Monday, October 30, 2006

30-10-06 The closer you are...

... The harder it is to part. Closing in on graduation from sec school has made me involuntarily start thinking about life after sec school...

Sec school has been much about the friends. It's the essence of it, IMHO... Through these 5 years, I've come across many sorts of friends...
Close ones...

Group friends...

Friends who just bring joy...

Cute friends...

Friends who're willing to follow you around JUST TO accompany you, even if it's just the toilet...

... And friends who give you a lift when you're down...

It seems that animals DO resemble humans a lot, doesn't it?

It's very much for sure that we're going to go our separate ways with our friends, ain't it? After these few years together, it's not easy just to break off like this.

I wish we would be allowed to bring along our friends as we go through life. The funny, good thing about this bad thing is that... We get to make NEW friends that stick with us through different phases of life. Our family members stay the same but our friends... THEY keep changing together with us. Once again, God demonstrates His love and amazing will through the people around us...!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

28-10-06 Courtesy of 'mango'...

Copied from the site I find it rather interesting... You might wanna read it up too!

"...That was about five years ago. Recently, I decided that my office desk needed a living, breathing thing among the piles of paper and dust. So I got myself cactuses again—the easiest plant to care, for I am told—and three, to be precise. I named them Ack, Ouch and Eek. (They’re my cactuses and I’ll name them whatever I want to.)

My new resolve? To try a different method of plant care: talking to them. In all my years of growing up with my parents, not once had they entertained such a school of thought. But many suggested that I try it. And although at first it sounded a little nutty, a quick check on the Internet told me otherwise. Even though there is no scientific proof that talking to plants actually aids growth, some research shows that plants constantly exposed to a certain degree of sound waves do in fact grow faster...."

This jz somehow relates to how much friends and plants resemble each other, eh? heheh...
Thanks mango, whoever you are!! God bless ya!

28-10-06 Being home during exams...

Went for football again with the usual 3(Chung, LB & Sam). A few hours following our playing, my right big toe started hurting real bad... i mean... REAL bad... just getting in contact with the ground is painful.

Okay... That's NOT my toe... But I'm sure it hurt equally bad!!:P

Anyway... Been kinda sick of being at home nowadays. Not a good sign. My mom's been 'singing' at me almost 1 out of the 2 times we're together. If I just sat down at the comp, she'd start it. Okay... That I admit that I'm wrong but.. what's the point of repeating and repeating every single stuff that she mentioned over and over. This is another reason why I've been inviting my friends over to study. When they're around at least she'll not 'sing'. This is why I prefer going out whenever I get the chance to also. However... Upon reaching home, she'd start again. This i not a good thing. The thought of just leaving when she starts has crossed my mind but I think it's still preposterous.

"Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the LORD your God is giving you." ~ Deut 5:16

True? I wonder whether Jesus had to go through these... Then again.. There WASN'T SPM back then AND Jesus was so perfect He'd study TOO MUCH if there WAS any exams.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

26-10-06 Green fingers.

Sigh... Have u ever come across a situation when you have to make a choice between friends? Like... Some friends come across some NEW friends and you decide to step back and let them enjoy their time with their new friends now that they're there?

Sounds awfully sad, ain't it? Well.. It's like that plant analogy thing. How many plants CAN one person take care and nurture? Sometimes things get out of hand and you just have to let others take care of the plants that have grown the most. You yourself end up growing those tiny 'germinator'...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

25-10-06 "Manglish"

Was at Boulevard Hypermarket this noon. Heard this over the P.A. system.

"Attention, attention. Owner of... Please go to... immediately. Your car is BLOCK the FLOWING of traffic."

That doesn't sound right, does it? Has 'broken English' become synonymous with 'Manglish'? Heheh... I know... I mentioned before that as long as people can understand the msg, it doesn't matter how it's conveyed but still... don't murder the language like this! Our government is complaining abt the national language being 'butchered' noawdays. I guess BOTH languages face the same fate.

There's this book in Belle's... The title's quite cool... sth like this...
'If you don't understand it, it's not french'
Canon Rock

This 1 is better played except that the sound quality ain't tat good.

25-10-06 Life is short and unpredictable. Live it.

I almost went to be with the Lord this morning.

I almost fell into a drain that was under construction while returning from tuition.

It's only in moments like these that I think abt how short life is and how worthless those tiffs I get involved in everyday are. It is then that we realize how valuable the people around us are, how they've blessed us, how they've made our life worth it. I'm sure most of us have come across those split-second moments when you almost left your mortal body.

