Sunday, October 31, 2010

31-10-10 (Sunday) “Sometimes, I Wish…”

That I could reason like Barney Stinson Sheldon Cooper.

That I could speak like Martin Luther King, Jr.

That I could play the piano like Artur Schnabel, the guitar like Sungha Jung, the drums like the drummer from ZZ Top (youtube this!!) any string instrument like the ladies from Bond.


That I could handle a basketball like Jason Williams, a football like Lionel Messi or a shuttlecock like Taufik Hidayat.

That I could jump like Jonathan Edwards or Carl Lewis or Stefan Holm, run like Usain Bolt, swim like Michael Phelps.IMG_6014

There are many things I would imagine how it’d feel to be able to do different stuff every now and then. I would imagine most of you would have similar thoughts at certain points of life.

I’m actually glad I don’t get to do those things above. I thank God for making me the way I am. Normal. Even being normal, my pride is so inflated. Imagine how things would be if I could do some of those crazy stuff.

And in any case… If I COULD do any of those things… I would probably be wishing I could do some OTHER thing. They would never satisfy, I’m pretty sure. There is always more to go for if I can’t even be contented with the things I HAVE been blessed with now.

There are better things to work on that are within reach, in my opinion.


I could learn to love and care for the needy like Mother Theresa.

I could learn to be a real friend, especially in their hard times, especially when it costs me.

I could learn to live less for my own desires, to stop buying unnecessary stuff, to give what doesn’t belong to me in the first place anyway.

I could learn the ways of Jesus in the way He lived, the way He treated people, the way He conducted Himself.


We’re constrained by the time we have.

Therefore, I think its wiser to build bridges for people sometimes.

We can try to love as many as possible but it is not an individual’s ability to take on EVERYONE.

Hence, bridge one person to other people that one would get along well with, I say. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

26-10-10 (Tuesday) “Home”

As the time approaches for us to be heading back home, I start to day dream of home and look forward to it. And I think of how great it is to have a home to go back to. I imagine how people who have no home to go back and how it feels. I thank God even for the room I have that I can return to every day after class. The feeling of walking into Central Block, to smell the kitchen and have it permeate my clothes and stay on them doesn’t diminish its loveliness. I remember the days when I leave Canberra and head for home, the very smell of the kitchen invokes some nostalgia. The same when I just come back.


And now I think of the smell of the grass on our lawn; the smell of dirt from all the potted plants lining the driveway at home; the mankyness of the house after being shut off for a long time; the rays of sunlight streaming through the clefts between the curtains, illuminating the dust particles floating in the air. I recall the noise of the neighbour singing(I’m sure that IS what they’re trying to do) karaoke over their home speaker system. The occasional release of the pressure in the brakes of the bus as they pass by our house. The shouts of the other neighbour’s kids on school holidays, playing with their siblings. The barking of pet dogs around the neighbourhood.


Home is close. Home beckons. Home is where the heart is. The eternal home is worth looking to even more…


I think you probably heard of it already. There’s always this “ooOOooOOooo…!!” when it comes to a new relationship, both to those involved and those observing around. I think we gotta be careful cos’ infatuation brings one out-of-this-world but once it lets go of you, you do come crashing back to earth with a whole lot of potential going to waste! I just ask for support from you. We can’t do this alone.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

21-10-10 (Thursday) “Who Knows…?”

“For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man’s spirit within him?…”

~ 1 Corinthians 2:11a

It scares me. It scares me a lot how much we don’t know about others. How much is hidden beneath layers and layers of veils.

Behind the smile lies the hurtful words said before…

Behind the heavy eyebags lie many sleepless nights, involuntarily reliving the moments passed, imagining how things could have been done differently…


Behind the wave “hello” lies the intangible but impassable barrier formed between us that we try to climb over, to burrow under, to walk around…

Behind the blank stare lies the many discouragements that compress one to become unable to find a way to love oneself…

Behind the brief introduction lies the many stories that have hurt and cut one so deep the scars BECOME the veins and arteries the heart pumps through…


Behind the many triumphs lie the insatiable need to prove oneself worth something.

Behind the many questions lie the dire need for attention, to remind the self that others MIGHT notice one’s (in)existence…

Behind every laugh at a joke lies a “if only you knew…”


Behind the commonplace, taken-for-granted cheerfulness lies the torment of trying to appear strong, the desire to put others’ needs before one’s own.

Behind the workload accumulated lies the use of distractions to steer one away from crazy, senseless thoughts that otherwise cloud the mind.


Who dares say they have come to grasped  what people go through. I myself get lost in all these sometimes, trying to pry my way out as I walk towards my bed, hoping my dreams reveal the “EXIT” sign. There is so much that can be done. But there is only so much I can do. If sth HAS helped, I really dare not take credit for it. My abilities are limited, to say the least. Thank God that He decided to use me in any way that He did. If I make things worse… I am as human as you are. Please do not expect any more of me than you would anyone else. “Me” is not as dependable as is “God”.


“Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it.”

~ Philippians 3:12,13a

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

13-10-10 (Wednesday) “Chile Mine rescue”

I write this while watching the 4th man, Bolivian Carlos Mamani, being brought up into the Chilean fresh air.


Just imagine, the suspense building up inside them as they watch their colleagues being reeled out, the anticipation of meeting their family members waiting for them outside, all the “what if…”s going on in their heads as they are elevated at about 1 meter per second, the euphoria these people experience to see light at the top.


I see how emotional the whole scene gets and I think of how I complain when the sun goes behind some clouds some days. I think of how grateful the miners are to see the dark night and I think of how ignorant I am of how blessed I am, to live each day as normal as it can be.


Mamani is out. He looks well. :)


69 days… I think the number of people and their unity played a major role in their survival. Any less people and the chances would’ve been way slimmer. Imagine being apart from all your loved one for that long. Hmmm…


I’m not rejoicing in the disaster but in the triumph over the doom and gloom over the past 2 months and more. Its nice to see the world stop and just watch together, holding onto hope that it turns out for the best. :)


19 years old, the next rescuee…

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12-10-10 (Tuesday) “For The People”

All too easily we start getting used to the people around.

This post I dedicate to the people in my life once again. IMG_3176For the company you have provided. Be it through face-to-face contact, emails, SMSes, MSN or over the phone.

For the wise counsels you have shared.

For the laughter we’ve brought to each other. IMG_2033For the sad moments that you’ve been there for me.

For the activities we’ve done together.

For the motivation and encouragement you’ve showered.

For the silly and candid moments you’ve let me catch on digital film. :PIMG_0981

For the pain that you’ve alleviated through the medicine of empathy. IMG_3147For forgiving me in my worst times.

I think I’ve included every single person in at least 1 category above. I’m sure you’ve done at least 1 of the above. Lemme knw if you really need me to jog your memory. =P

And the people in the photos are not the only people I refer to. There’re just too many people to be squeezed into a frame that no lens is ever wide enough. :)

“I really only love God as much as I love the person I love the least.”

- Dorothy Day