Sunday, April 29, 2007

29-04-07 My Calling

The world seeks a hero...

Water is wasted like free everywhere...

Loos are flushed as a pastime by children who aren't let into the cinemas to watch "300"...

Water sprinklers are used by lazy football pitch managers who can't afford to hire 'grass-waterers'...

Singapore has stopped reclaiming land and started reclaiming water from the polluted Straits of Malacca to turn into Newater...

What hope is there?

Who can we all turn to?...

What's this? A new superhero has come from the late 1980s? Who? WHERE? Can he fly? Does he don a super tight underwear to strain his groin?


'Toilock Man'!!!

Sorry, guys... I was just crapping with Chung and WE came up with this sudden brilliance!

Guess what? I just blocked ANOTHER toilet bowl tonight. The toilet bowl of the hotel room I stayed with my family last night. Well, HALF of it anyway...(My family, I meant..) That's not the picture of the few-starred toilet bowl though. I had a feeling it won't be the last time so I decided against taking a picture this time. Besides... What would my MOM think? (WHAT are you doing??!! You're PROUD of that??!!?? Oh my... *faints*)

Anyway... It'd be quite cool, right? A new superpower. Reminds me of all those movies and games that involves superheroes...

In "Sky High", I'd be a sidekick...

In "Zoom", I'd be the one to block the WHOLE crater to stop Zoom's bro(I forgot his name) from doing any harm or doing ANYTHING...

In "Fantistic Four", I'd be... Invisible Girl's bf... Don't ask me why. I just wanna be. :P

In "The Incredible Hulk", I'd be copying his line... "You don't wanna make me eat seaweed... You don't LIKE me when eat seaweed..."

In Dota... My basic skills would be "Decay"(Toilockio gives off an awful odour that has a 20%/ 30%/ 40%/ 50% chance to stuns creeps for 1/1/2/2.5 seconds and half of both for heroes. - Passive), "Seaweed Lump"(Toilockio throws a lump of digested seaweed at a unit for 100/ 150/ 200/ 250 damage and stops the unit from moving for 2 seconds), "Summon Toilet Bowlets"(Toilockio summons 2 Toilet Bowlets from nearby corpses that deal minor/ small/ medium/ bigger-than-medium-but-smaller-than-big damage to enemies and have the 'Decay' attribute. Lasts 30/ 40/ 50/ 60 seconds.) and my ulti would be... "Toilockio's Bowl of Wrath" (Toilockio pours out his 7 bowls of wrath on the earth, damaging all units and buildings on the map equivalent to 50%/ 75%/ 100% his attack damage but does half of that to his own allies and buildings 7 times unless he dies. All enemy units cannot move for 4 seconds.) WOW!!! Choice hero of EVERYONE!! Heehee...

Those ppl who do NOT take good care of the environment and conserve energy will taste the wrath of Toilock Man... LITERALLY! I will stuff lumps of toilet-blocking seaweed down their throats! Sounds 'distasteful'? Don't make me do it then... I WILL do it!! Bwahaha....!!!

Anyway... I just had Sakae Sushi dinner just now... Which means I had a LOT of seaweed... SOUND THE ALARMS!!!

*Evil snicker*Heeheeheehee...

I shall bring forth the war-torn situation of Singapore tomorrow. Stay tuned to JTKL89NEWS@asia for more updates!

And oh... Please don't tell me you actually clicked on that... :P

Friday, April 27, 2007

27-04-07 BLOOD!!!!

On the 25th of April, 2007, our beloved Joseph Ting Kee Lung shed his blood for the sake of others...

He donated blood!!!
MAN, it was so cool!!
I was so excited after just seeing the posters all around school. I'm finally eligible to donate blood! Heehee...!!
I had to fill in this questionnaire first before I went for the donation. Some really cool questions inside, some which I wasn't too sure of the answers myself! e.g. "Have you had any vaccination in the last 6 months?", "For males: Have you had sex with a partner of the same sex?"(Of course, I DO know the answer for the second ques...!!!)

Just sitting with the technical support people asking me some stuff was fun!
Then, the doctor examined me so quickly I didn't realize he had even started! Talk about efficiency!! Following that, a nurse pricked my left middle finger to check whether my blood had enough iron in it. And the prick was just a tiny pricky feeling! WOW!!!

