Tuesday, July 29, 2008

29-07-08 (Tuesday) "A Meet-up"

Kar Wei was stopping by Singapore on her way to Aus soon(Mission: Raid Marina Square and other shopping malls). Met up together with Steve(Chen Pong) tonight.

Road back home everyday outside VS.
Forwent the movie and decided to just sit down and chat. Shokudo was our final resting point.

One of the flowers blooming on the fence along VS on the way back.
Was nice catching up with what's been going on with others' lives... Like what KW said, watching others grow up. Heheh... Really makes me all the more excited to growing up and seeing changes happen to ppl all around.

tasty Ice Blended Green Tea (with Vanilla ice-cream)...
The best part abt the night? We were actually talking like adults already! WOOHOO!!! Heheh... Okay... After all the talk, I dunno whether I should be rejoicing because of that. Anyway... It really IS great talking about stuff concerning our lives and our pals all over the world over some delicious stuff in a very 'atmospheric' restaurant.

Beef Bolognays... Yes,... Bolognayz...
CP was right in saying just chilling out and catching up made our day. Feels so nice to just forget about what's happening in 4 weeks time and in just over 90 days. Then again, every Sunday morning provides this kinda opportunity to just "chill out" with God as well.

"Dear God, I just pray a short prayer of blessing and protection over all my friends all over the world now. Just be there with them even if they do not realize it, Father. In Jesus' name, Amen."
I find it really annoying when I enter pharmacies and the salesgirl comes along and reminds how much help you really need. Super annoying... Then recommend sth that clears nothing up except your wallet.

"Sir, I think you need sth stronger to wash that face of yours..."
"...*faint smile* Oh, this is fine, thank you... Heh..."

"With everything we will shout for Your glory
With everything we will shout forth Your praise
Our hearts they cry "Be glorified"
Be lifted high above all names
For You our King
With everything we will shout forth Your praise"
~ With Everything, (This Is Our God, Hillsong)

Monday, July 28, 2008

28-07-08 (Monday) "The Dark Knight"

Went for 'The Dark Knight" movie together with Joel yesterday at Plaza Sing after a simple dinner at Kopitiam. Wanted to find out whether it lives up to all the many, MANY (only0 good reviews I've received about it. Let me tell you now... It's worth every friggin' S$7.50++!

We all know what is to be expected from those comic-to-cinema hero movies are like, right? Starts with the hero whoopin' some robbers' butt, then they reveal the arch-enemy who he's supposed to whoop the hero halfway through the movie then the hero finishes the hero off at the end of the movie after some intense action and CGI, and the movie concludes with the hero kissing the grand prize in a spot normal humans can't reach with the sun setting in the horizon, illuminating the silhouettes of the lovely couple and nothing else.

Sunset kiss...
Well, I'm glad to say that this time, Christopher Nolan has managed to throw all that away (although I doubt whether all credit SHOULD go to him...). This movie left me wide awake despite being a bit tired earlier on. Unlike most superhero movies that just aims at making the kid boys go "Aaawwwweeeesome.....!!!"(Or "WAHLAO EH! Cool sia..." In Singapore's context), this movie delivers to the more.. Mature audience as well.

Health Ledger as "The Joker" - Acting? Or just being himself?
I absolutely love the part where the people in the ships were supposed to blow each other up to save themselves: One ship full of cons and the other full of civilians. Really does put stuff into perspective. Sometimes, it IS the 'uneducated, uncivilized' people who actually have a greater sense of honor and integrity in dire circumstances. Sometimes, the 'educated' people ARE the ones who get too concerned with their money-making and success-chasing that they got to depths that are even lower than what a conman would resort to.

The "Tumbler" Batmobile
I was also thinking of how we'd act when put in such a circumstance. Would we be willing to sacrifice others for the sake of ourselves? In today's context, would we even give up a BIT of our comfort for the sake of others'? One easy test would be when you see some old beggar by the roadside or some senior citizen neighbour with a lot of heavy groceries. What would you do? Would you hesitate about it first?

The sexy batpod...
The part where Batman seems to be attacking the SWAT team in order to rescue the hostages also put a thought in me. I realize how the real-life heroes in life are the ones who get criticized and become the scapegoat for many bad circumstances and move on without having to defend themselves. These are the noble people worth emulating, ESPECIALLY when we start becoming defensive.

Joker and his business card...
I didn't find out the running time of the movie before entering the cinema so many times I was expecting the story to be ending soon only to be surprised with some more to come. I was really very entertained by the unpredictibility of this show, really!

And finally... The Dark Knight trailer... Geddit? Heheh... Got it off some joker's flickr.

