Tuesday, May 29, 2012

29-05-12 (Tuesday) “Awaiting the Glory”

I sat there waiting for the first few “segments” to pass. I know her. Yes. Okay. Another 20 more until this group is over. Come on now… Its probably gonna be another half an hour before it reaches the row in front of me…

I recall how it was like in secondary school during prize presentation day. I was told about the awards. My name was in the book, under the “Academic Excellence Award”. I had worked hard (its a relative term) for it the whole year. This was the moment of glory that made it worth it. This short moment.

“Joseph Ting Kee Lung”…

I made my up the steps, tossed my hair back, pushed my chest out and strode across the stage, hoping that my nervousness would not show. The eyes of many on me for that fleeting moment. I could feel their pupils tracking me. Glory.

I recount the feeling of anticipation of that glory. I kinda had an idea of how it would feel like. I knew it would be such a good feeling to be on that stage, claiming what I had earned. I would think about it throughout the day, even on the weeks leading up to it.

I share this as I think about my struggle to apply that to the second coming of Christ. It will be a moment of glory for those who believe in Him. In God’s saving grace through Jesus’ death on the cross. We are co-heirs together with Christ. We will reign together with Him. We will be brought back in complete union to God. The struggles and the achievements of this world will fade in comparison to that.

… But why do I not look forward to it as I should be…?

Why does it seem so distant? Why is it not a motivation for life? Every day is a day closer to His coming!

As A.W. Tozer says in “Why We Are Lukewarm About Christ’s Return”, life on earth is way too good. We have gotten used to and enjoy the piling up of the gold and silver on this earth that the paths of gold in heaven don’t seem much better.

I personally find it hard to “look forward” to the second coming because I feel like I haven’t actually lived life fully yet. I haven’t gotten married, haven’t travelled to certain parts of the world, haven’t had kids to play with and nurture, haven’t had a promotion… Heck, I haven’t even graduated!!

Its tough to think that life is complete in Christ when my perception of “the fullness of life” involves a house where kids run around and knock into things and break and need replacing (the things, not the kids). I seek God’s help in changing me in this area.

What about you? How do you view Jesus’ second coming? It will be glorious for believers. It will be just like that first award you got in your childhood.

Except that it was all because of grace.


p.s. In fact, all those awards were because of God’s grace to us too!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

23-05-12 (Wednesday) “Aussie slang to Manglish translation”

For those who come Down Under and find all these weird terms confusing. Here’s an equivalent of what we’d say/do in Malaysia.

“G’day mate” = “Eh! Hello!!”

“What’s happening?” = “Wassup, man?”

“What’s news?” = “Wassup, man?”

“How’re ya going?” = “Wassup, man?” (Alternatively, if you happened to be talking about travelling or going somewhere, it might be about how you’re gonna travel there. Or it could be about how you are recently. Serious.)

“How are ya?” = *Ignores and walks past*/Refer to previous 3 items

“Are you KIDDING ME?” = “Wah! You SURE or not??!”

“No way!!” (pronounced "Noh-wuu wa-yee”) = “Nolah! Cannot be la!!”

“Winner!”/ “Champion!” = “Very good! Good job!”

“Cheers” = “Tankew”

“Doll” (e.g. “Would you pass me the chips, please, doll?”) = “Ah Boy/Ah Girl”

IMG_6196That’s all i can think of for now. :D