We were asked to drink this small cup of water while being pricked too! Wow... Nice service! FREE WATER! Water doesn't come free ya know... ESPECIALLY in Singapore!

Then, I got onto these long, lazy-chair-like chairs and awaited for my time to come...
I wanted to donate using my right arm but the nurse said my left arm had a more 'delicious' vein. It sounded so 'Count Dracina'ish! The process was quite fast and apart from the first injection, which felt like an ant bite, I didn't feel ANYTH else! Talk abt expertise!

Ooohhhh.. That felt nice!!

They even had these brochures to tell you of how you could inform them to NOT donate your blood should you realise you got something wrong with your blood.

"I'm sorry but I don't think you can donate my blood... I think I'm gay, my blood doesn't flow straight..."
"See? It's over already! Let's take a picture to prove that you didn't faint after donating blood..."
Heheh... just kidding. That was Arvind there asleep on the way to NUS Faculty of Engineering for our visit yesterday. The second pic here is one of the guides showing us some cool lab stuff. A lot of advanced stuff, even got to see not one but TWO electron microscopes!
This was at the entrance place, somewhere around there anyway... I was thinking... Huh? How come the wheelchaired peopled don't get to use the shuttle bus?
"Wheel-chaired ones, this way to heaven"???
This following picture is just a random picture that I tok today on my way cycling back from college.

I just read in the papers today of a Canadian(or some other Western country) tourist commenting on how 'litterless' and clean Singapore is. I guess there ARE tow sides to a coin, eh? Heheh... It just rained though... Maybe some wet, scavenging cat's deed la.

Remember K.K. 2005, guys? Seaweed? Well...
Ooops, I did it again
I poo-ooped in school
blocked the toilet bowl
oh goodness goodness...
Couldn't help smilingwhen the water came UPWARDS instead of down the drain... NOT BECAUSE of the blocking but of teh memories in KK, okay!! Notice how I kept the dirty stuff from view? To stop you from hurling what... So considerate leh... But if look carefully, you MIGHT JUST notice a small speck right th... Nvm...

27-04-07 Campus on 938Live- "Are the Courses Offered in Junior College Still Relevant In Today's World?"

Went for the forum kinda thing this morning at the PT. It was a very enjoyable session. I'd say I learnt a lot throught that 4-periods-skipped of time.

I especially enjoyed it when the Assoc. Prof. Kirpal Singh and Tony Buzan, creator of Mind Maps were speaking. Very intelligent ppl. Let me Jsut share some thoughts of theirs to you. Tony Buzan quoted from Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge". he also quoted Da Vinci's saying that "everything is connected to something else" and that "one has to learn the art of science and the science of art". So cool stuff, ain't it?

Anyway... The main point of the thing, IMHO, is that we have to learn the stuff that we NEED to, not the stuff that we LIKE to. ESPECIALLY because we do not know what life has in store for us.

Onto my own thoughts on this. I think in terms of cultivating creativity in young Asians, we Asians have failed quite badly. For one thing, we're all too exam-oriented. Even in JC level we still hear the teachers going, "This ain't within your syllabus/won't come out in exams, you don't need to know this."

However, on the plus side, we Asians ARE better in OTHER aspects compared to the Westerners too! We're more organized... i think... We're better academically, we're better at memorising... You know the rest.

One thing I note based on the questions thrown at the panelists by the students though. It's still a norm that students here expect to be spoon-fed everything. "Why isn't KI(Knowledge & Inquiry) a compulsory subject?", "Why are we made to learn stuff we aren't interested in?", "Why are there only Chinese Studies and no other cultural studies?".

I guess the library has lost most of its purpose in the hectic lives of students now. Sad...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

26-04-07 A Lost Cause: Saving Mother Earth

There's no hope left. Our world is destined to ruins in the hands of us two-legged monsters.