Must watch, ppl!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

25-07-08 (Friday) "Fleeting Emotions"

Okay... So maybe I was emo that day. Anyway... I think I've had enough blogging about how I feel and what I went thru recently and all that. Suddenly feels like some bimbo blog. Let me go back to all those days when I was more concerned with what interesting thoughts that flutter across my mind. No more "He got dunked, I won DotA" whatnot. More on "Why did God create if He was gonna let so much destruction happen in the first place? Maybe He created to make some fun for Himself to destroy?" and stuff like that from now on...

Anyway.. Just yesterday, I was in school for a... Heheh.. Jz kidding.

I wonder how many of you reading this now always wonder whether the speaker's talking to them when they hear someone say sth like... "You can make a change! Everyone CAN make a difference!" Kinda cliche stuff for speakers to say, ESPECIALLY at those motivation talks, right? (Of course you're saying all that, Mr Speaker. That's all they're PAYING you to say. Can you tell us sth we're NOT supposed to know?)

"The thing is this..."(Quote Arvind) I do suddenly realize how great EVERYONE'S impact is on ppl around them despite how insignificant one feels. E.g. A is a small member of the Scouts in school, barely manages to keep up with school work, and is just helping with washing dishes at home. Doesn't seem like A will amount to much, right? But has it ever occurred to anyone that all those big ppl in the world (Mandela, Gates, Obama, Zuckerberg...) started off from bring nobodies, no? But for our own context, I'd like to look BEYOND material success... I'd like to think of how much we can actually change in the lives of the ppl ard us. When was the last time you praised someone for doing some good deed or encouraged someone to do sth gd(maybe by doing so yourself? Like holding the door open for a lady, or picking up rubbish along the way...?) I think these small actions actually translate into long-term reminders for several ppl.

Some ppl just can't accept that they're actually making a difference to the ppl ard them. (Wa... I'm not even top in class, why would ppl even listen to what I say since I'm not even the whiz kid around?)I think one reason they just don't seem to be making any change is bcos they never TRIED to make a change yet. Try being a super nice student, super-filial son/daughter or even... Just a super-caring friend for a day. See what 'mixed reaction' or 'surprisation' you receive. Still don't believe me ah... I say enough liao la... You go try and let me know whether it is true or not la......

p.s Pics... Yours truly.

Monday, July 21, 2008

21-07-08 (Monday) "Inspired by Mr. soyouthinkyouveryfunnyizzit"

Sudah lama saya tidak gunakan bahasa Malaysia yang semua anak Malaysia harus melalui selama sekurang-kurangnya sepuluh tahun di sekolah rendah dan menengah. Oklah, mungkin berkomunikasi dengan Francis(dari Sarawak juga) dan Aunty Mun, penolong Tingkat Sepuluh di blok H1 di asrama kami. Justeru itu... Saya ingin cuba berblog dalam bahasa Malaysia yang kini kian ghaib dari otak udang saya ni.

Tiap kali orang jumpa saya di MSN ataupun semasa bercakap atas telefon dari Malaysia, semuanya tidak lepas dari mananyakan saya sama ada saya seronok atau tidak belajar di Singapura.(Baca "Si-nga-pu-ra", kan? Bukan "Sing-ga-pu-ra", betul tak? Apalah orang sini... Bahasa kebangsaan sendiri pun tidak faham, fikir sangat bijak, betulkan orang lain pulak... Harap-harap bukan saya yang salah ni. :|)Setelah setahun setengah beritahu org lain saya SANGAT seronok, sampai tidak dapat ceritakan kegembiraan saya kepada mereka, tiba-tiba saya terasa stress yang semua orang kerap kaitkan dengan berbelajar di SiNGApura. Entahlah dapat tak saya mencapai keputusan yang gilang-gemilang, cimerling-cemerlang yang diharapkan oleh sekian keluarga dan kawan-kawan di serata dunia. Sekarang, saya juga tidak pasti sama ada tindakan saya menganggun-anggunkan Singapura semasa menjawab ketidakpastian junior semua dahulu itu patut atau tidak.

