Sunday, January 28, 2007

28-01-07 Prayer Requests

To all those brothers and sisters-in-Christ back home, I have a simple prayer request for all of you. Please pray for all 3 of my roommates that God will soften their hearts and they'll be willing to sacrifice just an hour or two of their slumber to join me in going to church on Sundays. I've been trying to invite my Malaysian pal to go but he turns it down basically all the time. Pray for God to bless them all with so much that they can't help but feel His presence! :P

The reason why I brought this up was because the sermon today in church told us of how we should never think that ANYONE is too hard for God to MAKE them turn to Him. Even King Nebu. surrendered to God's reverence in Daniel 4!

Now... If only the Singaporean girls change their 5Cs(Car, Cash, Condo, Credit card & Career) - the 5Cs they look for in a man... to sth more long-lasting and meaningful... Like My 4Cs... Christian, Committed, Considerate & Christ-like. Anything to add, anyone?

Some more S'porean vocab:
ex - colloq. for 'expensive'. (Wahlao eh, the food here damn ex leh!)
slack - be lazy; laid-back (Don't wanna go for training today. wanna slack la.)/(J1 life very slack ho!)

"...know that the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes and sets over them the lowliest of men.'" ~ Daniel 4:17

Friday, January 26, 2007

26-01-07 Pre-teenies...

I was reading this letter from my angel asking me abt my BGR status and sudenly thought of when I was *ahem* YOUNGER... heheh...

At the age of around 12-15, or maybe put simply, during pre-teenhood, we kiddos used to just fall for any single girl who seems to have that sparkle in her eyes or teeth or maybe just treats us nice( I hope none of you go like, "speak for yourself, JT..."). Just for you pre-teens out there... It's OKAY to fell liddat oh... Very normally, hormony fine. IMHO, just don't go and do anything stupid like... TELL that person? Unless you KNOW he/she won't be avoiding you or anything similar. And also... Try NOT to start any relationships at that age unless you can be SURE your breaking-up(which actually happens like... 95% or more percent of the time...) doesn't cost you your friendships, yeah? And... Heheh... For guys... Just a hint. Don't even PRETEND that you think that you're NOT making it obvious that you like the girl. Even if the girl doesn't notice, those around her WILL and THEY'LL tell the girl, yeah? Hahah...

Pics time...

Earthwatch's 1st meeting! We're playing this game called '21' which was a lot abt taking chances and strategies.. Loser had to drink a shot of this special concoction of water, lemon and... TABASCO!! (1st 1's Cheryl, 2nd Jeolilinta - or just Jeo.)
... Oh and the loser got to set a new rule for the game play. Our beloved president had us stay in the push-up position for 1 round of the game.

This was the 3rd round of the 'Eating Competition' held by the HouseComm. this round a group of 4 had 2 finish 1 whole watermelon and I-dunno-how-many jars of fruit juice. Oh yeah... This was a group of teachers going up against another of seniors. Heheh... 1st ronud was banana n some fruits, 2nd was 3 dishes of A LOT OF rice with a bit of side dishes.

Took this pic last night at dinner with the trackers. Know why I found it interesting? Try looking CLEARLY at the pic.(Hint: Notice what stall it is and the ppl.)

The following are more of appreciating God's wonderful creations...
A whole bunch of cute dovies gathered outside my hostel gate. Notice an 'S' shape they're forming? Cool, eh?
Just a bench in hostel's dining hall...
... Look closer and you get this... Plain red ants? Look properly oh... Notice the 'curling-up' abdomens? They're actually praying mantises. A whole LOT of small, young praying mantises! And they're like strolling on the bench, doing their 'shake-my-boody' thing after a few steps camouflage thingy... COOL!!!
"But He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me." ~ 2 Cor. 12:9

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

23-01-07 Singapore Vocab...

I was jz thinking of teaching u all some words and phrases I picked up here that got me fuzzled intially...
mug = study (Tonight can't go out la... Wanna go mugging ah.) - sounds like wanna go rob ppl, rite?
mugger = studious person a.k.a. nerd (Eh, this year J1s d**n mugger leh, in canteen oso mugging!)
sia = leh... (as in... tat dish reli expensive sia...)
pon = ponteng(eh, what u doing here at canteen? Pon ah?) - fyi... some or maybe MOST ppl here dunno wat 'ponteng' means leh... cool eh?

