Saturday, September 26, 2009

26-09-09 (Saturday) "Canberran Weather"

The weather over the recent few days epitomized the norm in Canberra.

Daffodils!!... right?
Just a few days ago it was bright and sunny, with an absolutely comfortable temperature hovering around 20 deg C...

... Then, the wind from Central Australia decided to bring some friends of its over (desert dust) on and shrouded the whole sky, turning the clear blue sky into a blur of browniness...

... These 2 days its been raining bits here and there (note: Rain is rare in Australia. Yes. It is.)...

... And today...?
9 am: It started off bright and sunny, with the temperature seeming likely to go back to what it ought to be in spring.
10 am:Upon reaching Bruce Hall, the wind started howling mad. Temperature stayed at about 13 deg C.
Noon: I went to work, sun was still all over Canberra.
1pm: An hour into work, the wind came along again, chilling everything in the Subway display thingy without even turning the chilling unit on. Temperature dropped to 10 deg C.
2pm: The rain started.
2.10pm: Rain stopped. Sun blazed again. YAY!
2.15pm: Rain starts pouring again. -_-
2.45pm: Rain stops. Still chilly. Heads home.

Wet Uni Ave on the way back today.
*Update*5.03pm: 7 deg C outside. WHERE ARE YOU, SPRING??!?!!

Ps Margaret's cute doggy. Neo was his name, me thinks.
I'm not complaining here, really. All the while I'm thinking to myself: Funny how I'm gonna miss all this come end November and I'm back in hot and humid Malaysia. The weather is some amazing stuff here. =)

Sorry... I just found this pretty funny so I had to take a pic of it. =)

Note: Last 3 pics taken by camera on phone. Difference is pretty obvious, eh?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

24-09-09 (Wednesday) "Question"


Which one works better, to take pride of one's own humility or to be humbled by one's own pride?


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've been wanting to introduce this person for a while but haven't got the time to get around to it but... Now its time:

Meet Joshua Mutongole.

He is my 2nd sponsored child under Watoto. My first month's worth of wages went to sponsor this child in Uganda for a whole year (AUD480/year). I trust that the money would be used way better on him rather than on me lavishing myself with unnecessary luxury.

Let me assure you that I am not telling you this as a means of boasting ("See how generous and caring I am?") at all. I am just throwing this challenge at you: Are you willing to sacrifice a bit of luxury for the development of another's life? Think of it this way... In Malaysia, sponsoring a kid is like RM50 a month, that's like... RM13 a week? That's RM2 a day? That's... less than half a meal, you know. You can just eat a packet less of those chips a day and you're on your way to sponsoring a child already!

"Sponsor one child only, still got millions more out there who need help. Why bother sponsoring?"

All our leaders around us and around the globe were just "one child only" once. You were that "one child" once. Why were you entitled to all that you have now and not some other kid? I believe its only fair to give that "one child only" a bit of all the blessings I've been given throughout my life, to have a chance at life. Even though it may not be a very big deal to the world, at least it made a difference to that one life.

Furthermore, many of these kids live in countries where its a sad, SAD situation because of poor governance. I trust that in building up these children in the right way, they are en route to becoming the next prime ministers, the next leaders of their nation and bringing their country to a better and brighter future. I have faith that these kids, who are given an opportunity to a cleaner life, education and all that child sponsorship provides, will make a BIG positive difference to their country in time.

Now you see why I went through all the 40-Hour Famine...

I truly believe in giving and in sponsorship. Praise God for that.

Sponsor a child, rekindle a life.

He picks up the poor from out of the dirt,
rescues the wretched who've been thrown our with the trash
seats them among the honoured guests.
A place of honour among the brightest and the best.
He gives the barren woman a home,
so that she becomes a happy mother.
~ Psalm 113: 7-9
The Bible (The Message/NLT)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

19-09-09 (Saturday) "Paiseh : Over-rated"

Went for Floriade with B & G this morning. I shan't spoil the surprise. The pictures speak for the festival itself.

Glorious. Absolutely. Glorious.

I. Had. No. Words. To. Describe. It.


I think there were more people at Floriade then the whole population of Canberra. =S

I should save the pics for next time, eh?

Anyway, having been here for more than half a year now, I'm starting to get used to the culture here, which in many aspects are different from our Asian/Chinese culture.

I think paisehness is overrated lo. (paiseh - [one of the definitions] the attitude of trying NOT to take too much from others be it in the form of service or goods) Many times, others actually feel better when you accept their offering of goods/services. And yet, we turn them away fearing they might think ill-ly of us.

In the process, you do not get what we need/want and the other party feels dejected having been rejected by you. -_- Lose-lose situation. How leh?

I say we should try to be less paiseh and be open to receiving from others more. can or not?

Don't so paiseh lah...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

14-09-09 (Sunday) "Wonderful Dinner" *updated 15-09*

Had one of the best times of fellowship yet tonight. Loved the potluck dinner cum BBQ we had tonight.

Radin, the birthday boy, wasn't here for us to celebrate (the MAIN reason for the bbq tonight but... oh well...) but we still had an awesomely AWESOME time!!!

It wasn't really the food. It was the fellowship.

People are lovely. God made people. Praise God for loveliness!


p.s I love my camera.

*update* Birthdays don't get much better than this. Who needs "special birthday celebrations" when you have something like this every so often? Its all about the fellowship one gets at their parties, no?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

12-09-09 (Saturday) "Prelims"

Was checking out the VJC website and checked out the preliminary examination timetable.