Tidak saya nafikan bahawa saya telah melalui pelbagai peristiwa dan melibatkan diri dalam aktiviti-aktiviti yang tidak mungkin saya melalui di tempat-tempat lain. Kehidupan berasrama, menggunakan pengangkutan awam yang efisien, mempamperkan diri dengan makanan yang mahal kalau dibandingkan dengan kehidupan di Miri, membotakkan kepala :), dan banyak lagi... Namun, tekanan kini semakin mencapai tahap yang menakutkan kian hari: tiap-tiap minggu kena menunggu panggilan dari ibu meningatkan saya belajar sebaik-baiknya dan tidak mendapatkan keputusan yang mediocre seperti yang saya mencapai sekarang; tiap-tiap hari rakan sebilik belajar sampai awal pagi sementara saya cuba memaksa diri saya tidur senyenyak mungkin menanti perjumpaan berdoa (prayer meeting) di sekolah pada pagi akan datang; tiap-tiap jam di sekolah cuba mengingat kembali semua yang telah diajar dalam kurikulum 'A' Lvls di samping memberi perhatian kepada si guru yang tidak berhenti berkata, "Semua ini sangat mudah, kan?"

Dalam masa-masa sedemikianlah saya curiga sama ada saya ni yang patut dianugerahkan biasiswa ASEAN dari antara semua kawan lain yang tidak kurang cerdik dan berpotensi. Apakah yang menunggu saya lepas dua tahun ini? Mungkin tak kata-kata emak yang saya hanya dapat meneruskan pendidikan tinggi di Universiti Curtin di Miri kalau tidak mendapatkan keputusan yang baik? Eeessshhh... Aku macam sikit tidak betul-betul sekarang ni...

Dalam situasi sebeginilah saya amat berterima kasih kepada Tuhan atas kasihNya yang tiada bandingan. Kalau tiada Tuhan memberkati dan memberiku tenaga, sudah tentu aku telah putus harapan awal-awal lagi. Tiada pun sehari yang ku lalui di sini yang tidak saya berterima kasih kepada Tuhan kerana bersama dengan saya di mana-mana pun.

... Phew... That's that then. Wow, it actually feels GOOD having written in Malay again. Using a different language DOES exude a different feeling. *Big SIGHHHHHH*

p.s Pics won't be up yet. I like to keep the suspense there yet... :P

Saturday, July 19, 2008

19-07-08 (Saturday) "Meet A Friend - Hair For Hope"

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine from track & field here.

His name is Louis Chong. He does long jump together with me and he's good at it. He also enjoys playing football. He's a fan of Manchester United(another 1 in the 50% of EPL fans :P No offence, Frank...). He has this ability to make this monkey call and it's really quite convincing! He's still having this slight back problem affecting him every now and then from sometime earlier this year(Do pray for him).

This is him before Hair For Hope 2008.

This is him AFTER Hair For Hope 2008.

Look good?

Oh... By the way... Did I mention that I took part in the event together with him? :)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

08-07-08 (Tuesday) "...Lighten A Heart"

Hair for Hope 2008 has come and gone! And I participated!! SO FUN!!! Anyway... for those of you having no idea what I'm saying... I WILL be posting the pics soon to SHOW you what I'm saying. I am SURE the pics will tell the whole story... Till then... God bless and take care, all of you! Missing many who I haven't heard from in quite a while!

Friday, July 04, 2008

04-07-08 (Friday) "Thank God for Ms Yu!"

Got into finals for long jump ystrday! Thank God for Ms Yu(coach) there clapping and pretending that my third jump was a gd jump despite me stepping slightly overboard. That after fouling on my first two jumps. Thank God for the indecisive guy with the flags as well. He was 'subbed off' soon after that. No other gd jumps after that. Heheh... Still... Thank God I even made it into the finals! Praise God! (My sincere condolences to Shen Wei for eliminating him on my third[supposedly illegitimate] jump.)

Hair for Hope's coming up!!! 2 more days!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

I recall what Janice told me sth the last time I called of how our friends in Aus are growing long hair and ppl like me still keep short hair and how she kinda mentioned that they're growing older as they grow longer hair. Does our length of hair really show old we really are? Like, maybe babies have no hair, then at primary school, we keep short hair, sec school slightly longer, then uni super long hair...? Hmmm... I don't think so. In that case, I'm gonna be like some baby again soon...

Been joining the daily prayer meeting in school early before school starts. I'm still constantly thanking God for all these passionate people that I've met in my time here. You know how God can use just ONE person to start something big? Well, He's spoilt for choice now, apparently. Amazing things are gonna happen with so many ppl like these. We've been praying for the college every single schoolday morning without fail(Those who come, at least...). It's such a nice way to start off a day, meeting up with fellow brothers- and sisters-in-Christ to pray for others. Victorians, know that there're ppl constantly praying for You! And that all the peace and blessings you get throughout the day comes from above! All this prayer for revival every morning will SURELY start sth. It may happen in our term here or it may not. But it does NOT matter! We will not be discouraged! We will keep praying!