And jz to update u on some stuff here that i find interesting... because they're not common in Miri...
1) Miri we have 1 McD that is frequented by many whenever it's open, right? Well... over here it's DOMINATED by McD!! It's like... In my area alone there're at least 3 McD's already...!!
2) School canteens usually are run under one management back home. Here.. We have like... 9 food stalls and 3 drink & beverages stall, one which is basically obsolete though...
3) It's rare to find someone who's good in sports and also good academically in Miri. Rare but NOT impossible... Here, almost EVERYONE's liddat!! WAHLAO EH??!!
4) Blading and cycling is very common and popular here!
5) Hugging and cuddling in public is like... as normal as shopping over here! Heheh...
6) Making friends is actually a LOT easier in JC!! WOOHOO!! Praise the Lord!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

20-01-07 OG BBQ last night.

This goes out to all the GUYS out there...

Last night, we had this BBQ 4 all OGs at the beach opposite my hostel and I tried to help in the fire-starting but wasn't of much help. Nevermind that...

When the fire got started, I stayed at the pit there and helped the cooking the whole night through, even having been forsaken by my own crewlet(OG branch),*sighs and shakes head in despair*!

Okay... Moving on to positive stuff. Being there bbqing, naturally many hungry guys and girls were there and the guys being the insensitive, only-my-stomach-matters beings they are, just waited for the food while the girls were like...

"Wa... You keep cooking there, eaten liao ma?"
"It's okay, I'm not hungry";

"Have you eaten?"
"Yes, I have."(chicken chop and satays rocked!!)

"Maybe you'd better go and eat something first."
"It's okayla, I've eaten a bit liao and I'm not really hungry anyway..."

"Eat sth oh, don't don't eat oh..."
"Okay, will do!"

...and eventually the conversations went on to...

"What's your name ah?"
"Oh, Joseph. Yours?"
(I'm keeping their names discreet...:P)

"Wa... Joseph cook until very expert liao oh..."
"Mmmm... Noleh... Hafta wait till Monday see got anyone absent from skool or not THEN will know..."

"Do you do this a lot?"
"Na... I seldom do it. But it's fun!!"
(Okay, we were talking abt BARBECUING here, okAY!! Stay on the straight road!!)

The moral of the event?
Serve others like Jesus did and you WILL be blessed... Heehee... And i believe i DID mention this goes out to the GUYS, right?? Hahah..!!!

This is the 1st batch of fire-starting stuff tat DIDN'T start a fire...
Our BBQ pit, BEFORE the fire was usable...

Around our BBQ pit, WHEN the fire was usable... See the orange 'tank' of water in the middle? AFTER the whole thing did i find out that they used water from a shower tap from a toilet nearby to mix with the syrup. Thank GOD i didn't drink it. Heheh...

Our BBQ pit, WHEN the fire was usable... See the crowd? Heehee..
MMMMmmmm...mmmm... Even from the LOOKS u can tell that they're delectable, right?

My Crewlet!! Viquorize!! Notice that small left arm at the far left of the pic? That's supposed to be Li Lin but the photographer forgot to include her in, so cute... hahah...

A pair of cute cats sitting on the table on our way back... opefully they don't contaminate the place cos' there'll be others using the table for food...

My Personality - Dynamic, Active and Extroverted

Got this test from the i-youth blog. Does this sound like me? Somehow I think it quite does... heheh... Cool... Except 4 the routine thing I think.... Dunno la.
You are quite willing to accept certain risks and to make a strong commitment in exchange for interesting and varied work.
Routine, in contrast, tends to have a paralyzing effect on you.
What you like most is to be able to play an active role in events. In doing so, your initiative is highly pronounced.

20-01-07 Everyone has their PLACE in life.

Was reading Chptr 17 of "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren last night and had this thought. Every one was born in one place for a reason. When we go to camps and we're talking abt someone who isn't there, ppl say this, "A is a really nice guy/girl. If only you got to know him/her! He/she has been such a blessing to me/us!" Come to think of it ah... Let's say YOU were saying that to ME. If let's say I REALLY got to know A, that'd mean A would be living somewhere close to me or somehow be at someplace with me. THAT, in turn would mean YOU wouldn't have got to know A, right? Thus, this clearly shows how God plans where to put everyone. WAHLAO EH!! SO COOL! Hahah... God put specific ppl in a spot to bless the ppl there AND to be blessed by the ppl there. So... Next time thank God for the ppl around you that've blessed you. God has a plan for me NOT to have known that person, which should have been bcos God wanted him/her to bless YOU and not ME cos... Heheh... He's blessed me with too much!! WOOHOO!!