I wanted to turn of 1 row of lights out of 6 in class today.1 row out of 6 ROWS!!! Each ROW consists of 3 or 4 pairs of flourescent lights... My classmate was complaining that it's not as bright without that row of lights. Do you have cataracts or what? Wahlao eh... Then, I asked a few other classmates whether they mind if I turned off another row of lights shining in front of our row since we'd still be able to red and see quite well with the row of lights behind us still on. They gave me the "what-a-silly-lil'-thought" kind of face but still said they won't mind. I asked the teacher but HE said "Don't bother about it..." What can I say? Simple, small stuff like this also they don't bother to bother about... Let's not even THINK abt conserving our environment as a whole! All too used to luxury and ignorant abt the situation we're getting ourselves into ah...!!!

Then... I went to the canteen straight after the sound signifying the end of lecture sounded. The "Yong Tau Fu & Noodles" stall aunties gave me a styrofoam bowl instead of the normal plastic bowl. When I asked, one of them just said that they don't have time to wash so after we eat we can just throw it away. Okay... Fine... I was jsut gonna reach for the chopsticks and spoon when she swiftly passed me a pair of disposable wooden "poisonous" chopsticks and plastic spoons to add to the pile of dump I'm gonna leave behind just for a SINGLE meal! I feel so guilty already...! I guess the amount of artificial flavouring they put into the soup is supposed to even things out, killing me slowly as I kill the earth slowly too, eh?

How long will out earth last? WHEN can she take unpaid leaves from us humans???!!! Why must we be so selfish...!! WHY??!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

25,26-04-07 101ST POST! YAY! A Blog Entry To Remember

Wow... I've come quite a long way since starting my first entry. I still remember my first entry, getting some comments from Chung, heheh... Okay. For THIS entry, I decided to show my thanks and gratitude to the many ppl in my life who've in their every little way shaped me into who I've become now, ESPECIALLY in the past year or two.

Add a "The Friend Who Is (the)/Has..." in front of every 'award', won't ya?

Brought me Up in a Conducive Family: Mr & Mrs Ting Kong Yu

Most Generous with Cash: Mr & Mrs Ting Kong Yu

Most Generous with Cars: Mr & Mrs Ting Kong Yu

Most Generous with All That They Own(Including love...): Mr & Mrs Ting Kong Yu

Most Generous Friend: Amin bin Aznizan(All the parties, treats...)

Most Truthful and Intellectual(to me, that is...): Chuo Chung Hui, Frank

Sacrificed Most for me In Form 5: Yong Kar Wei

Second Sister To Me: Janice Wee Yong Li

Photogenic: Jasper Leong Jing Wen, Abby Lee

Nice Smiler(their eyes smile when their mouth does.): Jasper Leong, Sharleen Maharani Mahawangsa, Louise Lu Shze Ning(correct eh?), Adeline Chong Jia Ling, Abby Lee, Olivia Ling

Biggest Smile:
Chai Chang Jun

Nicest Teeth When Smiling (naturally): Afiqah Abdul Aziz, Michele Chai Yiing Huey(wahliew... I typed Michele Chai CHANG JUN initally eh... almost would've died ah...), Adeline Chong Jia Ling

Sweet Laughter: Mdm. Lau Ming Hung, Phebe Ting Kee Han, Wee Yang Tze, Ho Lii Chyuan, Janice Wee Yong Li, Afiqah Abdul Aziz, Chin Weng Tai, Connie Wong Giing Yin, Aaron Wong Ing Ho, Wong Ee May, Adeline Chong Jia Ling, Chuo Chung Hui, Aunty Vivien Lim, Aunty Alicia Low, Yong Kar Wei, Tong Chung Chuan, Wong Chong Yew, Michele Chai Yiing Huey, Kho Yeng Nee, Abby Lee, Olivia Ling

Hearty Laughter: Leonard Lu Tze Jian, Uncle Yung Teck Chung, Kho Yeng Nee, Amin bin Aznizan, Connie Wong Giing Yin

Nice Laughter: Joel Ting Kee Zeat, Tan Kang Wei, Chai Chung Zeng, Moses Law Liyin, Elizabeth Yung, Aaron Yung

Unique Laughter: Mr. Ting Kong Yu, Ting Kee Yie, Jasper Leong, Wong Chen Pong, Kon Kit Lung, Abel Wong Ing Hwa, Uncle Tan Kok Chui, Alvin Tan Qun Hao(Heheheh!Heheheh!), Michelle Chin, Chong Jin Jin

