Saturday, March 31, 2007

30-03-07 VJC Sports Day 2007

Ahhh!!! It's finally all over! Sports Day!

I was so hoping to finish off my events that despite NOT winning, I was still glad!

Here's an overview of the whole event...

When there's sports stuff, there's...

...MILO!! Heheh... Sth cooler than what we normally get in Miri, SELF-SERVICE free Milo! Heheh... "A Healthier Choice" definitely. The group of teachers' presence there tells it all! Singaporeans don't lose out from us Mirians ah! "Free Milo? Where??!! CHIONG AH!!!"

The cute mascots running their race. Hahah...!! I honestly couldn't tell which mascot was for which house! Pegasus had a horse, Aquila eagle, Phoenix a cute orange bird, Ursa a physically-deprived bear, Draco a Barney-like dragon and Lynx a mix between a cat and a dog!

Our mascot trying to get some attention and applaud from our house for she had tried her best. Yes, SHE. Hahah...

Heeheehee... The moment everyone was waiting for. Cheerdance!

Aquila was first up. Cute costumes eh? No, I WASN'T talking abt the guys...


This was the finishing pose for PEGASUS! WOOHOO!!! I myself was impressed by their performance!

Just one of the many events...


... I...

... Come... (Hey! Don't block the camera!)

... Pant...

... Now...

... GO!!!...
Cool multishot thing, eh? I love it too! Hahah... Btw... Pegasus won this 4x400m JC girls! By a stretch!

Then, there was the student-teacher tug-o-war...

Look at the yellow-white shirt guy standing on the left. He'a teacher and he was like going, "Eh! People tug-of-war you like pulling truck like that ah? Wahlao eh... Siao ah..."

Now, THIS is the teacher's side. "Sigh... How could we even have lost ONE ROUND to the students? No face lo..."

And as how all other functions have been, no VJC function is officially over without the MASS DANCE!

The "I Want You" dance!

Friendship Dance! I found no partner so I could only take pics. Good fun just watching those gays n les there too! You see them? I saw a lot... :P

Sunday, March 25, 2007

25-03-07 Pet Show & Competition!!

I saw this ad in the papers on Friday abt this pet show that's going on today. I checked it out.

SOOooOOoooOOOO many cute gir... I mean... dogs!!! There're all types of PEDIGREE dogs again!! WOW! I had a WONDERFUL time looking at all the dogs all around.

Ain't he/she cute?(You wouldn't wanna call Singaporeans' pets an 'it'. Their pets are like children to them!)

Look at those HUGE adorable eyes!
Well, of course, there're those weird ppl who purposely brought their guinea pigs along to test the 'tameness' of the dogs as well... Not to mention their hunger!
There was this pet competition going on under this tent too.
The pets were supposed to weave through the poles and see which pet could do most at the end. I missed the tail-wagging competition(stamina) and jumping competition though. Sad! Those'd be some REALLY nice competitions to watch!
Then, there was the grooming station as well...

This event got me loving animals even MORE. Well, ONLY because these were pure-breed dogs AND they were cute! Heheh... God's creations. You can NEVER run out of stuff to marvel at!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

24-03-07 Randomnity

Okay... Time for some RANDOM stuff... I think SHOULD consider becoming a professional photographer at times. Heheh... Take for instance this picture here on the left. Seems obscene, right?

In reality, my friend here WAS wearing underwear. I just took it so well that it looks like nude art. Heehee... (Nude art IS getting on when it comes to art nowadays...)

Previously, while I went visiting to the school library, something caught my attention.

Look at the second line. Anything wrong? Correct me if I'm wrong but... 'Equipment' doesn't go with 's', does it? Well... It just goes to prove how humane we all are! We make mistakes! Ironic though, the LIBRARY ppl making grammar mistakes. Heheh... If only there was a last 'etiquette' going like 'NO GRAMMATICAL ERRORS ALLOWED.' THEN it'd be REALLY ironic... Heheh...
Well... I guess they ARE abiding by Library Etiquette No. 3... "NO GROUP DISCUSSION IS ALLOWED". Heheh... But... Seriously, the library is like the rest room of our school. And by rest room, i literally mean REST room, NOT restroom. I'll show you the cozy (sleeping) sofas next time.
Now THESE here... Are a WHOLE COLLECTION of some Oxford Dictionary kinda thing. Why the HECK do they print SO MUCH for a DICTIONARY??!!! I guess human crap so much that there becomes TOO MANY WORDS for 1 darn lil' dictionary to hold, eh?
The following picture is a proof of how cute my classmates can be... Hahah...
FORGET?? HOUSE NUMBER??!!! Now the '6757+forget' person is living in a hostel and it's still reasonable to forget one number that no one calls you at but the second 'forget' one... He lives with his FAMILY! He's a SINGAPOREAN!! Hahah... so cute ah...

24-03-07 The Scots! The Scots are here!!

AIIEEEE!!! I was reading the papers in the dining hall this morning when I heard some cat being tortured. Then... I looked up and saw...

AIIIEEEEE!!! The Scots have come invading even into Singapore! HELP!!!
Anyway, these pics I took from the 3rd level a little later.
Interesting how bagpipes became popular in a place full of technology! Cool... next we're gonna see HEAD-hunting become popular over here also!