"The best gift you can give someone is your TIME." ~ Rick Warren, 'The Purpose Driven Life' Cptr 16

Thursday, January 18, 2007

18-01-07 DON'T say "No", ladies...

Sometimes, I think it's BETTER that girls accept help or sth like food from guys. Heheh... It's better NOT to be 'polite'/'ke4 qi4' ah... Why? We all know abt guys and their egos, right? Well, accepting their help and stuff makes them feel good! Makes them feel like they are able to help others! So... Heheh...

VJC has this tradition of having this 'Angel & Mortal' game between the seniors and juniors. We're all 'entitled' to 1 angel and 1 mortal each. I was quite new to this game so i gave sth REALLY special to my mortal. Stapler Bullets! WOOHOO!! But.. FEAR NOT! The sensitive part of me has not yet given way to death! I followed up the following day with some cute handphone hanging stuff - both 2 my angel AND mortal(I'm sure girls easily go 'goo-goo-ga-ga' over stuff like those...) and guess what happened??!! I got another letter from my newly-adopter-angel! Someone from my senior class 'adopted' me as his/her mortal. HOPEFULLY, it's a SHE la. Hahah.. Those hp stuff must've made the trick. This is a good trick, guys!! Hahah... Cute stuff! WOOHOO!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

17-01-07 'kiasu' even with words? Wahlao eh...

I came to notice that certain boys that i got to know of over here are really 'thrifty' with their words and also have their own vocabulary... Examples.... Please forgive the rudeness...
(What we usually say) = (What they say)
"The teacher gave so much tutorial homework? Is she mad?" = "What? Siao eh!"
"This dish is not bad. Quite nice la." = "This dish ah? DAMN nice man..."
"You're talking rubbish!" = "F*** la...!" / "Talk c**k ah u!"
"So silly la you..." = "You damn GAY lei..."
"That ice jelly looks weird..." = "That ice jelly damn GAY lei..."
"You look funny in that uniform" = "You look damn GAY lei..."
"The teacher's style of teaching... I don't really like it..." = "That teacher damn GAY lai..."

I guess the many years of single-sex school environment does make one... *ahem*...? Heheh... Got a lot of 'de-pollutionization' to do!! Wish me Godspeed!! :P

Btw... There's this hot craze going on among the J1s in our school whereby those from different sec schools swap uniforms for a day or two. I swapped with my classmate from Catholic High for today. Here it is...

It reminds of one thing only... PRIMARY SCHOOL!! Very cooling tho, heheh... No offence, yea? Do I look skinnier yet? Or maybe... More muscular? Hahah... jk...

Monday, January 15, 2007

15-01-07 Inspired by Cooks...

Track & field training today was gym stuff. I felt really weak again seeing the others go "HMM! HA! HMM! HA" while i'm like "ooooooohhhh.... ah.... ehhh....*falls*". They were like pumping it all, the many reps while I was all flabby in no time. YES, EVEN THE GIRLS!! Heheh... After training, I was looking at the others' flexing their muscles then I looked down my shirt and... Sorry for saying this, girls but... I was thinking: Man, I'm actually quite fat. hahah... gotta get those packs showing soon! Anyway... Tomorrow, Pain's gonna come and visit me and stay for 3 days. On the bright side, at least there'll be more protein-built muscles than fat in me after that! WOOHOO!!

After training, I rushed back to get dinner. I HAD to run or I'd've missed dinner. Anyway... There were only sardines left so I just took them. The cook was quite nice and polite. They waited for me to rush up to get my coupons too. Halfway through eating, I saw this PRC girl stomping away with silent steps and the cook shouting,'listen to me' not so loudly. He didn't really seem pee-ed off with her attitude tho. I was watching while they were cleaning up and thought...:They hafta do this EVERY SINGLE day and they somehow don't complain abt it. Well, at least not in front of us. they even hafta be here cooking for the boarders who're staying in during the holidays, sacrificing their own. Now THAT'S noble. I guess that's how life is like in the working world, yea? I just hope that more ppl are able to persevere and be patient like those cooks. Me included... Heheh...

