Friday, February 27, 2009

27-02-09 (Friday) "10 Ways to Lead A Greener Life"

I've been thinking of all the things ppl've been telling before I came over here like... "Canberra ah? Super boring one oh..." "Very quiet over there one eh, nothing to do one eh, u sure or not?" "ANU? Canberra, right? Very, VERY good place to study." And after this while here, I'm like... Were all those people referring to another Canberra in ANOTHER part of Australia that happens to have an ANU as well? Maybe its in Tasmania. (No offense, Simon, Jasper and Augustine...)

Anyway, I thought I'd do my part and mention some things you can do to lead a greener life, since climate change and global warming are so happening nowadays.

1. Use reusable bags when shopping. Yes, no more plastic bags. Ignore those weird questions and awkward stares from the cashiers in Malaysia asking why you DON'T want a bag. Those of you animal lovers should know about the number of turtles and whales that die for mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish in the ocean. And don't use the excuse of "not enough plastic bags for lining rubbish bin, then how?" I think the tonnes of plastic bags that you've accumulated (or SHOULD HAVE) over the years will last you for a PRETTY long while. Or at least don't accept plastic bags for those small, small stuff you buy.

2. Check for leaking taps all around your house. Very easy one, just walk around, listen for consistent dripping sounds then enough alrdy, not very hard, no?

3. Recycle. This one is dependent on geographical location. Very practical and easy in Singapore, Australia... But did you know there's actually a 'storehouse' that accepts recyclables in Piasau in Miri? They even PAY you based on the amount you recycle.

4. Print in duplex. No more one page per paper printing. Even worse when you print one side then it comes out fuzzy then you chuck the whole piece of paper away! AARRRRGGGHHH!!! *reaches for your throat and shakes you like a baby in a cradle*

~5. Don't wash your clothes. Hang them out in the sun to dry straight away after wearing them. The bad smell comes from bacteria, right? Sunlight kills bacteria, right? So, sunning dirty clothes = kills bad smell and bacteria = clean clothes.

6. Stop buying disposable stuff. Cups, plates, even disposable briefs for men nowadays... Nappies? Buy stuff that can be reused or at least recycled. Washing plates and cups, not gonna break your back, right? (Hmmm.... Maybe you should just SUN your plates and stuff, would THAT work?) Cradle to cradle, like my lecturer said.


8. Carpool or use cars that are fuel-efficient or better yet, hybrid or electric cars! All those VVT-i stuff by Toyota and whatnot... please prisss la... If so rich then should be using the money to fund R & D for a greener future, not buying hummers or those "drink-fuel-like-Aussies-drink-beer" vehicles, right?

9. Ride a bike, take a hike. (It RHYMES!!!) Guess what, it actually benefits yourSELF! JOY!!!

10. Turn off all lights and electrical equipment that're not in use. Laptops, chargers, tv, console, router, handphone... So much electricals nowadays ah. Take a walk around your 'humble abode' and I'm sure you can find at LEAST 5 stuff that you CAN turn off that won't affect your household in a dramatic way. (Unless, of course, you're in Canada right now and you accidentally turn off the heater and the whole house freezes over and breaks into pieces when hail hits.)

Thinking of these 10 were pretty tough already. Shall take a gd break now.

Btw... Dreamt a few days ago that I got my A's results back and I got a B and a C! AHHHhhHHH!!! So scary!!!! Woke up all freaked out...

(~5 is of course, not true.)

Saw a wombat! And a family of ducks! WILDLIFE HERE IS AWESOME!!! SO CLOSE!!!

I like this cover. Hahah......

You are magnificent, eternally wonderful,
Jesus, no one ever will compare to You

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So its day three now. I fear for my mutating cells now. The sun here is so strong you can get sunburnt by going to get groceries.

I must say though... I love the cloudless sky here today. Been looking forward to seeing this since I got here...

These pics were taken right behind my hall. See the needle thingy sticking out in the middle? Its "The Needle", the tower for Telstra.

Yes, I can take these blurred background pictures now. Yes, I can make them happen now... Hee...
Yes, not sunTANNED, sunBURNT. heheh...

This is the department of entomology behind my hall. Must be a creepy place! (intended pun)


Your love is better than life

Monday, February 23, 2009

24-02-09 (Monday) "Day One"

So there it was... First day of university is over. Quite exhilarated and also worried at the same time. Sounds like things are gonna turn out to be pretty tough!

Freakin' expensive books... Altogether add up to about $500++.

I was thinking about how wonderful this world was made. I mean... , w = m·g, ...
Isn't it just amazing how these stuff are so well-planned in the first place, that all these natural phenomenas can be explained in such simple equations. Just goes to say that there's not much 'randomness' in the creation of the world, no?

Would you believe it... Its actually POURING outside... Don't forget... This IS Australia AND this is the region where all the crazy bushfires are taking place! And I suddenly recall yesterday's prayer for rain in church. *raises eyebrows*

Saturday, February 21, 2009

21-02-09 (Saturday) "Too public"

This would be my status in Facebook if it actually doesn't appear on other ppl's update.

"Joseph Ting Kee Lung is farting too much."


I can't explain why.

... At least its not smelly NOR noisy...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

19-02-09 (Thursday) "Hard"

Its pretty tough to be uploading pics from now on cos my comp's lan port doesnt work. oh well... Canberra IS THE place to study, as ppl say. :)

anyway... Summer's been acting more like summer these days. pretty hot 2day.


Slowly getting used to the weather and stuff here now. Praise God for that!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

15-02-09 (Sunday) "No Pics Yet"

So... I've been in Canberra for almost a week now. Didn't get to update on anyth cos my laptop's LAN port's spoilt n we can only access the internet by cable from our rooms. So... Will hafta go to the library or some other place where there's Wi-fi to upload pics la.

