Saturday, December 30, 2006

30-12-06 Sentosa: Conquered

Yesterday was our last day of Orientation organized by the MOE. Kinda' fast, ain't it? School's starting in a week already. Wow...

Group 1B during the briefing. (From left: front row-Me, Kunaal, Liang Hung and Aadarsh; back row-Arvind and Nirupa)

When we got to Sentosa, we ALL got the chance to go around TOPLESS!! Sexy...

This is what I meant by 'topless'. Notice everyone still had their tops on? We're on the topless bus!

Our second completed task. The suspending bridge linking the "Sounthernmost part of the Continent of Asia" to Sentosa. Interesting, eh? Malaysia and Singpore BOTH have their "Sounthernmost part of the Continent of Asia". Heheh...

I had to actually go to the chest and measure out its dimensions. At least I wasn't drenched. Just slightly dripping. *Whew!!* Thank God I wasn't wearing light coloured garments. Heheh...

As for Bobby... Ah... no comment la...

Can you read it? Peacocks are starting to attack CARS now... Wow.. What's next? Sloths fatally wounding people?

I jsut saw this sweet 'old' couple and decided to take a picture of this. Now THAT'S true love! Despite their 'advancing maturity', the husband was still caringly pushing his wife along. Awww...

... This REALLY didn't sound very nice. The BUS had a 'door cock'... :P

Don't worry about me. I'm sure the dragon will have its fill with Kunaal since he's right within its reach. Jk, Kunaal... Don't strangle me again... Heheh...

2 of the dragons along Dragon Trail... 1st Earth Dragon, 2nd Rock Dragon. Somehow they didn't breathe fire into my face when I kicked them... Hmmm... Talk about hibernation... In this hot weather!!

My group at Imbiah Falls. The water wasn't falling though... DARN IT!! Anyway... Our facilitator on the left is Cheryl and the one on the right is Pei Li. Woohoo!!... And of course... I was taking the picture, what else? Stupid ah you? Heheh... jk yea...

Not something you see everyday. One of the Star Cruise ships! Whoa!! I was like thinking... If this was already THIS big, how much bigger is the Titanic then?

The winning group-... I wish I could say it was us but... Na... 5B! Well... At least we tried and had fun...!! Right, ppl?

Anyway, through this activity, I learnt some useful stuff, thank God. being a leader is of not much use if your subordinates don't agree with what you decide and you insist on carrying on with the decision. It takes everyone's sooperation to make sth work. Do it your way and everything screws up. And like what the funny, cute basketball-playing and basketball-shaped uncle said... If the leader doesn't step up and makes sacrifices, the whole group WILL suffer. Others are waiting for anyone to step forth and waiting upon each other will not lead to anyth. The leader has to be the role model.

Monday, December 25, 2006

25-12-06 It's Christmas!! Merry Christmas to you!

Went to Cornerstone Community Church yesterday. They've 3 services with the 3rd 1 specially for youths. They're really vibrant and passionate youths, all of them. This really had me realizing how God's moving all over the world even through the youth now, the generation that's been blamed for most of the crimes happening around, for being rebellious, for being disobedient... God's making a change in that now and praise Him for that!!

The youth came up front to worship together! There's power in unity!

This is their drumset... Notice the mikes everywhere? Heheh... Did I mention that this place used to be a disco?

Nothing significant... Just trying to show off my scrumptuous, lip-smacking lunch of Katong Kueh Teow! (Hmmm... Suddenly it looks like a plate full of earthworms cooked in kicap from this angle...)

I've made quite some friends here. Someone asked me why it's not hard for me to make new friends. The simple answer is that I myself take that first step to go and make friends with them I think. If I don't and the other party doesn't, it's NEVER gonna happen, no? I thank God for ALL the wonderful and sweet ppl in my life!! I really feel blessed!

This is for YOU, Samuel Wong... NOW you know where it's at, eh? Heheh...
"For the LORD detests a perverse man but takes the upright into his confidence."
~ Proverbs 3:32

This one I like...!
"A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." ~ Proverbs 18:24

"The whole world is a book. If someone has never travelled, he has only seen one page of the book." ~ Someone I forgot...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

24-12-06 MEGA Church.

Last night I went to attend City Harvest Church at the Singapore EXPO. They're having this special Christmas Celebration and had a few services going on over the span of these few days.

It was.... PACKED!! Let these pics tell you the story.

This was the queue while waiting outside for the hall to be ready to let us in... Reminds me of the PS Conference last yr, eh?

There were santas and santarinas handing out sweets to the poor ppl waiting outside. Sweet...

This is the inside of the EXPO Hall. What does THIS remind me of? Hillsong Conference, like in the discs...

Won't you look at the number of ppl...!!

This was the view of the stage from my seat. Notice the choir on the right and band on the left? They're in elevated booths!!

This is the view of the full center stage. 3 huge screens to project what's going on... Whoa...

This was part of the drama. Cool costume and everything, eh? The voice of the woman was excellent too! No wonder why her character's name is 'Mariah Allison Carey'!!

This was the candlelight service. Awesome!! All the thousands of ppl holding candles singing some carols. The meaning behind passing on the light could be felt as I watched the light starting off in a few spots and eventually filled the whole hall!

This was a carolling team a distance off the hall, carolling away. I like the Christmas atmosphere here.

All in all, I thank God that He has not let the ppl here forget that Christmas is meant to commemorate His birth into this world. May God bless all the God-fearing, wonderful ppl here!