Don't wait for the actual thing to happen and then start regretting not living life. If I really had fallen into that drain today... I think I'd not regret anything except not getting to say a proper 'goodbye'.

"19 road deaths recorded on Hari Raya eve" ~ The Star Online, 25th October, 2006.
I could have been one of them tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

24-10-06 Dear dear parents... Parents IV?

Wow... my fingers are actually SHAKING or shud i say SHIVERING from playing guitar so much. Noobie me...

Is a student's priority studies? When a student's assistance is needed like let's say... in church, should the student turn it down and say, 'sorry, I need to study. SPM coming up.' Seriously, even forsake serving God for studies? Wouldn't God only bless us MORE if we serve Him even though exams are close?

I'm sure there're some parents who just stop their children from going 2 extra activities, from swimming, from cycling, even from walking to tuition as it wastes more time. But... is it necessary? Breaking the routine of your child, good ah?

Monday, October 23, 2006

23-10-06 How our youth has been blessed.

While talking with Isaac's mom last night(Mrs. Chua), she happened to mention our youth group being rather well-established and popular, even having parents from other churches sending their youth here. It suddenly dawned on me this morning. It IS quite true...

Rewinding back to Pri. 5, I was already part of this youth. It was JMYF back then. It was so long ago I can't even put any pictures here. No digital cameras yet... Anyway... We were still a grwoing bunch then. I was that lil' kid who always tagged along with Kee Yie & Phebe. I still got my friends though.

Fast forwarding to my 5th year at the then christened 'MJYF', Things were slowly taking a turn... Billy, Esther and some other seniors had left us. We were on our own now. Leonard, the president then, together with Aaron & myself formed a strong bond held together by our praise and worship for God. They both were the ones to go and talk to the new people, made them feel welcome.

THE workshop! It hink this was Form 3...?

Youth Convention '04. Interesting what youths come up with, eh?

A year later... God has really been doing a lot in Miri. We had these many youth rallies. Many came to know the Lord. Our youth grew in number AND in maturity. We brought in the contemporary style fo worship into our youth and now we're jived up! We've seen many lives changing, some radically, some over time. Weikinsten, Abel, Chung Hui, Ezra, Aaron Yung... The list goes on...

In SIB Skyline, KK preceding the Planetshakers Conference '05 in KK.

A great time together was during the retreat marking the end of 2005...

Weikin: Don't worry abt me, I'm jsut sitting here stopping the current while you all pass by and return for lunch... I'm not hungry, yea. even if... *mumble**mumble*

Don't worry, Abel... No one's looking...

Moses: That's right.. You see that thing in your nail there? I think your pee hardened there...

King kong kang kong... Darn... NO ONE's paying attention...

This year, I think its the climax so far. Our youth are more serious abt God now. They don't come forced by their parents(most of them, anyway...) AND God has blessed us with the gift of uh... 'making-ppl-feel-welcome'ness? Anyway... The point is... God has blessed US so much that He MAKES us bless OTHERS. It's like... in an exam. He gives us 110 marks... But because the maximum is only 100, we just HAVE TO give that 10 extra to others. I jsut hope the youth do not slack off as seniors leave each year. Ppl leave, but God will ALWAYS be present there with them. What great joy to know this, eh?

ALL glory to God who deserves it!

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." ~ Oscar Wilde (Lady Windermere's Fan, 1892, Act III)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

22-10-06 Ahhh... The holidays... Jz some pics 4 u all...

I was enjoying myself at i-youth last night being naughty. Ezra had this new haircut... Cleopatra style... Kristine was jz....straight... Just some pics on some stuff on interest.

Aaron: See? There ARE flat spots on my head.

Hi... Cleopatra here. You can just call me 'Cleo'. Yea... I know, my hairs' different and you like it. I have to admit, I like it too...

Lemme' show you how shiny and light my hair feels.. *HAIYA!!*

Someday, these 2 girls JUST MIGHT appear on the front cover of FHM as shampoo girls... but until then... They'll be happy to be on Heheh...

Later that night, I went to this 5-star hotel for a free stay!! HOW MUCH COOLER CAN THINGS GET WITH GOD!!! Take a look...

Nice room ain't it, taken from all four corners...