Bottom line? Who needs big and huge events to learn and be inspired in life. Every second in life you can learn sth if you pay enough attention, right?

God bless ya, siblings-in-Christ!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

14-01-07 Blessings are '2-directional'

This morning, before heading to church, I went through my Friendster account and was reading through the testimonials. I was thinking how nice it feels to have blessed some other ppl. It really IS a blessing to yourself when you bless others. I also realize that sometimes it's not a matter of how big the stuff you do, it's the small stuff that really matter. Like... remembering one's birthday, listening when they're talking, look at them straight in the eye when they're talking to you, stand up for them, amuse them... Those kinda stuff. I know how much it means when OTHERS do that to me too! So... next time, if u wanna be a good friend, don't worry aboout trying hard to impress others. Just be yourself and show a bit of love and care and it's gonna work WONDERS!

At church today, i talked to this boy, Bryan. He's 13 but still very cute. He came from a boys' school so he still has this 'i-hate-girls' thing in his head. I was thinking how much he reminds me of when I was younger. Very funny. Anyway... I was telling him that it won't be long before he DOESN'T hate them anymore and somehow he didn't comment. I THINK he already doesn't but doesn't dare admit it only. It's funny how many phases of change we go through as we grow. First, we overcome the girl-hatey thing. Second, we overcome the puppy love thing. Third, we overcome the 'I'm-gonna-kill-my-"best friend"-for-stealing-my-gf' thing. Ironic, ain't it? Hahah...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

13-01-07 Attention! AtenciĆ³n! Zhu4 Yi4! Mahatvapurna Suchana! Aufmerksamkeit! Perhatian!

You know that a teacher likes good students; a speaker likes a good audience and; a talker likes good listeners, right? Well, guess what? A blogger likes good readers too!

I'd really, REALLY appreciate it if you would give me feedback or just say what you wanna say here through the 'Post Comment' below. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease...?

And btw... I appreacite your comments, ky, aaron, lynda, chung and ye who hast posted thy comments before! God bless you for that! Heheh...

13-01-07 Creatures of 'Adaptiveness'

Notice how ALMOST everyone usually goes somewhere new and starts feeling homesick or all that for a period of time and eventually the feelings fades away?

I've been seeing situations like these over and over over here. ESPECIALLY in myself. Initially, I felt quite new here, going to church, it's a new place; going to school, it's new; going to town, it's ALWAYS new here(They keep changing stuff...). For example, in my class of 07S45, everyone was like... stuck in their own cliques based on 'schoolism' for the first day or two. Now, the whole class is starting to open up, like a bunch of flowers blossomming in the nice weather here of both rain AND shine. Everyone's starting to mix with ppl they DIDN'T USE to know. It's really a nice feeling seeing this phase of becoming ONE CLASS. It doesn't become just about 'me, myself and I' anymore.

I thank God for making us humans so able to adapt to new surroundings. I guess this is His way of preparing us for the TOTALLY new place of heaven next time, yeah? WOOHOO!!! The time's coming soon enough, ppl. Soon enough...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

09-01-07 School's started! WOOHOO!! I almost fell asleep 3 times in 3 lectures... WOOHOO!

Now... I'm CERTAINLY NOT encouraging you to do what I did yeah... But strongly AGAINST it! I was really trying VERY hard to keep awake liu... The spirit's willing but the flesh is weak ma...

WOOHOO! My body's aching in a few parts! That means I'm growing muscles already! It's from the Sea Regata Games yesterday at East Coast Park(ECP). It was so fun!! Got a bit sunburnt tho, forgot to apply sun block what... Thought I'd be macho macho ma... Anyway...

We were all like so focused on dunking each other into the sea that we practically forgot about winning points for our group by playing games! We even got to bury Teerapong! Poor guy... With the 'un-male-some' attributes that we added on again. Heheh... Praise God for creating fun!

Last night we went to Suntech City for the mass dance. It was so high and crazy. Heheh... I didn't really join in on the craziness tho, my OGL claimed I looked like an 'ah pek' with my lil' face towel around my neck. So bad meh just a towel? They also said my butt-shaking too gay, unacceptable. Hahah... What the heck!! When was it wrong for guys to shake their butts??!! SEXISTS!! Hahah... ANOTHER add-on to my femininy side, eh?

