Wednesday, January 23, 2008

23-01-08 Our Education System

I dunno whether it's just me(which I hope it is...) or the education system but I think our edu system has really taught us a very peculiar skill - Forgetting.

I say this bcos... Of the many, MANY stuff that I had to learn in sec school, I forgot the majority of it already other than those that I still learn or use now. I think all this is bcos of the exam system. We really cram EVERYTHING into our heads come exam then within minutes of leaving the exam hall, we can actually empty our mind of all that we've crammed and ready ourselves to stuff OTHER knowledge into our heads or just prep ourselves for a whole lot of MINDLESS fun. Forgive the pun.

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I still recall the days of SPM. We'd be studying so hard for stuff like biology, we can actually know so much(That I actually got an A2) and then immediately after finishing the papers, we'd forget what photosynthesis has to do with zygotes and then start thinking abt what semangat assabiah has to do with Renaissance.

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Of course, I guess it has in a way succeeded in putting all those stuff into our SUB-conscious mind tho. I mean... When ppl ask abt the history of Malaysia, at least I know that Sarawak, Sabah, Singapore and Brunei weren't part of the initial plan as they weren't part of the Malay Land(Tanah Melayu).

Then again, this skill has enabled us to do many stuff to our benefit, unknowingly. We can now forget the wrongdoings of others to us the moment we settled it; we can forget the exotic(or is it erotic?) dream we had the previous night and come back to reality; we can forget what a movie was abt and use that as an excuse to watch it again... And again... And again... Again... Ag...

Books, books and MORE BOOKS!

Yea! It DOES have its pros too it too!

Praise God for the interesting education system, no? Heheh...