This is the ride that was meant to pick us up. But... I just couldn't bear to stain its lush, leather interiors... So... I only enjoyed the pleasure of its sight!

p.s: This hotel belongs to the Chuo family. I guess some ppl just know how to live life! Heheh... But.. living in an multi-starred hotel every day DOES kill the fun & anticipation of travelling and getting to live in 5-star hotels, right?

NOW do you know why I like cameras so much?

Friday, October 20, 2006

20-10-06 Obituary: Twifton a.k.a Cranky

It is at the 11th minute of the 22nd hour of today, 20th October, 2006 that my dear Terrapin-which-I-Forgot-TO-Name(TWIFToN) has left me to go 'the skies'. I will dearly miss thy presence, dear Twifton.

It was you who kept dear ol' Shelaton company for those few weeks... It was you...

Oops... wrong pic. This was Crawno accompanying Shelaton. Crawno left a few months back... :P

Anyway... It was you who...

... When ol' Shelly stood proudly on the rocks enjoying the view of the plastic surrounding him(or her) that you hid humbly in the waters, looking out for danger from above coming, hovering, descending with its five feet open wide...

... When ol' Shelly felt like he needed protection, you'd climb atop him and shield him from the skies falling on top of him...

... When ol' Shelly ate, you'd just float nearby and watch him eat. Even until he was full, you'd not dare eat in fear of ol' Shelly trying to be 'ke4 qi4'.

... You'd interfere only when he was so full his belly was literally showing...!!

Oh, noble Twifton, thy absence will be severely felt by Shelaton and I.

Forgive me now that I only remember after so long that I've already named you 'Cranky', oh Twifton!!

Canon in D by JerryC

One of the MOST optimum users of the e. guitar I've seen... Dunno whether tat's much of a compliment tho...

20-10-06 Cameras...

I think my parents have BOTH agreed to get me a camera instead of a trip to KL. Have a few in mind... With around a budget below RM1,500, these few cams have caught my attention...
stylish isn't it? Nikon Coolpix S3(6.0 MP, Video recording w/ audio, 3x zoom, 118 g, RM1298.00... tough...)

Cute... Nikon Coolpix L6(6.0 MP, 3x zoom, RM888.00... reasonable price. Too bad no video recording.)

Nikon Coolpix L5(7.2 MP, internal 8 MB memory, 5x zoom, video recording w/ audio & dif qualities, RM1088... STILL reasonableR than S3...)

Olympus FE-190(6.0 MP, i22 MB internal memory, 3x zoom, video-recording w/ audio, RM899.00, quite reasonable too.)

Olympus u(micro)-700 & u-710(7.1 MP, 19.1 MB internal memory, 3x optical zoom, video recording w/ audio, RM1,199.00)

Fujifilm FinePix F31-fd (6.3 MP, 26MB internal mem, 3x optical, video rec w/aud, face-detection thingy inside, price N/A)

6 choices to start off with. Any thoughts, anyone? I'd MUCH prefer cameras with video recording WITH audio... coz' motion pictures serve better as protectors of time and memory.

My my... Cameras nowadays even look BETTER than hps...

20-10-06 2nd Mocks is HISTORY!!

FINALLY, it's over!

Wow... so glad that I don't have to sit under the flow of the 'breeze' of the air-con... More like the BLAST of it... USED TWO WHOLE PACKETS of tissue today. Wow.. My nose was like a running pipe! My goodness!!

Anyway, Gareth was voicing how reluctant he was to be going to Singapore and yet still have to be with CP. Then, he made it soundlike ONLY CP was not pleased with him. I guess we're all guilty of that sometimes, eh? We tend to NOT notice that there're actually people who don't really like what we do. I guess these type of problems can only be solved when the unhappy person TELLS us that he/she doesn't like what we're doing. So... Heheh... I guess we can't take all the blame too!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

19-10-06 Sec school & crushes...

Was just reading that competition thing going on at for the LG hps. MAN!! Freebies are just... IRRESISTABLE to humans, am i right not? Now if were to be giving away a few empty discs at that website i wonder how many ppl will compete for it... hmmm...

Anyway... Reading those stories there left me recalling of all the stories of crushes I've heard over these few years. Honestly... I think it IS okay to let yourself off at girls/guys at this stage. Puppy love. Sometimes, hands-on experience is the best experience and gives you the best lessons in life. Of course... NEVER overdo it, ESPECIALLY when it comes to buying stuff with moeny THAT DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU and wasting time on the computer WHICH DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU and SMSing the person with credit from your prepaid phone WHICH DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU!!

God bless all!!

19-10-06 I'm ill!!