The whole new learning system here is quite.... new to me. Lectures with 200+ students... Cool... We miss if we want to but it ain't anyone's loss but ourselves'. It IS time we grew up. I took some pics of the lecture for you all to see.

Don't worry... Electronics are allowed in school as long as you don't use them in class...

The pictures start......

My senior brought me along to FGA here on Saturday. It's kind of a free church type, not really charismatic yet not conservative. Still went to CMC on Sunday tho...

The drum set they had... sweet... Hahah...

Now... For the fun stuff... BEACH VOLLEYBALL!! Our first game AND first WIN!! WOOHOO!! Btw... It's at this station that Teerapong got dunked already. Kinda early, eh?

Tug-of-war!!! In the SEA!! 2nd game AND 2nd WIN!!(Final game for us too... It was all playing around after this...) I guess too much of a good thing DOES become bad, eh?

Voka brainstorming on what to do next...
Jessie:Hey! Look at me! I'm the center of attention! Who cares what they're saying! Just take pics of me!!

Voka taking it all out into the sea!! Don't worry, no one stepped on any sting rays...

WOOHOO!! A floating circle!! Too bad we weren't deep enough into the sea to test whether
we'd STILL float without our feet on the ground. Can you guess which one's me?

Here's Teerapong in the sand and us shouting his name in sheer bliss! TEEEEEERAPONG PONG PONG!!

Anticipating the closing ceremony...

Closing ceremony, some "Whack-Away-On-A-Small-Log-Above-the-Sea" game.

The Suntech fountain and the mass dance. WOOHOO!!

Cool pic, ain't this? All blinked but one. I guess I'm not alone to take all the blame THIS time... Heheh...

Front: Jamie

Back(from left): Ming Yao, Elizabeth and the gay butt-shaker.

The lecture hall... Wait... Did I say we're not allowed to use electronics in class? What I meant was electronics that distract like handphones! And of COURSE I didn't flash. Duh...!! Well, at least i THINK I didn't... Hehehe...

Hawker stalls are so popular that the school canteens all decided to follow the trend ah. Wahlao eh...

One thing I DON'T like abt the ppl here is that they use the word 'damn' so damn much! Ooops... It's like that word to them is like our 'jiak3 ba4 bui3?' Anyway... Don't they know that the word means "to doom to eternal punishment or condemn to hell." as quoted from What...? "It's so go to hell funny"? "It's nice like eternal punishment"? What else?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

07-01-07 Ways to BECOME Good-looking.

Don't think I'm actually in a position to be even DARE type a title like that, right?... Spare me the criticism. Say what you want. Heheh...

Referring to the previous entry, whereby i said that my whole OG consists of pretty girls and handsome guys... (Excluding the one on the extreme right... Remember?) Anyway... I just thought of WHY they all seemed to me to be so good-looking and all that.

Initially, MOST of them just looked plain normal to me. After getting to know them, somehow they all just seem to like nice. Why ah?

Ultimate beauty comes from within, obviously. Since I got to know my OG members and see how nice they can be, their appearance is just clouded & shrouded by the beauty of their character. It really doesn't matter how you look. God HAD to make some less good-looking ppl so that we could tell the good ones from the LESS good ones, AMEN??!! Hahah... Don't worry, The former refers to myself too! What's most important is what's inside, what's BEYOND the face!

"Being beautiful is like being born rich and getting poorer and poorer." ~ Some big-time actress... forgot who...
Heheh... Nice quote, ain't it?

Anyway... Here's some pics that I took during OP1-07. Forgot that I brought along my hp.

The student councillors in charge of registration. Reminds me of banks... 'Now serving: 1034...'

These're a fraction of the Junior College 1(JC1) students. And I thought CH had a huge student body... Whoa momma...!!!

This goes out to all the guys back home... DotA has become a Co-Curricular Activity(CCA) here! TALK ABOUT A DREAM COME TRUE!!! BWAHAHAHA!!! MELT IN JEALOUSY BEFORE ME!!! HEEHEEHEE... Jk... No offence yea... But it IS true that it's a CCA!!

A view of the canteen. They've like... 7 stalls I think?

This is the front of the school hall. The principal, Mr Chan speaking. Ain't he just ADORABLE??!! Hehehe... A very sweet guy la him... The shirt you see on the far right is the Orientation tee, one of it.

