Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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Friday, August 17, 2007

17-08-07 A New Goal

I suddenly have a new target for what lies ahead of me...

New Zealand!

You know... The place where sheeps outnumber homo sapiens 3 to 1(or is it even more...?). The place where LOTR was filmed. The place where the rugby is rather famous with the "All Blacks".

The place with the famous huge aboriginal Maori people and their huge balls as musical instruments...

No kidding...!!!
I myself am not too sure why after seeing this single 'stall' promoting NZ studies during this career and future studies fair that was held in my school a few weeks prior to this that I really wanna go to NZ to durther my studies. One good guess is the relaxed environment.

Of course, like Chung said, using the word 'boring' to describe NZ is an understatement but... after so much time of UN-boringness here, maybe I wanna get the best of BOTH worlds, why not?

Of course, one GREAT reason to go there is because of all the beautiful scenery you get there that is could almost be compared to a fraction of what paradise has in store.

I'm sure many of you have seen it on the Lord of the Rings tri-movie-logy but I wanna see it for myself. The REAL thing!!

Who knows? I might even get to hug and cuddle those cute lil' wooly sheeps!