Sunday, May 31, 2009

31-05-09 (Sunday) "Utter Flawlessness"

Something I'd like to share.

One of those things that just make you go, "What the *insert term of exclamation*!!!"

Anyways... Just finished the ping pong tournament just now. Quite some excitement and fun there. =)

Friday, May 29, 2009

29-05-09 (Friday) "Degrees of Wrongness"

Is there really a degree of wrongness? Can I who have selfish and evil thoughts be said to be "less" evil than those highly-paid tycoons who thrive on the mistreatment of their employees?

Claw wave
Is it right to claim that those of us who harbour negative feelings against others be "less guilty" than those who actually say or do things that are negative?

Discussion. Reminds me of Dr Zoidberg...
Can I justify myself by saying that I am "not as wrong" or "bad" as those who bully their mates in school when they were younger with physical violence while I use the verbal approach instead?

What about other small stuff that have nothing good about them? Is lying about my homework, copying off my friends' any less wrong than cheating on a spouse or plagiarising someone else's work? Would that mean I am very much eligible to be sitting in jail now too?

Anyway... Woke up at 4.30am to watch the game. Gotta give it to them. Barcelona really played it to win it! Man U were really outplayed and outpassed and outclassed that night. Sure, I can say it might be different night if Man U were on form but who's to say Barca wouldn't be EVEN stronger? Bottom line's that they lost THAT night. Period.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20-05-09 (Wednesday) "Beautifully Imperfect"

The title of this post got me curious when I saw it mentioned by more than one person.

I always wanted to talk about how being a Malaysian is to me. I guess this is pretty much a good time.

These are what is usually heard when certain people ask about Malaysia.
1. Problems with the education system - "We actually study and take exams for knowing some moral values in our high school", "I barely ever pass my test in school and yet I get straight A's in SPM(Malaysian Education Certificate = Malaysian 'Ordinary' Levels)
2. Problems with tertiary education and scholarships - "Wah... Some ppl get 18 A1's and not even offered a decent government scholarship", "I get straight A1's and I only get scholarship to some lousy local uni ah", "Straight A1's also cannot get into Dentistry/Medicine/Pharmacy at XXX Uni?"
3. Problems with corruption - "Cheh... He got into this school only cos' his dad so much money, just $$ here, $$ there, enough liao la...", "Wanna pass driving test? Additional RM150 only ma..."
4. Problems with discrimination - Enough said about this...

In the midst of all this, I may not be very proud of all that goes on in Malaysia sometimes... BUT... I somehow still feel that feeling of pride when people ask where I'm from and I get this tingle when I say, "Malaysia".

We may not have the best education system around but from how many other countries can people say that they are fluent and well-versed in at least 3 languages (Malay, English & Mandarin)? Not to mention that it is cos' of Malaysia's education that many of us can step out into other countries after secondary education in Malaysia and cope easily with the different syllabi and materials. Also, going through Singapore and coming to Australia, I realize that not many countries at all produce triple-Science students at the secondary level.

Thanks to Malaysia, I appreciate the things I get when I step out. I do not just take any new item I get for granted. E.g, get an iPod from parents in Sg or in Oz and its just normal cos' every other friends of yours got it half a year ago when it just got released.

Thanks to Malaysia, I know that working and earning your own money is no piece of cake and that money shouldn't be wasted anyway I want to.

Come to think of it, I think that despite that despite all the shortcomings that Malaysians can find in our dear country, I haven't seen anyone who has been a real Malaysian, residing in Malaysia, who ISN'T proud to be a Malaysian! I think food is really one of the uniting factors of Malaysians, together with the unique colloquial & accent that we've developed over these 52 years. Interesting how our mastery of broken English is what binds us. =)

The video embedded above may be from Singapore but I have come to realize how close and how alike Malaysians and Singaporeans are in many ways (no matter how hard both parties try to deny that fact).

And to all Malaysians out there... Don't you think that the imperfections that we find in Malaysia is exactly what makes it perfect for us? *wink*

On that day when I see
All that You have for me
When I see You face to face
There surrounded by Your grace

All my fears swept away
In the light of your embrace
When Your love is all I need
And forever I am free

Where the streets are made of gold
In Your presence here to hold
Let these songs of heaven rise to you alone
~ "You Hold Me Now"
Tear Down The Walls
Hillsong United

Monday, May 18, 2009

18-05-09 (Monday) "Colours of Autumn"

I happened to scroll down and I realized that in the past 3 posts, I had pictures of similar spots but at different times and the change over autumn has been rather seen, dunno whether you realized.

... For those of you who haven't scrolled to see those pics, here they are...

