity of the Victorians still prevailed and we continued to cheer the soccer team for their effort. Bravo, VJ!

Anyway... That aside, there's still girls hockey finals tomorrow! Will hafta pray real hard for a victory now!

Nnnnnnn Eeeeeee Way..... Champions League Finals later! Clash of two giants!

I have the feeling that the Straits Times columnists for sports are all rather biased. All they are saying seems to be in favour of one side. Shall not say which in case I get death threats like Mr Karpal Singh.

Weather's been freaking hot recently! News has been saying it won't get any cooler till the end of the month! Crap... It's so HUMID some more! AARRrrGGggghhhh!! I can be in my pyjamas trying to sleep only to end up having my legs sweat away and me waking up to that uncomfortable, sticky feeling. (Sorry if you don't know how that feels like, you spoilt "sleep-in-air-conditioned-room-so-not-hot-at-night-when-I-sleep" kid... :P ) So wish I could just go to sleep naked... Heheh... It's weather like this that makes me consider going somewhere far away from the equator to study in the future ah. Melbourne? Sydney? May be equally if not even hotter eh... Glasgow? Dublin? All depends on my results now then, right (Mom)?

Look at these two pics below. My room...

...Before and...

...After. Wanna learn how to make your room look as tidy as mine? Easy... 4 steps.
Step 1: Find the untidiest angle to take a picture of your room
Step 2: Take "Before" picture
Step 3: Tidy everything within that space
Step 4: Take "After" picture
Easy, no?

This pic I took using that mju-820 camera I just swapped over from Joel. Panorama function... Cool or not??!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

15-05-08 (Thursday) "Long Overdue Tag..."

Just Google Blog Searched my own name found out that there're so many more Joseph Ting's around, so cool! Heheh... Anyway... Some Joseph Ting out there's got a girlfriend with so many entries dedicated to him. Darn blessed guy! And there's another DR. Joseph Ting from Hong Kong. Awesome... The name sounds rather cool... DOCTOR Joseph Ting. Heheh....

Anyway... Came across this entry by chung that I didn't reply to for so long... So here it is...

Seven things to be done before my death
1. Go for at least 3 mission trips
2. Being able to say that I’ve blessed everyone I’ve come across
3. Bungy jump more than 30m
4. Set foot on every continent
5. Be familiar with at least 3 other books of the Bible other than Luke and Acts(Thanks to the late Uncle Henry Wong!!)
6. Get married
7. Get x children, with 1 < x < 4

Seven things that I will not do even if it kills me
1. Say that there is no God
2. Smoke (This one WILL kill me)
3. Drugs
4. Study biology for a test
5. Play around with people’s feelings
6. Murder
7. Apostasy

Seven things I do when I'm away from the public
1. Sing out loud
2. Try to beatbox to no avail
3. Dance??
4. Pretend to be playing the drums to the song I’m listening to
5. Er… Pick my nose?
6. (Darn… Why won’t this end…) Scratch my bottom?
7. Check myself out :P

Seven fav sentences/quotes.
1. Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself… Matthew 6:34
2. James 1:17
3. Wahlao eh!
4. What the…
5. You ah…
6. Ok… Fine…
7. Aiyerrrr….

Seven favourite songs from all time
1. One Way (Hillsong United but “For All You’ve Done” album version’s the best!)
2. Free (Planetshakers “Free” album)
3. The Stand (Hillsong)
4. 24 (Switchfoot)
5. You and Me (Lifehouse)
6. How Do You Know (Amy Adams “Enchanted” OST)
7. I Am In Love With Obama (Obama Girl – check out YouTube)

Seven things I'll make you wish you didn't do if you did
1. Mock my faith
2. Be arrogant/cocky consistently and deliberately
3. Challenge me in a duel of crapping debate
4. Challenge me to a food-mass-to-human-mass-ratio eating competition
5. Mistreat my close friends
6. Harming the environment in front of me
7. Misuse biblical quotes

Seven people to tag(Sien... Sorry ppl. Just ignore if you have no time for this. Heheh...)
1. Aunty Vivien
2. Chen Pong
3. Gareth
4. Gladys Wong
5. Aaron Wong Ing Ho
6. Zheng Whye
7. Louis Chong

15-05-08 (Wednesday) "Girls' Soccer Champions - VJC!!!"

Two words. PRAISE GOD!!!

IT was a tough fight all the way to extra time yesterday. Saint Andrews JC's girls were one tough match! What an encouragement to see some Victorians actually sitting still n praying for the girls when we were drawn 1-1(The first goal they conceded this whole season and the 41st goal they've scored, I say they crazy, you say leh?). Hence, I thought that it's either now or never. So I just got down, and prayed too.