24-03-07 "Gelare"

"Gelare"... The name man gave to the ice-cream that should it have existed back in Jesus' time, the last supper would have been said this way, "Take, eat, this is my white blood cells given for you... Mmmm... This is GOOD ice-cream..." Okay... That's blasphemy, sorry. Just making my point that this IS ice-cream!
Yesterday, Arvind and I went to celebrate our SPM results AND our... EXEMPTION FROM MOTHER TONGUE LANGUAGE class!!! WHOOPIE!! Well, first we went to hammer away about 2 hours at a cyber-cafe and then decided that this is one GOOD reason to sin and taste something as sinful as GELARE...!!!
Won't you look at how RICH it is?! That is actually HARD ice-cream! Not the mushy mushy type...!!
This is MY cone.. 2 scoops of 2 flavours weighing around 200 g... S$6.40... Wow... NOW do you know why I called it 'sinning'? Notice how the ice-cream can just stick out the side of teh cone without dripping down? MMmmmm-MMMmm!! Vanilla Beans(I think... Can't recall, was too busy dripping saliva that I forgot to remember the names.) &... Oregon Mint Fudge??? I CAN'T REMEMBER!!! TOO NICE!!!
Anyway, Despite, the price, it's still a good bargain. Even the WAFER CONE was worth taking a few minutes to slowly CRUNCH away! So... next time you're in Singapore or some place where there's Gelare and some friend just gave birth to a baby or sth, celebrate with the new parents at Gelare!! Heheh... (I should be getting commision for this...) Oh... And about FINDING a Gelare shop in Singapore? It's so abundant you can find it in almost ANY major shopping mall!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

21-03-07 Perming - What Abt It?

After viewing a few friends' Friendster account, I'm suddenly wondering... What's up with perming hair? Why does everyone(Well, those from Miri mostly...) JUST LOVE to perm their hair? I'm talking not in single digits but double digits eh... And of the many ppl I've seen with permed hair, 90%++ looked better before the 'permification', with their NATURAL, STRIAGHT hair! AND those who permed usually are those who have REALLY straight hair. I know of many girls who would ALMOST die to have such straight hair... Such a pity... Let's not forget the PRICE of such tedious 'grooming' AND the time wasted, eh? Come on la, girls... You all know BETTER ways to use your money, right? Shucks...

Friday, March 16, 2007

16-03-07 The 'swayiness' of words.

Ironic how I've been busy during the HOLIDAYS, eh? Hahah...

Anyway... Ever heard someone say sth abt anyone and then suddenly your opinion of someone just changes instantly? What the Bible says IS true that the most dangerous weapon is the tongue. Say sth bad abt someone and you could have lead to many downfalls, not only to the person but even to his/her friends... Wow... What's more... We can use words to sway someone to our side(granted that the person is quite naive and gullible...). So I say... Talk less, THINK more! But keep talking if it WON'T hurt anyone!

Monday, March 12, 2007

12-03-07 SPM eh... WAHLAO eh!!

WAHLAO EH!! Shocking even to me! I do NOT know how I could've gotten such good results except that God gave them to me. I mean... Whoa... HISTORY man... it's History!!

Anyway... I just wanna say that... God really.... JUST ROCKS!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

10-03-07 Insensitive creeps "The Break-Up"

I was jz watching "The Breakup" just this morning...
...and it struck me: Guys CAN be some idiotic, insensitive people. We just don't get what girls are trying to say sometimes.... MOST of the time. So.... Girls? Help us out here. Don't assume we know what you're trying to put forth all the time. Be specific. Heheh... I hafta say though... Sometimes, even if the guys DO know what the girls are trying to say, their EGO takes over once challenged and they prefer NOT to do what pleases the lady... Heheh... Cool, eh?
Anyway.... It's a nice movie. Romantically silly and stubborn.

Friday, March 02, 2007

02-03-07 The Power of Prayer

My events for the interhouse sports competition in school was on this afternoon. I was praying this morning for it NOT to rain. NOT really praying very hard all that like sweating blood but well, I just prayed. Then, I took a step of faith and challenged myself. "Why not DON'T bring my umbrella at all today?" Sounds cool, don't it? Ever tried it? Well...

... These are two pics from my hostel, one floor above...

Know what THIS proves? That prayer DOES work. I'm sure the many other Singaporeans out there who were sweating their sweat glands dry the last few days must be rejoicing now. Prayer works even STRONGER in numbers. Wow... Lightning is tearing away at the sky even as I'm typing here! AWESOME!! The strength and power of God's weather!

You know what the BEST part is? It only started raining as I was halfway back to my hostel. As I was going to go abck to school just incase there was training or anything, THEN it REALLY started to pour cats and dogs into the huge drains here... WOOHOO!!!

Anyway... Just some random pics to update ye on figments of my life here...
The school library is so cool. I'm sure you can tell what this machine does? We just let it scan our EZ-Link card and then scan the barcode on the book we're borrowing and *POOF*! A receipt appears!! I guess that's why ppl are so kiasu nowadays. Even the MACHINES are fighting for the vacancies in libraries...
I'm sure you know foosball, touch rugby, softball and all sorts of weird balls... But have you heard of 'FLOORball'?
It's basically just hockey, except that you can use BOTH sides of the stick, there's no 'out' rule, it's indoors and everyth's so much lighter and safer! The ball's hollow and has holes around it!
We played floorball for PE on Thursday(yesterday-01-03-07) since it was raining. 6-on-6. It was FUN!! We beat 07S63 2-0!! WOOOHOO!! S45 rocks!! Heehee.. Sorry, got too carried away...
This here are a few members of the CG I'm attending, 'BOSS'. We're having our Bible Study then. They teach and train good stuff! Our practice of self-control is SEVERELY tested here as you can see that the sofa there is SOOOOoooo comfortable that you'd be tempted to fall asleep everytime you sit on it! REALLY!! (Chung... Sorry to make you homesick even MORE!!)

Awwww... Ain't he just SO cute!!