I was suddenly reminded of my own prelim period last year. I actually miss that feeling then. I didn't like it then but I came to be reminded of the post-prelim period, our "study period". It was pretty fun and enjoyable, come to think of it. Getting to sleep in, taking our time to study... ah... Bliss...

Anyways... During Bible Study last night at OCF, this thought came to me.

You know how I occasionally mention those "wow moments" that I have with God every so often, especially in the initial few months of being here? Well, I'm pretty sure we all have our moments.

Pretty flowers... =)
What I'm getting at is this... I realize that after going through the "wowness", I kinda just forget it after a while, say a day or less. Then, I have to wait for the next "wowness" to come to be "WOW-ed" by God.

I think its only right that we remember those "wow moments" constantly. Always remind yourselves of the times when God has been so wonderful and so awesome. ESPECIALLY in times of sadness and "down-ness". Recalling those "WOW-nesses" will easily bring you back to praising God in the midst of darkness. =)

On a totally different note, I'm sure most of you know of how much money is spent on national security for most nations. Apparently, if all the money in the world that has been channeled towards defense is passed on to those in extreme poverty instead, there would be no more people caught in extreme poverty. USD1.47 trillion? 1 year's expenditure alone could get rid of poverty straight away!

Oh well... I guess we'll just have to wait for the New Jerusalem to come to see the end of poverty. How awesome it would be when nations can stop worrying about their own safety but be more concerned about the survival of others!

p.s I haven't forgotten about the person I'm supposed to introduce. I'm still waiting for the right time. =)

"He will judge between the nations
and will settle disputes for many peoples.
They will beat their swords into plowshares
and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nations will not take up sword against nation. nor will they train for war anymore."
~Isaiah 2:4
The Bible

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09-09-09 (Wednesday) "Just had to"

I felt like I just HAD TO post an entry today bcoz of the nice date. =)

... And show some nice pics of the blossoming flowers here too!

Recently, I've been observing many scenarios of ppl starting (or planning/wanting to start) SPECIAL relationships. I wonder why many of them start a SPECIAL relationship when there was barely a normal "friend-friend" relationship as a foundation to begin with.

Am I still being conservative? Or is the western culture starting to take over as it encourages ppl to make decisions on a whim and follow their feelings. "Like ah? Ask to become bf/gf lo. If not, later other ppl snatch away leh. Better not let him/her slip through your fingers eh!"

This is what I got out of reading Song of Songs. =)

I love the sun. Sunshine is good. Exposure to the sun gives me healthy vitamin D's. The sun keeps the weather from going crazy.

And... The sunshine keeps us living creatures coming out to do stuff!

Thank God for the sun. Don't let it burn out too soon, God. Thanks!


"Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires."
~ Song of Songs 2:7b
The Bible

Monday, September 07, 2009

07-09-09 (Monday) "Childhood Days"

Grace Jong was sending me some pics of our childhood days... Heheh.

The days of shortened pants. Kang Wei was so cute!!!@$%!%!@#
How I wonder where everyone is and how they're all doing now.

Chung Zeng I still keep in touch with. What about Kah Sing and Joshua?!?!

Gosh... I was actually cute when I was young. =(

Sunday, September 06, 2009

06-09-09 (Sunday) "Praise and Thanksgiving"

This week, much has happened. Right now, going through so much, the constant thought in my mind has been "Thank You, God!"

Giant pandan-leaf-like plants at Botanical Gardens...
I can't really describe and narrate what has happened but this week has just been such a wonderful and uplifting week. Not that something outstanding nor special has happened.

Lovely flower seen at Botanical Gardens. =)
Its just that... Throughout the week, I've been somehow boosted by some divine strength and endurance. Fatigue and boredom were never present despite the circumstances pushing for them to take over.

All the busy bees are out at work nowadays. Absolutely lovely.
I think I'm slowly learning to love like Jesus, like God does. Slowly. Learning. Still a long way to go but yes. Slowly. Learning. Its really a fulfilling and warm feeling. The only explanation: A cup that overflows fills other cups.

Dunno what this is but it sure is pretty...!
Since today's Father's Day here in Australia (dunno why so special one lah over here, Father's Day in September...), this entry goes out to my father, Mr Ting Kong Yu, for being such a role model throughout my life, though I never said it nor realized it till just a short while ago. =) I guess this is as cliche as it goes but... I wouldn't have asked for any other dad.

This one's for you, pops!

"Do not withhold discipline from a child;
if you punish him with the rod, he will not die.
Punish him with the rod
and save his soul from death."

~ Proverbs 23:13,14
The Bible

Thursday, September 03, 2009

03-09-09 (Thursday) "Let Me Introduce You To..."

... Megos Kibat.

I don't have a scanner so I took a picture of his picture. Ain't he cute...?
He enjoys playing ball games. His ambition is to become a teacher. He is in Grade 4 going onto Grade 5.

He lives in the Tsaeda Emba area, all the way across the globe in Ethiopia.

"Why suddenly introduce a random kid?"

Well... Megos (or Kibat, I dunno which name I should refer him to as...) is my first sponsored child. I paid AUD512 for this WHOLE YEAR as his sponsor under World Vision since March this year.


However... Megos wasn't exactly the person I wanted to introduce you to from the previous post... That can wait... I will explain in more detail why I wrote this entry. In time...

The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth,
whatever you did for one of
the least of these brothers of mine,
you did for Me.'

~ Matthew 25:40

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

02-08-09 (Wednesday) "Someone"

I have someone very special I'd like to introduce to you.

... When the time is right.