Wednesday, March 26, 2008

26-03-2008 (Wednesday) Sick...

It makes me sick...

... How everyone is just so concerned with themselves. Life only seems to revolve around themselves, how when sth wrong happens to oneself, it's as if the world deserves to suffer.

It makes me even SICKER...

... How I'M so self-centered; how I have the opinion that others should not be enjoying themselves when I'm not; how I think that others SHOULD have empathy when I'm not in my best of moods; how I dislike ppl not agreeing with my opinions...

... It makes me sick.

ps. Can he whoever took my hard drive 'by accident' pls return it...? pls pls pls pls...

26-03-2008 (Wednesday) Another long break...

Once again, GP lessons have been cancelled. It's only because we had a talk on "Sex, STIs and AIDS" this morning. I didn't know that the first step to using condoms was to check the expiry date before this.(No, seriously... I DIDN'T know...) It was quite an interesting talk with all d graphic stuff and all that.

I was just thinking of how many ppl have been helping everyone else out. Helping is not really helping unless one goes out of one's way to do sth for someone else, no? If u asked me to throw some piece of rubbish and I'm gonna pass by some rubbish bin on my way somewhere, it wouldn't be very meaningful anyway, since i'm just doing sth that I SHOULD be doing anyway. It's when someone GOES OUT OF THEIR WAY that you really appreciate what they did, no?

Anyway... Was visiting for a while when I came across this entry and...


According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-For-This-Election Decision Generator™, you should vote for...


Now I REALLY know who I SHOULD have voted for... Rather interesting... heheh...

One more thing I got from
apparently, some ppl got sick of all the 'not-so-pretty' Miss Malaysia's that we've been having so many times now.(Which, to a certain extent, I agree... Usually the runner-ups are my favourites. No offence[Not that any Miss Malaysia's will be reading this...].) Therefore, they started this Malaysian Dreamgirl reality 'online' show to find a REAL Malaysian dream girl.... check it out, guys(especially...).

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18-03-2008 (Tuesday) I Like...

1. I like it when my teacher says "today's lesson will not be a long one..." and a 3-period lesson becomes a 1-period lesson, leaving me with nothing better to do than sit here and list down stuff that 'I Like..."
2. I like it when I go home really tired and whoever is home doesn't start pestering me with so much details abt homework and all that and just lets me keep quiet and cool down.
3. I like it when I'm reading an article and come across a sentence which makes me go "I never thought of THAT before... WOW!!"
4. I like it when I open my email inbox and see familiar names under the "From" column and not 'names' such as "Friendster", "Windows Live Mail" and "Free ****** ********** ****** *****".
5. I like it even more when I see that under the column "Subject" in my email inbox I don't see "Fwd:" next to the familiar names.
6. I like it when I enter some blogs and see something new there.
7. I like reading stuff that make me laugh till my eyes go wet. e.g. Get Fuzzy, Lat,, Baby Blues.
8. I like going out into the streets and seeing young kids wrapping their arms around their parents' thigh, staring up with that innocent smile and their parents with their hands behind their kids' back.
9. I like it when I'm sitting in a cafe and I hear genuine laughter emanating from a family or a group of REAL friends, not laughter that says, "hey, I'm happy here. Look at me!"
10. I like logging into MSN Messenger and seeing my close friends' names pop up to the sound of 'de-deng'.
11. I like receiving SMSs from friends.
12. I like spending time just chilling out with friends at McD or Gelare, with focus more on the time there rather than what's going to happen AFTER we leave.
13. I like the thought of spending money and not wasting money.
14. I like it when ppl treat me and think of me as a real, normal person, not somebody who is so lihai or beyond God-like.(Not saying that I am...)
15. I like it when someone stands up for someone else when that someone needs help.
16. I like it when I ask God for the rain to stop for a while so that I can cycle home and it just DOES HAPPEN!
17. I like it when I go to church and realize how sinful I am and have been, that Jesus' blood always saves me.
18. I like being of help to others.
19. I like it when I am not constantly reminded that my purpose in life now is only to study well and hard, that life is a process that is unlike chemical reactions, where if you have A + B, you're gonna end up with C + D.
20. I like the fact that even though in chemistry we learn how the 'world favours disorderliness' as shown in entropy, physics kinda contradicts that as the world is so orderly in its ways with so much stuff explained my mere equations(which are, as a matter of fact, really orderly).
21. I like being able to just revel in the wonders of God's creations be it rain or shine, a reminder that i'm still alive.
22. I like crossing paths with friends in school, seeing them smile and leaving me no choice but to smile as well, even if I've had a bad day.
23. I like looking forward to the future, being filled with excitement with all that God has in store for me and not know anything about it.
24. I like the feeling of sinking a shot at basketball, executing a smash in badminton or table tennis, completing a near-perfect pass in football, frisbee or touch rugby.
25. I like just cycling along the park, watching the lives of people happen as I pass them by.

... And now... I must return to my lecture after the 3-period break. :P

"So you too should be glad and rejoice with me." ~ Phil 3:18