Thursday, May 24, 2007

24-05-07 Milan Are European Champions!

Congratulations to AC Milan for winning the Champions League this time round, avenging their loss 2 years ago. I guess Sir Alex Ferguson can pop his bottle of wine now...! And the reason for Milan's success?...

Photo courtesy of

... A proof of how much difference a 'Gifted One' can make! I'm sure we all, including Kaka himself knows where his 'gift' comes from, eh? :)


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

23-05-07 If Growing Up Means...

... not having fun anymore, I don't wanna grow up.
... not being allowed to joke around, I don't wanna grow up.
... not looking on the bright side of everything, I don't wanna grow up.
... not being allowed to express myself, I don't wanna grow up.
... not exercising and sweating myself out anymore, I don't wanna grow up.
... not being allowed to make mistakes anymore, I don't wanna grow up.
... not having any friends to bear you burdens with AND for me anymore, I don't wanna grow up.
... having to talk in a serious manner to everyone, I don't wanna grow up.
... not watching cartoons anymore, i don't wanna grow up.
... fixing my own pipes and broken shower heads, I don't wanna grow up(yet).
... no more basketball, football, table tennis, athletics, foosball, pool, captain's ball, bungee jumping, bla, yada, apa-apa... I don't wanna grow up.

... myself taking care of myself, I wanna grow up.
... meeting all types of ppl, I wanna grow up
... seeing more parts of the world, I wanna grow up.
... gaining many more experience abt life, I wanna grow up.
... eating MORE variations of food, I wanna grow up.
... eating out of my own hand and being able to support my family, I wanna grow up.
... being able to make a BIGGER difference in the world, I wanna grow up.
... ppl taking me more seriously, I wanna grow up.

What more, ppl?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

22-05-07 Belated Birthday Celebration for CP

This previous Sunday, 20th May 2007, Amin, CP and I went to the movies for a mighty treat in conjunction with CP's birthday that we missed.

First of all... Spiderman 3 in 4K Digital. Some breakthrough technology in cinema stuff. WHOA it was SO MUCH clearer than normal. Or maybe... It's just in the mind. heheh... But, that petty lil' fact aside, Spiderman 3 IS a GREAT movie. No WONDER why it broke its predecessors records. I mean, how many movies do you get nowadays that actually focus more on the values than the 'stuff-that-ppl-want' like sex scenes and violence? I'm looking forward to the recently record-breaking 'Shrek 3' though. Must be quite sth to have broken a record just broken!

Okay... To the gallery! Here're some of the pics for that day!

No camera or recording allowed in the cinema so we'll skip that. Next on the list... FOOD!

We decided to have dinner at this franchise F & B chain called "Secret Recipe". Born of Malaysia and has gotten numerous awards including... "Best Cheesecake Award"!!!

Before entering 'Secret Recipe', we noticed this on the opposite side. A very normal trend in Sg. Singaporeans just LOVE to queue up... Interesting yea? You'd see this ALL the time at ANY shopping mall around dinner time! And you know what they're queuing up for? DOUGHNUTS!!! Of all the things... DOUGHNUTS! One day we should try joina queue like this JUST to try EVERY part of the typical Singaporean's life!

Here's MY dish. Chicken Cordon Bleu... Sexy... It was SOOooOOoo nice AND juicy! chicken on the outside, ham and CHEESE on the inside! TASTY, MELTING CHEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSEEEE!!!

And now... *drumroll*... Be ready for... the CHEESECAKES!!!

Sexy, SEXY cheesecake. Every single bite gives you the ultimate taste of mass-increasing, fat-depositing CHEESE!! SINFUL!

With such nice texture and flavour, you wouldn't expect the cake to laste long now, eh?

CP: Hmmm... This tastes TOO NICE to be cheesecake! Are they SURE they brought us the right stuff?? Sigh... I miss Miri... Ho Ho Ho Ho ho hoooo.... :p

After dinner, some sight seeing by the waterside!

One no flash, one flash.

Apparently this indoor 'pool' on the roof ain't allowing ppl to swim in it but no... those kids are just waddling and paddling and drowning... they're NOT swimming... Anything BUT swimming, right, mothers? Heheh... The water was only like 1 foot deep so I was wondering what lil problem of swimming they might face...

Myself, CP and Amin! Look any MORE mature? Heheh....

After the outdoors sight-seeing... Some indoor WINDOW shopping... WoOHOo!!

Some crazy seller... there's a FEW of pens like these that go fetch 3-digit prices! My goodness... Talk abt "the pen's mightier than the sword"...! I guess the price says it all, eh?

This Opel show was in the middle of the complex. Only this particular convertible caught our attention. Astra Twintop. Too bad the power was nothing much to be ogling abt...

Amin plans to get so much cash in 2 years time that this car would be like a TOY to him...!!