Nice Hair(IMHO, HAIR ah, not hairSTYLE):
F- Michele Chai Yiing Huey, Afiqah Abdul Aziz, Gladys Wong Hui En, Vivian Wong Wui Ching, Camellia bt Onn, Sophia Liew, Ng Hui Xian, Olivia Ling, Chey Wan Sin, Chey Chia Sin
M- Richard Lo Li Zhe, Tong Chung Chuan, Law Eng Tang, Chuo Chuan Jiin, Tan Kang Wei

Coolest Sense of Humour: Aaron Wong Ing Ho

Excellent Sense of Humour(make good jokes, laughs at my weird ones.): Abel Wong Ing Hwa, Chuo Chung Hui

Has An Intellectual and Logical Sense of Humour: Amin bin Aznizan

"Talks-Funniest-Crap" Sense of Humour: Samuel Wong Siyuan

Talks Funniest Crap: Chong Wen Kit a.k.a "Noise"

Funniest "not funny" Sense of Humour:Alvin Tan Qun Hao

Funniest "sarcastic"(or maybe" narcissistic"?) Sense of Humour: Simon Ling Wan Siong

Most Open-minded: Michelle Chin, Wong Ee May

Interesting Way of Thought: Gareth Chin Yen Ket

Helped me Learnt A Lot Through Experience: Michele Chai Yiing Huey

Cutest & Amusing Nerd Who We Changed Into A VERY Fun Nerd: Lai Kuok Hao(heheh... jk... abt the 'cutest' part, heheh....)

Biggest Foe Turned Friend: Chey Chia Sin(Form 1C, remember?)

Most Lady-like and Down-to-earth: Gladys Wong Hui En & Afiqah Abdul Aziz

Smartest yet Most Modest: Kok Yung Jing, Leon

Coolest Junior by 3 yrs: Ezrah Nyanat

FunnEST Junior by 1 yr: Chong Yee Ping

FunnIEST Junior by 1 yr: Chong Yew, Wong :P

Grown Up Together the Longest: Moses Law Liyin (Church ma...)

Longest, Most Consistent Friend:
Chai Chung Zeng, James (since pri school, Pri 2B!)

Currently Most Consistent Friend(who's overseas, KL don't count...): Chuo Chung Hui, Frank

Funnest Aunty In Church: Aunty Vivien Lim So So(Forget the full name le...)

Best Shepherd Pie Recipe: Aunty Alicia Low "Keys"

Funnest Teacher to Challenge Opinions:
Ms. Robinette Tiong (I'm not done challenging yet... :P)

Most Enduring Junior by 1 yr(of my antics...): Ezra Yung(all the pain paid off here, eh Cleo? :P)

Source of Inspiration to Take Up Drumming: Billy Lau Pik Lik

2nd Reason I Managed A Distinction In Bible Knowledge: Uncle Henry Wong (1st would be God...)

Best Musician/Worship Leader(generally speaking...): Leonard Lu Tze Jian

Helped me A Tremendous Lot by Taking on the Role of Head Student: Wong Chen Pong

Made the Prefects' Board A Lot More Lively: Richard Lo Li Zhe, Law Eng Tang, Chai Chang Jun, Wong Mau Hong, Tong Chung Chuan

A Great Talker(together with I mean...): Lisa Ngui Li Xia

Gave me A Bright Future in SMK Chung Hua: Dato' Dr. Fong Onn Min

Helped Me A Lot With Starting Up This Blog: Chia Kah Ying, Aunty Vivien Lim

Made me Felt Welcome at Christ Methodist Church: Jene, Mr & Mrs. Daniel Gan, their Care Group Leader & Wife

FunNEST Senior by 1 yr(but same year...) Females to Be With: Loh Xin Yee & Lisa Ngui Li Xia

Sexy Eyes (:P) : Chia Kah Ying

Most Enduring (of my mood swings and antics) Dude Classmate: Dexter Chai Yih Haur

Most (Memorable) Birthday Parties: Yong Zheng Yu, Lewis. (2 yrs out of 2 eh...)

(Memorable) Birthday Gift: Amin bin Aznizan (I still remember the puzzle thingy man... still have it.)

Generous and Considerate to me: Teng Leh Boon, Alby & Chuo Chung Hui, Frank(for all the PS2 sessions... Stayovers...)