AMAZING HOW THE COLOUR CHANGES, NO?!?!? I am still very awestruck seeing this sequence of pictures...!!

Some "Love" for you all. =)

No weapon formed against me shall remain
God is my victory and He is here

~ "Desert Song"
Brooke Fraser, Hillsong

Saturday, May 16, 2009

17-05-09 (Sunday) "Perspective"

One thing I've learnt from photography is that perspective makes a BIG difference.

Take a picture from one angle and it looks plain and uninteresting. Tilt your camera a bit or take the picture squatting down and it becomes a whole lot nicer.

I think this is very much similar to life. Look at things from the same flat angle and it things always seem to be turning out for the worse.

Change your position of viewing life and it seems to make a lot more sense. Everything seems to fit in somehow.

Even though I'm headed into week 11 of semester one here, which, including the orientation weeks, means its been three months and a week since I've been here in Canberra, Australia... (*Phew! Long sentence*) I still find myself saying to myself in my head, "I can't believe it... I'm actually in Australia now...". I still find myself staring in wonder and amazement at everything I see around me, how beautiful it is and all...

I SO love this picture... =P
Oh shucks... I hope this lasts longer than ANYONE expects...

Anyways... Happy birthday, mom! And be-early birthday, dad! Hope you both have a great one even though we're not around to celebrate them!

... And... To round this post off... I only have one thing to say....... *Drum roll*....

.... *Takes a deep breath*....

.... *Gulps*....

MANCHESTER UNITED ARE CHAMPIONS FOR THE THIRD TIME RUNNING!!! THE SECOND TREBLE!!! Hopefully going for a historic quadruple... That way the new FMs can actually SAY that you win a quadruple... -__-

Thursday, May 14, 2009

15-05-09 (Friday) "5 Loaves and 2 Fishes"

I admire that young lad. I wonder what was going through his mind at that point.

"Gee... Isn't there ANYONE who has a whole wagon load of food to spare? No one? Seriously? Oh wells, I'll ask mommy whether I can give my lunch to Jesus."

Boy: Mommy, can I give Jesus my lunch?
Mom: That's only five loaves of bread and two fishes, my boy. I don't think its enough to feed everyone here.
Boy: Yeah, I thought so too. But maybe... Just maybe... There're some more people who have food as well but don't think its enough and... And when they see me giving, they might give it too?
Mom: I don't think so, son. There are really to many people here for your small lunch to make a difference. Besides, I think Jesus is busy teaching and won't have time to gather small portions like yours. Come, sit down and listen to Jesus with me.
Boy: Please... Mom... Can I just go and give it a try? Please.....?
Mom: Oh, all right. Go ahead.
(Boy runs off to Jesus with lunch.)

After sitting with his mom in the groups, the boy gets his portion of the fish and bread.

Boy: Hey, mom! See? SEE? I guess the other people WERE just waiting for someone to give their food first before giving theirs!
Mom: Yes, probably so. Good job, my boy.
Boy: Hmmm... Mommy? How come everyone else packed the same lunch as me today?
(Mom stares and suddenly raises her eyebrows.)

Amazing how God uses the little stuff that we have (as long as we have faith), and turns it into the a great miracle and happening, right?
If we offer a little to God, He can use it and turn it into something big but;
If we offer nothing to God, He doesn't return anything back, does He?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13-05-09 (Wednesday) "Sorrow"

Just wanted to share this.

"Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death." ~ 2 Corinthians 7:10

... How I Met Your Mother. MMmmmm... =)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

09-05-09 (Saturday) "Mother's Day Epilogue"

Today's been a pretty warm day. Sun in the sky... Clear, blue skies... Ahhhh... Feels good being able to walk out wearing just one top without layers underneath.

CCCcccrazzzzzzZZzzzziiiieeeEEEEeeee blue skies, don't you think so?!
Autumn is lovely... The leaves change colour. They dance around in the air as they fall from the trees tickled by the light breeze...

The ground is a mix of yellow, red, brown, orange and green, with the warm sunlight and cool shadow of the trees bringing out different levels of brightness...

I could spend days just walking around, snapping away and taking in the colourful surroundings. Ahhhh....

Anyway... People argue that superheroes in comics promote sexism in the sense that there're more prominent men superheroes than women. (e.g. Marvel, Capcom, DC Comics...) I think the problem isn't the physical disadvantage women have. This is what I think:

Larger Than Life
1. Wardrobe. How many costumes does the standard superhero have? You think the ladies can survive on that? If they started going shopping around for more costumes, the citizens would never know whether its the superhero coming to the rescue or another villain appearing to assist the one terrorizing the city.