How can this be? I'm supposed to be HEALTHY!! I guess I can blame it on this week's worth of all studies and no basketball. Apparently, exercising is... well, WAS what was keeping me healthy all this while.

I started from the runny nose, moved on to the runny nose with yellowish-mucusy stuff and now I've advanced to coughing WITH the yellowish-mucusy stuff from my MOUTH... What's next? Earwax flying out of my ears? :P

Last day of exam tomorrow. Can't wait!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Frank - trial at Canon in D(BG musicless)


18-10-06 Friends & Plants

Friends are like plants that never die.

It starts from the seed... We introduce ourselves to someone and vice-versa, then the seed starts to germinate. The friendship starts to grow. But... wait!! It needs a LOT of time and attention. If you leave a seedling there and do not 'feed' it with nutrients and water, it doesn't grow. Just like friendship.

As it slowly grows into a full plant, more attention will only make it grow more and more. If you start to forget abt a plant and move on to focus on another plant, the 1st plant will still survive for a while until it slowly shrinks.

Fortunately, friendship is something that CANNOT die. If one DOES happen to lose contact with a friend, a reunion can surely cause that friendship to start its blossoming again. Wonderful, eh?

"Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends." ~ Czech proverb.

Having said that... Let me introduce you to a soon-to-be-pro-guitarist-friend of mine... Heheh... Nth but support ya??!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

17-10-06 Being the noble ones...

Just got a haircut just now. Sometimes, I just wish i had that type of hair quality like some ppl, the 'you4 you4' type of hair, know what i mean?

But then... After a while, i realize that God gave me this hair which is kerinting so that other ppl with straight hair will have a basis for comparison. So... I'm actually one of the noble ppl who sacrifice ahving good stuff so that OTHERS will treasure what they have. Don't worry you straight-haired ppl out there... Thank GOD for your hair and not us! Heheh... :)

All of a sudden... Singapore seems very scary...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

30-09-06 The fire burns stronger with many wicks

ISCF was a BLAST yesterday. We had a great time of "Fifa street"... heheh... Even just mixing the Ribena drink was fun, heheh...

It feels just GREAT to have a group of fellow worshippers together, people like Dex, LB, Frank, Vivienne, Sam & Leo. I just hope that when we leave CH and venture into the world, God will still put some godly people in our lives so that we can grow spiritually. There's just NO greater joy than to serve the Lord!!

Praise & worship...

teachers-in-charge(Pn. Khaw & Pn. Lau) Pn. Gladys was missing then...

"A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word 'darkness' on the walls of his cell." ~ C. S. Lewis, English essayist & juvenile novelist (1898 - 1963)

30-09-06 Football!!

We went to Pusat Belia early this morning and had a great time despite the fact that there was only 5 of us. We were tired even before reaching our 'going-home' time.

Frank: Yay!! Football!!

Frank: Aren't you gonna pass me the ball?

Frank: Don't worry about me... I'm just feeling lonely and standing here doing nothing while you take pics of me... I can't smile bcoz of the haze...*mumble**mumble*

Before breaking any drop of sweat... Cool pic eh..? No photographer le... The 'amazingness' of technology!
(Frank: Phew!! They've come to suck away all the dirty air and wrap their 'still-clean' hands around my shoulder. Now I CAN smile!)

One amazing sight while there was this... 2 big guys that we don't know of were playing sepak takraw with their friends... AND they were quite good.

"Hmmm... Yours is actually smaller than mine..."

Sights of big guys exercising is quite rare now in Malaysia. So many obese around... So few exercisers... I still really think sweating yourself tired is a great way of de-stressing and keeping yourself healthy. The pain that follows is all worth the health & joy it grants you. SERIOUSLY!!

...Just looking around... Acting cool... So tired...

I'm gonna miss these days kicking around and having fun with friends... Missing penalties... Kicking boots instead of the ball... Heheh... Chasing the ball for Chung... Heheh...

Fantastic 4 looking down the small world beneath... And... I WAS wearing undies... just... you CAN'T SEE them...

And out of this morning God showed His grace and mercy once more. I misplaced my glasses again but God had my friends there to help me find them back. Awesome..

"Exercise ferments the humors, casts them into their proper channels, throws off redundancies, and helps nature in those secret distributions, without which the body cannot subsist in its vigor, nor the soul act with cheerfulness."
~ Joseph Addison
, (The Spectator, July 12, 1711) English essayist, poet, & politician (1672 - 1719)