Modest'est', IMHO:
Teng Leh Boon, Alby

'Pro'est in Tech Stuff: Teng Leh Boon, Alby

Most Innocent and Funny: Tan Kang Wei

Most Innocent but Horny: Ho Lii Chyuan

Most Innocent-looking but surprisingly playful: Patrick Chin Jun Hua

Most Patient with Friends Teasings(Doesn't really blow his top.): Kon Kit Lung

Filthy Rich Family but Humble:
Simon Ling Wan Siong; Chuo Chung Hui, Frank

Nicest Roommates Around: Arvind Dev, Tian Ge a.k.a. Rooney, Zhang Yixun & Lai Yawen

Last but MOST IMPORTANT of all...

Source of Strength, Joy and Reason to Live: My very own Lord Jesus Christ!!

If you think I left out any award that I SHOULD give... Comment, yeah?

And also... I WILL be updating THIS post every now and then when i remember some stuff that I SHOULD've put in...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

24-04-07 My Conclusion

It's about time. I've come to a conclusion...

"Girls who are easily scared will ALWAYS be easily scared."

There's no point in trying to help them get rid of that. I've tried it many, many times on many, MANY subjects (which I'm sure many of you know...) and they all yield the same result... They STILL get scared. So... I guess it's time I retire from this noble task and forget abt trying to help these poor girls. I'm sorry girls... I've tried... So, SOOOOo hard... It's beyond my powers to do anymore.

As for those other guys who have undertaken this woefully hard and virtually impossible ordeal... I bid thee... Stop wasting your time! It's pointless! We put our reputation on the line just for the sake of them and in the end, nothing better happens... Sigh...

Okay... Since I'm already on the topic of girls, let me just mention this as well...

Girls are weird. They say lots of stuff like, "You're so nice/ qualified/ all-rounded/ attractive/ sexy/ 'gentleman'ly and all that... Surely will get a gf/ get married/ settle down in the future!"

And then when guys say...

"Then would YOU be my gf?"

"Mmmm... Sorry, you're not my type."

WHAT the...???


Sunday, April 22, 2007

22-04-07 Randomnity V

Just wanted to show you some stuff.

Finally got my own vehicle!! A BICYCLE!!

You can actually get fined $1000.00 for riding your bike in the underpass. Wow... How legalism prevails here...
The cycling path from my hostel to school. A part of it anyway... Quite a scenic route, yea? Too bad for the smell of sth rotting though. Maybe I should check the palce out someday. Who knows what I might just find... A rotting corpsed with a bullet through the head with the likes of that of Cho Seung Hui...

The other half to it...

Remember those cute lil' birds that aren't afraid of nasty homo sapiens?

Can you see the bird? I took this pic while cycling back. Thank God I didn't fall...!!

Here's a few pics of the fellowship place in my church here, CMC.

Now THAT'S real fellowship, Chinese-style! Yam cha ah!!

There're these cute tables with the umbrella-shadey-thingies... Nice place to hang out before AND after church. Btw... There's a lil' counter selling drinks and stuff like that too!

22-04-07 Earthly Achievements - Temporary

"But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ." - Philippians 3:7

Just finished another small competition thingy this afternoon. Of course it's related to track & field. It was raining when I just got there...
For those of you who excel in studies, when the teacher announces your name last as she gives the papers back with increasing order of marks, and ppl still going 'WAH...!!!", "Crazy, man!"... Feels good, doesn't it? Everyone's attention is on you as you slowly walk up to the teacher, grinning ear-to-ear and to see that proud expression on the teacher's face...

For those of you gamers, while LANning with friends in a CC and you just finished pawning that useless Bone Fletcher and Dwarven Sniper and the computer shouts "Double KILL!!!", "OWNING!!!"... Sweet, yeah? Hearing your friends saying, "pro, man...!"...

And for those of you involved in sports. Smashing the shuttlecock right on the line; spiking the ball right in between 2 opponents, causing confusion or; releasing the ball as the buzzer sounds to hear the "SWOOSH!", all for the match point... On top of the world, aren't you?... The crowd starts chanting your name, you get called up on stage the following morning during assembly... Awesome...