Late For A Date
2. Changing. Superman walks into a red telephone booth, rips off his clothes and out he goes. Spiderman wears his sexy blue-red tights underneath his clothes and just slips on his mask and he is off. With the everyday woman already wearing more than the everyday man, it would take QUITE some selflessness to impose some MORE discomfort on oneself for the sake of the people around. If they don't, then they'll have to run into a toilet, change properly,(which would take quite some time with all the taking off and putting on) probably put some additional/remove some make-up, blow their hair......

Life After Death
Makes sense or not ah? Heheh... Alright... That was just for fun...

Anyways... Here's me calling out to the everyday female superheroes who change their costumes from wearing maternity dresses to backpackers(or rather... frontpacking the baby) to chaffeur uniform, then to the traditional flowery tops...

So Close And Yet So Far
Happy Mother's Day( & Parents' Day), all mommies(& daddies)! Especially to my dear old mom, Mdm Lau Ming Hung!! For all the 20 years of care, love, concern, worrying and harrying(though some of it were/are unnecessary...), chaffeuring, hard working to earn money and faith in me(and me siblings, of cos...) Here's a picture for you (& dad - Mr Ting Kong Yu)!

Church tomorrow! Scott "Sanga" Samways from Hillsong Church coming to speak. Should be something different...

09-05-09 (Saturday) "It Is Done..."

Finally got Multicultural Ball over and done with...

I remember how as we got closer to the thing, I got slightly more exasperated concerning getting everything in line for the event. Then, it just seemed pretty pointless to worry at all, seeing that it doesn't help with getting things done. At that point, I figured that when I'm not working on it, no point worrying. And when I AM working on it, work on it and stop worrying!

I thought it went pretty well. Compliments to the B & G World team, BAGMA, Mr DJ, all the volunteers and also all the B & G Residents who spent the time to get all dressed-up(theme: "Cultural Fusion") to make the night a success!

Ninja with a wallet! How much more of a fusion can you get?!
Sure... The food portion might've been a bit too little for the price we're paying but... Hey... That's not what MOST balls are about, are they...?

Its the people that come and the atmosphere they bring with it that makes it worth the money!

The dancing... Never amiss...
With reference to Jocelyn's post... yeap, surprises ARE fun! =)

p.s Darn eBay! You're such an addictive piece of * and I hope no one else starts getting addicted with you!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

07-05-09 (Thursday) "Careerism"



This is a mathematical challenge, and its been said that:
If you're an engineer, you should be able to solve it in (under) 3 minutes (more like 30 seconds), if you're an architect, in three hours; if you're a doctor, in six hours; if an accountant, in three months and if a lawyer, probably never.
If you're good at math or logical problems, solve this challenge and the answer is the password to open the spreadsheet to which you can add your name to the hall of fame.
What is the missing number in this logical series?
1, 2, 6

You up for the challenge? If you get the answer, you geddit, dun need d spreadsheet la. =)

What la... lawyers no logic meh? Then all those court cases are based on what? Looks?!?

p.s Gee... Its week 9 already...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

05-05-09 (Tuesday) "Conspiracy Theory No. 1"

I have a conspiracy theory...

All these news about these different pandemics every few years...

Very fishy, I find them.

There never seems to be any picture of the infected, but just pics of ppl wearing face masks and other useless stuff.

I think its just politicians playing with the fear of the civilians, creating new pandemics to throw the public into panic and confusion and then they SOMEHOW manage to thwart the spread of the disease, bringing back world peace.

Doesn't it all seem too convenient? How can these diseases just pop up suddenly? Could it be that those who actually died only suffered from seriously high fever or some other fatal disease that has been around all the time but the media and politicians are just making up new names to cover up the inefficiency around?(I know, the 'only' doesn't go well with 'seriously' or 'fatal'...)

What're they gonna come up with next? Pork and chicken have been taken so... Lamb fever? Roo flu?

Anyways... Moving on to happier stuff. Its week 9 now. I can't believe it! So fast! First semester is gonna be over!?!? I'm glad I chose to start in Feb. I dunno what condition I'd be in if I were to wait till July or August to start my university studies. I think I wouldn't wanna get started studying anymore. No offense to you guys who waited. I actually take my hats off to you, being able to survive these few months waiting with all the crazy suspense and frustration. Probably some boredom for some others instead...

The love of Christ
Autumn's showing off mightily now. Just LURRRRVE the colours of leaves like CURRRRVEs of a McDonald's French Fry!!

Can't wait to find out how everyone's application goes, where everyone heads to in just over 2 months! Should be interesting...

The Bully
Just a random thought: Worshiping through service ANYWHERE really helps keep one close to God. =)

Happy birthday, Siao Fong!