Tuesday, October 02, 2007

02-10-2007 (Tuesday) Superheroes

With so many movies about superheroes on the rise recently(e.g. Spiderman 1,2 & 3, Batman(,) & Robin(,) Returns, Superman Returns (too... ), Fantastic Four(or should be it just one... Jessica Alba? *drool*).), I'm sure you've wondered whether there really are superheroes among us or whether you yourself could have some superpower that you don't know of. Then, after being convinced by every friend around you that you're perfectly human(Siao la you, only know how to talk crap, impossible la, got superpower...), you then question God why He forget to make a superhuman couple AFTER Adam and Eve, maybe ADAManator and EVEporator...?

Anyway, I've been watching this new hot series recently, "Heroes". (Halfway through...) And... I think I figured out why!!

It's simple, really. God didn't make superhumans so that our world wouldn't be more screwed up than it ALREADY is...! I mean... In movies, the superheroes ALWAYS use their superpowers for the good stuff but if you gave a REAL human those powers, he'd use them for all SORTA stuff.

The invisible guys would just visit toilets and bathrooms of the opposite sex and the law against shoplifting would be useless since they can just stuff floating around and then out the store;

The flying ppl would make the aviation industry run out of business, there would be traffic jams in the air and there wouldn't just be road accidents but AIR ACCIDENTS as well already. Engineers would have to figure out how to make traffic lights in the skies, clouds would have to be cleared for people to be able to see where they're heading...;

Science lessons would go out the window as so many ppl can defy the laws of physics by breaking every bone and just healing themselves instantly while others spontaneously combust or do physical actions with their minds;

Heck, there wouldn't be any privacy AT ALL anymore, since even your own THOUGHTS are not exempt from intrusion of 'the mind-readers'...

I'm sure you get my point. We should really be thankful that we're made such ordinary persons with no crazy abilities. At least that way, there's no MORE havoc than there already is in our world.

God is just awesome. :P