The dreaded penalties was SOOooOOOoo breathtaking!! We had to hold our breath every time the ref blew her whistle and the spot-kicker runs up to the ball. By the time it reached the 5th goal, it was some immense pressure. The atmosphere was building up. Kuan Ren stepped up and... SCORED!@! Then goal no 6... Their top-scorer(if not mistaken...) stepped up... kicked a slightly high ball...!! BUT THE KEEPER SAVED IT!!!! Our whole side erupted in cheers, full of exuberance... Then... Our striker strode up to the ball, went down on a knee at the ball(I assume to dedicate the kick to God...) and whacked it straight into the back of the net. All heaven broke lose after that, I tell you... Well, minus the Saints of course... Pun intended.

This match was pure testimony to God's love and grace. Last night, I got news that Kuan Ren(Our girls' captain) had dedicated the match to God. I guess with spiritual leaders comes greater blessings from above! ALL GLORY TO GOD!!!

p.s. These kinda matches and atmosphere are the very reasons that make me proud to be part of the Victorian family! These are the colours to canvas of JC life!

"The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song." ~ Psalm 28:7

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

13-05-08 (Tuesday) "Last Moments"

I've been exposed to lots of this Holocaust thing quite a lot it seems... In VJ, there're the movie "Life Is Beautful" and documentary "Paper Clips", the article in a recent Time magazine, then I saw this Auschwitz DVD at Neale's place.

What struck me the most out of this was the article in Time. After reading the article, the never-ending thought that came to my mind was... "What would I be doing if I were in a concentration camp and my days are numbered and I know that today may VERY LIKELY be my last day being mortal?"

Would I take the opportunity to really find someone that I can love and be glad that I HAVE loved?

Would I drink my favourite cup of tea over and over, forgetting all other drinks?

Would I try talking and getting to know everyone I see so that I do not regret not getting to know a certain someone who's really nice?

or... Would I continue to fellowship with God despite the hardship and give thanks for the salvation He's granted me?

What IS it that matters to you most that you would spend your last hours or days doing?

p.s: I'd really love to hear some comments. It's been awhile since the last one. :D

Monday, May 12, 2008

12-05-08 (Monday) "To Mother(s) & Father(s)"

Cycling out of VJ everyday, I'd see some shiny, metallic black car parked by the entrance with the driver's seat window wound down and this tired man in semi-casual clothes lying back on his inclined seat, taking a nap in anticipation of apparent reasons. I recall the days back in primary school and secondary school...

I recall how I'd have English tuition lessons at MITS and when I come down, I'd see that car that I see every morning as I walk out my front door 'queing up' with the other cars, the drivers relieved at the sound of the bell resonating and the kids tunning down the stairs. My parent(s) would not have murmured a single word of complaint even if they've been there long. Now, if it were the other way round and I'd have waited for maybe... ten minutes, I'd have my 'pouting mask' on when I see the car turn the corner and upon getting into the car, I'd let the 'grumbling potion' that I consumed take effect.

Over the years, I realize how ungrateful I've been as a kid, as a teenager. Driving around ain't exactly fun(although it is...) when you've been sitting in an office doing loads of work and just got another whole stack from your 'Michelin lookalike' boss. It gets even worse having to queue up with some other impatient parents and to add on to that, bear the grumbling, bumbling, mumbling of a young kid who has much to learn. Therefore, I thank thee, mom and dad, for being so patient with my unlovable attitude in the past. On behalf of all the kids out there, if you happen to be a parent(not very likely...?), I thank you for all the 'chauffeuring' that you've done despite the lack of gratification. Know that your deeds unseen by men will be rewarded in heaven. WHICH IS SO MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE MORE MORE MANY MANY MANY MANY betteR!!!

I also thank parents for the great meals prepared for us. Breakfast, having to wake up early to go to Lutong to buy some you chak gui and tau woo hua on Saturdays; lunch, have to let the food cook in the morning then we just hafta reheat it in the afternoon; then dinners, have to give in to our demands sometimes and go to yucky KFC or nice but unhealthy McD's. Sorry for having to burden your kidneys with all that junk! Sorry for complaining so much when having to eat the 'leftovers' from lunch too! Then, sometimes, supper have to reheat the chicken soup from dinner just for our health (and also not to waste food...).