Errr... Heheh... I just took this for fun, to amuse my faithful readers. Hahah.. TIGHT BOTTOM!! (Compared to my 'nothingness' of course...) Hahah... I'm so envious!!!

The first one is the prepping part for 'Timed Concentration' or whatchamacallit... The 2nd pic is the end result. Really brings the phrase 'supporting one another' to another level, wouldn't ya say so?

Can't really see what they're doing, right?...

See it now? 'Foam Party'... We're supposed to collect as much foam/lather as possible from washing others' hair. I was washed. My group beat the others like... TWICE the amount of foam... WOW...!! My hair still not bad, eh? Hahah... Seems kinda disgusting but on the bright side... At least Pantene smelt good!!

My OGL, very creative, not? Everyone had to have their hair washed so the girls took off their pins. This's how my OGL 'held on' to them. heheh...

Okay... this pic has NOTHING to do with the Orientation. Just took this on the bus on my way home. Poor guy... So tired but no time to sleep, hafta resort to sleeping on the bus... Thank GOD Singapore don't have much flies and mosquitoes. They pose a SERIOUS threat with his mouth that far apart... Jk, ya? No offence oh... Heheh...

Friday, January 05, 2007

05-01-07 CMC & Orientation ROCKED and it's coming to an end... Darn it!!

I went to join the service at Christ Methodist Church this Sunday and... I went 2 full hours early so I just waited at the bus stop beside. The Traditional service was going on first. I was like... 'What the... A whole church of ppl who're only 5-6 times or maybe even 7 times my age? Cool...'

Dropping that... The Contemporary service was really sth! It just made me felt rather similar close to home. I've been praying for God to let me find a church to settle down in and i actually HAD the FEELING that I was gonna find it this Sunday and... *WHAM...!!* God answers immediately! AWESOME!!

School has FINALLY started and so has Orientation Prog 1. But... It's drawing toa close already, darn it! So fast!! But thank God we're still having our final session by the beach this coming mon for a full morning of fun and games! Anyway... No chance to hold on to valuables during the OP so didn't take pics. Too bad, eh?

This OP has got me realizing that I'm actually the age of the Orientation Group Leaders(From here onwards to be termed OGLs) are the same as mine. In other words, I'm old enough to be one of them. but... Somehow I felt a lot younger than them. I guess it's a matter of whether you're young at heart or not, right?

Moving on... Despite being older, the JC1 students here were all very outstanding and courageous. Age doesn't come in as a unit for measuring one's ability. I was especially impressed by today's sessioin when the OGLs were asked to leave the hall and we freshmans were to take charge of our own groups. Very touching scene when the OGLs came back in to see their 'children' capable of taking care of themselves! It was REALLY like a parent-see-children's-progress type of session, you know!!

Ok... Now for the pics! Hooray!!(right...?)

Christ Methodist Church. Nice eh? All the techy stuff they have too. 4 Reverends... 3 services:Traditional, Contemporary and Youth. Sweet... Reminds me a lot of GMC!! WOOHOO!!

This is the stained glass at CMC. You can't see it but there're actually many verses on the pieces of glass.

Okay... this was taken in my school dining hall. These 2 friends of mine are supposed to be identical twins but they don't seem THAT identical to me... What say you?

This whole Christmas tree is made from diamonds... Or at least... MOST of it. I don't know how true it is. It's in Bugis Junction, a shopping mall... Nice... Drooool, girls!

... Just wanted to make the GUYS drool too.. Chicken cutlet with fries. Okay... not exactly too good on the eyes but the taste was not bad! Price's okay too! S$4 only! Not to mention the fact that this restaurant's placed in the vicinity of a condominium!

Here's my OG... All pretty girls and handsome guys, right? Well... except for the extreme right lo, He's just okla... Heheh...
Back row: Li Ying, Jessie, Lorena, Letchumi & Rachel
Middle row: Li Lin, Michelle, Ting Li, Sarah, Joe, Ming Yao(basketball...?), Jansen & myself
OGLs in front: Elise, Elizabeth, Jamie & Teerapong(lying on ground, yes, he has Thai heritage, dad's Chinese though...)

Notice the ratio of boys to girls? I'd say all groups are more or less the same. And the shirt we freshmen are wearing is the VJ tee while the OGLs were wearing the OP tee.