I used to long to bask in that sort of glory in Sec 1, seeing Dato Dr. Fong show his pride in Tad Song... I think I still long for that type of glory. Anyway... Today, while sitting, waiting for my turn, I overheard 2 senior guys, one of them most probably an ex-sportsman, talking abt his days of glory, competing overseas. Then, it dawned on me...

If i actually happen to win this event, or better still, break the record(both of which I didn't even get close 2, of cos... Don't ask...), so what? The school will announce my magnificent feat, I'll get a few hundred dollars cash, my name'll be etched on the piece of paper they print out every year. Heck, even my 'colleague' trackers will suddenly look up to me, right? Then, in a year or two, another prodigy comes along and breaks my record. Then, what becomes of me? Only I will be dwelling in my past, not letting go of what I've achieved BEFORE. Even the thing abt my fellow trackers admiring me would only last for that short period too!

Roger Federer struck off the old record for that 160-week No-1 in the world thing, breaking that... 'what's-his-name's record. See? I don't even KNOW his name. This is even more obvious in track & field. Does anyone of you remember Michael Johnson? Used to be the 'Fastest Guy on Earth'. In less than a decade, a number of ppl of more than half the number of years have taken on that title, now, by right held by Asafa Powell, a Jamaican. High jump - Javier Sotomayor; Triple jump - Jonathan Edwards... I have no idea who their predecessors are at all!

Soon all these ppl's names will be erased from our memories as ppl get better and better. And in sth like sports(I'm sorry to say this, all you athletic ppl out there...), your career only lasts as long as your fitness. For most sports, when you get past your 30s, your time's up. So what's after that? Ppl start realizing THEN that all that they focused so much on previously didn't really mean that much. After their career is over THEN they start living their lives. It IS quite sad.

I'm not saying sports is useless. For those of us who need a good CV to get good colleges and universities, we need all the sports we can get. Not to mention the health benefits from it. I'm just saying that it's not necessary to make it our reason to continue living. Sports does not last as long as you do. And do NOT confuse sports with exercise...

SomehowI think the Performing Arts are more worth spending some time on. Strings, Guitar, Choir... At least these skills will last you quite a LOT longer in your life. That's unless... we get into an accident or sth, crippling us... TOUCHWOOD!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

20-04-07 AJC Choir Concert : VoYaJe

This Monday, I was cordially invited to Anderson Junior College's concert by my other scholar friends there.

Erin, Eunice and Suen Xin were all performing. $16. I was kinda reluctant to go initially. I HAVE been over-spending over these few weeks already!
But since they're performing already, I know how much it means to be performing and have friends or family ocme and support so I decided to show some love... Sweet, yea? Heehee... Anyway, Arvind wanted to mug so I was on my own... Again...
This was my first time going to the Esplanade at night. Really IS quite a magnificent sight with the iridiscent colours reflecting off the durian-shaped landmark. The small park leading to the Esplanade itself was quite a romantic place for a night-time stroll with 'loved ONE'. Hahah...

This is actually the first time I got to see the night scene of Central Singapore! What a breathtaking view! I'd never thought I'd get to see buildings standing out against a cloudy night sky with their lights on in a city like this! I think I'd better come out more!

Anyway... As I got back quite late from school, I arrived only JUST on time but it had already started so we had to wait outside the entrance for the 'latecomers queue'.

Heheh... They should ahve this in church too. "Late comer? Sorry. Wait for the latecomers' cue to enter... If there IS one. If not, I guess you'll just have to wait till the sermon starts, eh?"

Instead of just standing there straining my neck looking at that plasma screen with a miniature version of the actual performance, I decided to take a REALY short walk to the loo.

Passed by this grand staircase on my way there. Wow... Sexy...

Here's the loo. Cute, ain't it? Clean too!

Even takes into consideration the midgets we have around. A lower peepot JUST for them on the left! Even saves WALKING DISTANCE! Heheh... Or maybe it's just for the kids...

The toilet even has a mirror opposite the peepots? AWKWARD!! If I hadn't noticed, I'd have been peeing halfway and then turn around and...

... PEEPING TOM!!! Interesting place to put a mirror though... Really! Imagine guys doing their hair while they're 'busy'...

Classy sink for hand-washing too! It shines!!

These autotaps are quite popular in grand public toilets here in Singapore. Just put your hand under the tap and.... *SSsshhHHHhhhh* It's so shiny you can see my reflection. Wow...