Thanks for buying us all the toys when we were young. The Power Ranger action figures; the Lego stash which ends up having half gone, being strewn all over the house as if they're Easter Eggs on Easter Sunday; The tea and other cutleries sets that girls played with; and even the waterguns that just led to even more wastage and messes all over the house! Thanks for being so generous despite knowing well and clear that all this stuff will be useless in less than a decade as new 'toys' enter the scene.

For all it's worth, all those mentioned above is token of our love as children to all parents out there. We love you and Happy Belated Mother's/Parents' Day! God bless you all for you, cos without you, there could NEVER have been us. (Meant that both literally and 'unliterally').

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

06-05-2008 (Tuesday) "Ms Meta Rocks!"

Our Civics Tutor(or form teacher as we call in sec school), Ms Meta is just so sweet! She got us some magnificent stuff for a belated birthday celebration for our CT. Our birthday was supposedly on Sunday(4/5, birthday of S45, geddit?) but we had it yesterday in school. She actually CUSTOMIZED a cupcake for EVERY SINGLE ONE of us!!

All of us were so impressed that we just couldn't help shouting n screaming around in d canteen(it's pretty normal to have a grp of ppl screaming and going berserk in canteen here. :P)

My my... Ppl nowadays ah... No more using cameras anymore, just whip out their own mobiles and snap away. They don't even know how blessed they are!

So many camera phones, no?

Here's MY own cupcake. All the cakes were SUPER sweet tho, I hafta say... Not really my kinda stuff. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

Here's Zheng "The Noob-caller" Whye, my only CT-mate that I still speak mandarin to. I dar not speak Mandarin to the PRCs. "Tis better to be thought of a fool than to speak and remove all doubt", yea? Heheh...


Just a random pic. This is our football pitch. Astroturf. Just finished earlier this year. Looks cool, no? But it sure sucks to slide on it... Gives you cuts in places you didn't even KNOW you could scratch yourself. Heheh...

View from right outside my room. It was supposed to be quite dark already. I took this at night.

One more stuff of encouragement. Remember two posts ago where I mentioned that Sports' Day was going on? Well, among my group of sisters-in-Christ among the track team, we all prayed for good weather for that afternoon. I came out of the library, when it was about time to start, to a nice, cool-looking blue sky with small hints of grey cloudlets. I just oculdn't help smiling, seeing how nice the weather was for a great afternoon of fun and competition! It did NOT rain a lil' bit the whole afternoon. Not ONE SINGLE drop of rain. Then, the following Monday, Mr Seet(one of the PE teachers) mentioned during assembly that a parent mentioned while dropping his/her child off in VJ that a bit further to the East from VJ it was PWUUUUOOOOOORRINGGGG!!! And yt, in VJ it was SOOOooo SUUNNNNYYYYY!!! Praise God!!!!!!

How great is our God. He's the name above all names, worthy to be praised.

Monday, May 05, 2008

05-05-2008 (Monday) "Befuzzled!"

Sleepy day. Was supposed to study for the Chem review test last night but ended up playing -neom cos my roomie and I just couldn't beat d AI in d first 2 games... Then, this morning came for test, don't think I'm gonna do well. Well... There's still remedial anyway. Heheh...

Anyway... I went out for dinner with Neale, my CARE Group(the term for CG here...) leader. The Cafe Cartel. Quite a nice dinner despite it being rather unhealthy. CRISPY pork chop some more... It's fat DIPPED in fat! After that... The BEST part came. We went to Gelare!!! It really is such a blessing having such generous friends around. :P We had regular waffle and shared. It was so delicious, I think I'm still having the aftertaste in my BRAIN now! Anyway, the bestest part of it all was... He got me a present! And it's sth I was hoping to get in the future! A Life Application Bible!!!

I mean... How many ppl actually give you sth THAT useful for your birthday gift? (I'm not saying I nvr received useful gifts, I just tend to receive more... MEANINGFUL gifts.*wink*)

Had our final lecture on Organic Chemistry just now. Just yesterday at church service, I suddenly thought abt how soon it'll be till it's time for me to leave. I think I might miss Youth Camp '08(sad...)!! 7 more months and counting... Don't get me wrong. I'm looking forward to returning to Miri to all my pals there and to a really familiar surrounding but... I don't know. I guess I WILL miss Sg. ESPECIALLY seeing how God works wonderfully through so many ppl here.(Sg DOES have more ppl than Miri, hence God works thru MORE ppl here than Miri, cos there're more ppl here...) I'm suddenly having second thoughts about going to Australia next year now... Maybe NUS ain't too bad a choice too, yeah?

All in His hands...