So far so good. Been getting to know lotsa ppl. Cos... Everyone's more or less new. Last week, only the first year internationals were around so yeah... EVERYONE was new(minus the occasional seniors here and there). So cool to have met so many ppl from all over the world. Mainly from Msia(SUPER a lot!!!), Singapore, Australia (duh...), England, US, Canada, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia... the more unique ones are like those from Mauritius, Lesotho, UAE, Colombia, Argentina, Sibu... =P

Anyways... Hopefully, I'll be able to upload pics the next time you see sth new. Can't promise anyth. Orientation's still going on. Everyone's so friendly. Its quite cool to be somewhere where everyone speaks with some accent. So cool.

Weather here's all queer recently. Day before I arrived it was in the mid 40s. I arrived, it dropped to around 16, next day around 13 or less(coldest day since I've been here so far), today's weather quite nice, around 20 maybe? Scary how cold winter will be soon... :S

So... One more week of Orientation ahead. Looking forward to meeting new people, but not to all the drinking that goes on at night... Cheers!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

08-02-09 (Sunday) "Love/Hate"

I kinda hate this feeling... Yet I love it.







p.s. no, the love hate feeling ain't abt d excitedness period. And... For those of you expecting some scandalous post, I'm sorry. :P

Saturday, February 07, 2009

07-02-09 (Saturday) "Exercise=Goodness"


Anyway... I've been exercising more in this week than I have in the whole holidays I've been home. Gosh... I'm suddenly fitter again. Weird it is but I'm actually glad to be feeling the pain and stuff in my gluts and other parts. (Tighter bum... MMMmmm-mmmm... Simon's getting high somewhere.)

Exercising really does wonders. Makes you sleep better. Feel better. Look better. *beams* *AHEM**cough*

Well... As long as there're sports stuff to do over there in Canberra, I don't think it IS even the little bit possible that I get bored. (:

Stay tuned to find out more...

Even though the journey's long
And I know the road is hard
Well, the One who's gone before me
He will help me carry on

After all that I've been through
Now I realize the truth
That I must go through the valley
To stand upon the mountain of God

~"Mountain of God"
Third Day

p.s I still have the biggest brain... XD

Thursday, February 05, 2009

05-02-09 (Thursday) "Things Going Right/NOT Right"

Stuff that I think are not going too right recently:
- Its raining. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
- Everyone's suddenly doing all those tagging stuff all over Facebook. (Write 25 random things about yourself... List down what kinda stuff you in see in your toilet... Shuffle your music and predict your future with it...)
- Sleep has been rare and hard. Despite the cool weather.
- Pimples are popping up all over. No explanation. I'm still full of 青春. (Oh SHUCKS! I forgot I'm NOT supposed to be using Mandarin anymore...)
- Vacuum bags don't stay in vacuumed state.
- Blogosphere is still quite a wasteland. Barely any updates.

Stuff that are going right:
- Been meeting up with friends.
- Got some exercise done.
- Settled many stuff to do with uni stuff.
- Haven't actually got bored yet.
- Gonna be leaving for GREENER shores soon. 'Greener', definitely. Shores, don't think so.
- Got to spend time with good ol' 'sis' in KL. ~The reversed smiley girl (:
- Atmosphere at home's been peaceful.
- Been learning stuff from Discovery Channel.

So... I guess... Life's always nice/not nice depending on which side you wanna look at! WOOHOO!!! SO SOON!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

03-02-09 (Tuesday) "The Irony of Shopping Malls"

I find it quite ironic...

Usually when we go shopping... The most common thing that we shop for is clothes, right? By that I mean the shopping done in big malls that make your legs go tired even though you haven't walked much...

The irony is this. We shop for clothes... but for most of us, those clothes are the ones that we wear out for shopping, for us to flaunt them in front of our retail therapy buddies. I'm not even mentioning all the cosmetics, perfume, cologne and stuff involved...

So, in short... We go around shopping for stuff that we use for shopping. ???

God, You are great and mighty
You've promised a good lot to me
You've bothered to care for me, the tiny
Our praises go out to You only.

Monday, February 02, 2009

02-02-09 (Monday) "Soon"

Its exactly a week from now. The excitement's starting to build now.

Sunway Pyramid...
Its been a rather interesting weekend. I've been staying at Jocelyn's place here in KL. Feels far from home yet it feels kinda like home. Know what I mean? Its been a very pleasant stay(minus the tiring walks in shopping malls ~ 1Utama, MidValley... I can never survive in big cities...). Jocelyn's family is very warm and hospitable. (Smile when you read this, Jocelyn. =P)

Joanna, J-mom-without-a-J, Jocelyn, Joseph
Its funny how the best thing about new stuff(presents, going to new places, holiday trips...) is the 'new'ness about it. The first few seconds of setting eyes on it. Its the suspense BEFORE you open a gift that's so fun, no? Try keeping your birthday presents wrapped for a whole week... The suspense kills you, but THAT'S why ppl give stuff wrapped, right? Even if its an empty toilet paper roll wrapped up, from the time it moves from giver to recipient to the time it is opened, it is DEFINITELY a LOT more valuable than JUST a toilet paper roll, right? =D

Artsy-fartsy stuff
Anyway... Heading home tonight. A bit reluctant to leave yet looking forward to friends at home as well. Emotions... So entertaining, aren't they?

Sunway Pyramid, the other side
Can I just say this last thing? (Why am I asking? I'm gonna say it anyway...) FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS ARE HILARIOUS!!! I think their live performances are better than the MVs though...
I particularly like the last otwo. Dunno why I can't select and copy the 'Embed' HTML here. Anyway... Its nicer watching the full size on YouTube. :P ENJOY!!!

So I look to You
No one else will do
~"Look To You"
Hillsong United