Thursday, January 07, 2010

07-01-10 (Thursday) "Saling Mempengaruhi"

Last 2 days now...

Everyone shapes everyone else. My family, friends and everyone around me have been the ones shaping and moulding me into who I am now. At the same time, I influence people around me as well, whether knowingly or not.

How do people influence? Very simple, right? When I am unsure whether I should go for that party, a friend comes along and says, "Just go la. It'll be fun. Can't eat oso nvm. Jz go for the fellowship." And then inside, I was actually thinking: 'Okay, if someone else other than the host asks me to go, I'll go.' So, I go.

How do I influence people as well? While that friend may be asking me to go, s/he may be thinking inside as well: 'Okay, if he goes, I'll go as well.' So, I say,"Very well! I will go!!" And s/he goes too!

We are all connected. Whatever we do affects everyone else around us, whether we know it or not. (in fact, it also affects our environment as well!) So... Once again... Do not underestimate what your actions entail. Remember The Butterfly Effect. Live for more than yourself. More than that, live KNOWING that you're living for more than yourself.

Friday, January 01, 2010

01-01-10 (Friday) "... And It Begins..."

It just went by like... *SHHHHWwWWwwooooppppphhhh* that!

Now, when we write the date, its XX/XX/1X liao. No more "0X" but its "1X" already. (Where "X" is an unknown ranging from 0 to 9.)

People usually take this time to think of what they have done the past year and whatnot but no... I just wanna say that God has been absolutely faithful and I continue to be showered with blessings from above.

He showed the way to go by leading me to ANU, to Burton & Garran and ultimately to another family of friends there.

Despite not having my favoured option of ministry, He still opened up many areas for me to serve in. Such privilege, it really is.

He lets me know that wherever I go, there His love always is. Shown through the love of others around.

One of the blessings of coming home is knowing that there'll still be friends there to make me feel like I've barely been away...

... And that home will always be home.