CP:WOOHOO!! Sat chin ah! Now imagine me driving SOMEONE around in THIS! :P

All in all... We had a nice afternoon out together. We should do this MORE often, lest we get 2 drowned in this Sg culture of getting busy and forgetting to live life with 'our loved ones'. Heheh...

Monday, May 21, 2007

21-05-07 The Simple "Smile"-er Incidents in Life...

Last night, coming back from the movie and dinner celebrating CP's belated birthday, I sat on my bed thinking of many stuff in life that just makes me smile inevitably. Below are some of the little stuff that just makes us smile in life. I'm sure you can identify with most of them:

1) Your bus finally arrives after you wait at the bus stop and many buses have passed.
2)* Your bus arrives IMMEDIATELY the moment you get tot he bus stop.
3) Some Person Of Opposite Sex(hereon called 'POOS') is rumoured to like you.
4)* POOS That You Like( Hereon called 'POOSTYL') is rumoured to like you since Primary 3!
5) You complete a pass that leads to a goal/3 point...
6) *You SCORE the goal/3 point...
7) *You steal possession of the ball from someone else.
8) *You win Settlers of Catan, beating Joseph at it. :P(Sorry to be proud...)
9) You get invited to a function/party/show
10) **You get invited to go to the above WITH POOSTYL! AND the POOSTYL actually had someone ELSE do it for him/her because he/she was too shy!(Oooo... MAMAAaaaa!! Score, baby!)
11) Friend/POOS praises your outfit.
12) *POOSTYL praises your outfit! (That's all that matters, oh yeah!)
13) *POOSTYL praises your character. "You're a nice guy/lady. Mind if I get to know you better? Coffee or tea later?"(Now this is SOOooOOoooo much SWEEtteEErr!!)
14) Someone posts a NEW comment on your entry in your blog.
15) *Someone posts INTERESTING comment...
16) POOS loses footing and manages to smile still.
17) *POOSTYL loses footing and STILL manages the sweet, sezy, dazzling, captivating....... smile!
18) When playing Uno, everyone knows the colour of your card but the person before you plays a card of a different colour but of the same number as your LAST card. (UNO GAME!!)
19) *When you're playing in a band(3-piece band, jazz band, school band, symphonic band... all types of bands la!), the band ends off a song in perfect sync!
20) *Executing the moves in a mass dance perfectly on time!
21) *Flipping open the question paper and 2 of the 5 essay topics happened to be the ones that you studies the precious night.
22) Meeting a good friend at what would've beena very boring dinner which your parents would've been busy entertaining their joker friends who make snide and sarcastic comments abt you and you can only fake a smile for your parents' sake.
23) *No long queue at the canteen's best food stall. (Food ma... of COURSE happy lo!)
24) Lose tickets to some performance/show/event but still be allowed entry after some procedures.
25) *Arrive JUST on time before they seal off the doors for a performance/show/ blah blah blah...
26) Your keys snap in half only AFTER you unlock your door/lock.
27) *Completing a buzzer shot.
28) *Receive a msg/call/email from a friend who happens to be overseas.
29) Wake up on your birthday morning and see greetings from many friends in your handphone. 30) The shirt/good/item that you like at a certain stall happens to be the VERY LAST ONE they have available.
31) Getting the right word when playing charades.
32) Receiving a msg from a 'long-lost' friend on MSN Messenger.

And a few that are relevant more for guys...
M1) Your favourite soccer team's opponent gets a red card. (I'm not mentioning goals here because guys don't just SMILE over goals, right?)
M2) Your car hits the top speed/a high speed on a straight road in town.
M3) You come home to a handsome whiff of spaghetti and lamb chop.

... And for the ladies...
F1) A POOS holds the door open for you after he goes through.
F2) *A POOSTYL holds the door open for you after he goes through, then his sparkling eyes meet yours as you thank him, and he tilts his head and seducingly says...... "No prob."
F3) Someone tells you your shoes/earrings are nice.
F4) *POOSTYL tells you your earrings are nice, then he reaches for your ear and holds your earring in his strong, firm palm and you can feel his warmth seeping into your ear.

(*Indicates a BIG smile!) :D

Okay... Now for the POOSTYL stuff, I might JUST be a LITTLE over dramatic but... I'm sure you wouldn't think that it's untrue, right?

And... No I'm not saying this from my past experience...... I'm trying to think of all possible scenarios...!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

20-05-07 FA Cup: In the Blues

*Sigh*... Chelsea wins by a last few minute goal... AGAIN!! I guess Man U SHOULD have taken advantage of the many chances at scoring n convered them into goals but... NO, they DIDN'T!! I guess it's only God's will that they lost. Heheh... Dunno why tho...

Watching this match got me thinking... (again...) We peopl on this earth demand a lot of acknowledgement from our peers and other ppl despite the fact that we try not to make too much of it (SOME of us, that is...). We still enjoy it when someone else comes along and says sth nice abt us, true?