"If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels." ~ Luke 9:26

Friday, December 22, 2006

22-12-06 King Kong Kang Kong!!!

Today's activity was a mini concert by the bridging scholars. I found the Cambodian students' pantomime the MOST amusing! Though only consisting of 4, they made us all laugh really hard!

The Malaysian bridging scholars' act. A song... Uh... No comment.

This was the closing act. 'The Graduation Song' by Vitamin C.

During lunch break, seeing that I was kinda not knowing what to do and many ppl were busy talking away, I found myself a few friends and taught them 'King Kong Kang Kong'(K4). We all had so much fun eventually another group of ppl beside us wanted to join in on the fun and we started this 'forfeit' thing, loser eats leftover of lunch. Heheh... Following that a huge crowd gathered around to watch and try to learn how to play it. It was sheer joy. Heheh... The game got the 'K4' song playing over n over in their mind. Hahaha...

Coming back into the room, Shiv went onstage to perform this monoact about ' 1 Servant & 2 Bananas'. It was SOOOOoooo funny! Everyone was laughing out loud and guffawing away! He was so sponataneous and could deal with such instant acts that he left me very much impressed! I can't wait to meet many more wonderful creations of God!!

Shiv in action!!

This afternoon, I went out with Arvind. We got the stuff we wanted to buy and then were heading back but guess what happened? We took a wrong bus that didn't pass by our hostel and we didn't alight at an earlier stop and were heading for Changi Airport before we knew it. Thank God the bus driver was kind enough to tell us how to get back. We eventually had to take a 1km++ walk back until we reached our hostel anyway. Heheh.. Darn it! Good adventure though. That's the exercise for today, I guess!!

Some nice houses here along the path we walked. 3-storey houses are rather common here it seems... Nice...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

21-12-06 My Hostel - VH

Pics are worth THOUSANDS of words, so... Here's a really, REALLY long novel!!

This ain't my corner but it's totally the same.

My study table and cupboard and lamp...

The view of my room from the middle. That's mom there..

There's a PANTRY on our floor equipped with not 1 but 2 FRIDGES! It also has a Microwave oven too! ALL for public use!!!! It's like a hotel!! Except that it's free!

The view from my room's window! The SEA!!

The view of the 2nd floor of the male block from my floor, the 10th floor.

There're football pitches, basketball courts, tennis courts, small fitness centres, athletics stuff, a table tennis set in my hostel vicinity, and even a jogging track at the beach opposite my room! What more could I ask for??

From the tour given by our Hostel Assistant Manager or some post, Mdm. Irene, I found out that... WE HAVE A LAUNDRY AND COMPUTER ROOM!! S$1 for cleaning and drying respectively!! Comp's free!

Their study room. Not ready for use yet, though..

Singapore really caters to everyone! There're many, MANY more examples like these...

Well, hope you got the picture of how my hostel is like.. LITERALLY... heheh... God really just showers blessings everywhere!!

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." ~ Matthew 6:34

21-12-06 3rd day of Orientation and enjoying!!

After the last two days settling down here, I've been very grateful to have so many wonderful friends around me, many coming from Malaysia and the rest from India. I learnt a whole lot of Hindi from the affable Indians. Stuff like Namashte-Hi, Shuprabadh-Good morning, Tanirvadh-thank you, and some MORE. (Mind you, I'm not writing how it's actually written. I'm just writing it out as I pronounce them. Heheh...) They on the other hand are trying to learn Mandarin and the fun and laughter just never stops!! I guess God made everyone all over the world in His image, full of joy, eh? Heheh...

Here are some pics to show some activities we had over the last few days...

This here is Bobby dancing to 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars" as punishment. Don't realy seem like it, eh? Heheh...

This was taken at the URA(Urban Resomething Authority). This is actually the WHOLE Singapore on a miniscule scale, every SINGLE building!!

Same place, different work. This here is an enlarged model of the city centre... Sweet...

This building was literally in the clouds... Must be some guy in there who just proposed going, "WOOHOO, I'm on cloud nine!"

Ain't this just COOL!!! HAHAH!! This was found along Little India. So much for just no littering... I guess urine IS a form of rubbish too... NATURAL rubbish, heheh...

Nothing really big, just that... This is ACTUALLY a hand-dryer! Man!! The tech they have... Heheh... It blows all te water off your hands. Really! It DOES! oh yeah... I found this inside an Indian Restaurant in Little India.

Both taken in the same bus on different glass panels. The humourous side of Singapore...

These birds aren't afraid of ppl like they are in Malaysia. I guess their 'kiasi'ness ain't as strong as Malaysian birds, yea?

Seems like this guy's hugging the girl or sth, eh? We were just playing 'Untangle' during today's workshop session. Don't worry, that's not me in the pic. You do NOT wanna know what positions I got into... heheh... Jk... Anyway... We had LOADS of fun!!

Anyway... That's MORE than 10 pics there already. I'll leave some more for next time. And don't worry. I'll be taking LOTS of pics!!

Btw... Just to let you all know one mor thing. I'm SOOoooo glad to find so many Christiand friends over here. There's Elden, Daniel, Cheryl... They're all pretty much involved in church back in their sec school days. Chances are we'll be going to find a church together and going together or sth. I praise God for putting many wonderful ppl in my life! There're even Indian Christians - another Joseph! Talk about coincidence! heheh... Anyway... I think God put Arvind in my same room for a reason. Daniel told me about him ever attending church before and all but not anymore. Pray for him, yea ppl? God bless you all!! Till next time! I'll keep you all posted on how my hostel's like in the next entry!