... One simple illustration would be my 101st entry: "An Entry to Remember". From that one entry alone I fetched more comments than the last quarter of my few entries put together! And that's not normal here...! (Okay, for those of you who actually took the effort to check out the amount of comments from the last quarter of entries... Thank you for your enthusiasm. I didn't count it myself, it was just a hyperbole...)

Now, let's say I just mention a few names here (Lewis, Leh Boon, Chung Hui and Samuel - The "C"-rappers). The fact that their names appeared suddenly would them feel happy, no? Sorry to use your names, guys but... you all were the first to come to my mind. (Now this LAST sentence here once again makes them smile again, don't you think so? Just try putting yourself in THEIR shoes.) As for those who I failed to mention, especially those who know me well and vice-versa... You've gotta admit that you feel a bit disappointed for NOT seeing your name been given recognition, yeah?

I hope it's not just me who thinks this way...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

13-05-07 ASEAN 40th Anniversary

Yesterday, we had this special event going on at Sentosa for all the JC1 ASEAN scholars. It's more or less a fun day out at the beach to help us create inter-ASEAN-countrymen(& women) to bond and create better "relationships"! I'm just showcasing what happened basically. More pics than words most probably,(as promised, Simon!). Too many pics I think I'll just talk less la. Not...!!

I was in the "Beach group" called "Pasir Ris Park" which WASN'T a beach... nice... hahah...

First game's called... Sth-Joseph-Will-Forget. Basically the person in front try to snatch the towel at the backside of the person on the backside of the queue. Yeah. Simple eh? Here they are...

Our lil' group cheer... PaRis, are you ready??!! *ROARRRR!!!*...

Our group was so strong no one dared challenge us so we had to split ourselves to challenge the mighty ourselves... hahah.. jk. the other team merged with another team, hence went to another station. Round 1:

Round 2: I'm so small my mass was negligible that I got OOWWWWNNNNEED!!

Joseph:Help! My arm's breaking! Stop this freak!! AIIIIEEEE!!!

Along this Palawan Beach, I got to see many stuff eh... Got chicken...

Pretty chicken...

Now pretty chicken's wife and CHILDREN!

Then got bubbly child... Sexy... Reminds me of Gare... Nvm. U'll get to feast your eyes on him soon...

This is for you, Simon. Remember me telling you about beach volleyball?...

... Sorry, man. Wrong gender here. Heheh...

Next station, "Human Foosball"!! Practice round, PaRis was split in half again, alas...!

THEN, the other team FINALLY arrived!

Go Juan!! PaRis 1-0 up!

Gg, Desaru! score at full-time, 2-2.

Following that, FRISBEE!!!

Darn it, I STILL have no backside...!!

... No UFO... It's coming...


See? THERE it is!!

Then, we crossed over to the isle on the other side...

Sexy hanging bridge, no? It kept swaying to the left as we crossed, so scarily fun!

The view from the other side. Fun place. Nasty guy there dragging his gf(no more soon) into the waters. Heheh... jk...

One of the next few games, "Chicken Wing". Splash a small cup of water nia, where got fun??!!

Okay.. Get ready for this next game... "Cross-dressing!!"

Aidan on the right from Kuching with an Indian scholar whose name I forgot. :P Sexy pinafore... OoOoolala!!

Gape in awe at... "The Ultimate Sexiness"...

... Gareth!! Finally reveals his secret to his sharp... Er... jk! Oh, jz fyi... He told me he lost more than 10kg already. Not bad eh, Singapore?!!

Sweet ol' Bosith from Cambodia of my group.

Run, uh... ladies, run!!

Bosith: WAIT!! I forgot to wear a brassiere!!

Funny ol' Juan of Indonesia taking his time dressing up properly since the other team had already finished.

Juan seems to be enjoying himself in that costume. He might as well keep it on...

Back at our meeting point, the 'bonfire' ready already.

Heheh... Bosith decided to let the bra thing go...

Nice fire, yeah? Lovely way to round up the night!

To round things off, I'll just share some of the magnificent sights at Sentosa. Revel in God's glory!!

Brief interruption... For those who don't go by the name "Simon Ling Wan Siong", please skip to (*)

There, happy, Simon? I risk my reputation here just for YOU! Your 'positive externality':P
*Okay, 'non-Simon'ers... You may proceed here.

The sunset looked a LOT more beautiful in real life! God's wonders... I Can NEVER have enough of it!

I was quite reluctant to go as I was the only Malaysian direct scholar going from my hostel. I was quite sure that I would be proven wrong and actually enjoy myself there. I was SooOOOoo right! So, it all goes down to HOW you WANT the situation to be, no?

And to all mothers out there(Aunties Vivien Lim, Alicia Low, Leh Kiong, Jessie(Chong U's mom) and especially... Mdm. Lau Ming Hung!), Happy Mother's Day!