Suddenly it seems like I'm blogging more about the toilet rather than the event itself...
Well... i really wish I could show you some pictures of the stunning performance but... Pictures and any form of recording's illegal in the Esplanade Theater so... I can only say this.

Listening to such wonderful sounds by just voices and no other instrument, I finally realize why ppl say that the best music instrument ever is our voice. God really made us so special that we can and SHOULD be proud of ourselves.

A choir that got Honours in The singapore Youth Festival(SYF) 2 years ago can sound so angelic. I can't wait to hear the ANGELS singing in the future.

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." ~ 2 Corinthians 4:18

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

18-04-07 Teacher-Student Inversion (Creativity)

Walking around VJ, I see many ppl.
Ppl wearing uniforms, ppl wearing smart outfits.
I wonder how it would be one day,
should teachers students switch.
The teachers wear the uniform,
The students wear smart casual.

I'm sure you find it interesting,
And all the teachers too.
With such a different trend,
We all might get confused.
The 'students' walk into a class,
To have the 'teachers' standing,

"Class, can I greet you?",
"Good morning, Mr. Kwok."
The teacher feels so out of place,
Teaching 'professional'(as if...)

I somehow came to think of this,
Because I'm in JC.
The students are all well-grown,
They'd pass off as adults no prob.
The teachers all are still so young,
With wrinkles nowhere seen.

I know this is kind of insane,
But I'm an Asian.
'Asians are less creative', they say,
So I thought... "Says who?"
Malaysians thought of piracy,
Of games and all movies.
Chinese thought of mass produce,
Nike become so cheap.
Japanese think of nanotech,
A bot inside your butt.
Bangladeshis own the labour market,
Gave birth to cheap labour.
North Korea not part of U. Nations,
So they build nuclear plants.

So many proof that we Asians,
Are so, so creative.
So this is what I think.
Just because we study well,
The West get so jealous.
They try to sabo us,
So... Who cares?

Monday, April 16, 2007

16-04-07 Randomnity IV

Feel kinda free during recess now so...

While at Suntec earlier last Saturday, I saw these HUGE posters just as I entered...

Proof of how ppl believe that 'sex sells' eh? Why DOES there have to be ladies in the poster? Wahlao eh... As if anyone who wears these will become so gorgeous... I think I should try it out and take a pic and how sexy I look...! ...Sorry, guys but I'm not tat pervy!! And I thought pics of such would only appeal more to men than women? Maybe they're hoping that some guys go like... 'Hmmm... Maybe this Georgina friend of mine could look this gorgeous too...? I know what to get her for her birthday present now...' ... Come on la... Heheh...

Then, coming to lunch hour, I decided to treat myself to a pampering meal of...

Subway Sandwich! You CAN tell that this is the FOOT-LONG Sandwich, right? Just an additional $3.00 and you get the OTHER half of the 6-inch sandwich! For FREE~~!! Heheh... But a dire warning to you all who intend to give this a try. Order a foot-long sandwich IF AND ONLY IF you're starving! I happened to be quite tired after the sports thingy and you can imagine what a tired guy needs most... FOOD!!

There's really quite a lot of stuff inside with all the extra toppings and best of all, only 6 GRAMS OF FAT!! Everyth abt it is healthy! Even the meat slices aren't grilled or roasted or anyth oily. Feels good to eat fast-food WITHOUT feeling guilty!

... 15 minutes later... MAN!! 1 foot is really a LOT longer than I imagined...!

This pic here I took to try out sth I read off a photography book. Perspective. Gives you the feeling of the shade extending into the horizon or sth, doesn't it? Awesome...

And btw... Had my audition yesterday after service. It's like this. They played the song once through to show you how it goes... THEN you take over the instrument you're auditioning for and play with the band. It was okayla. Love their drumset though... Nice sound! The TOMS!! 'Duk-Dung' sound, unlike GMC's special 'Dong-Dong' sound! Heehee...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

15-04-07 'Blister'ing pain! (WARNING! Not for the faint-hearted! Scroll down at your own risk! Wait for my NEXT entry if you're a chicken!)

It's been raining every day here except for today.
Wow... Even rainy days look good on camera. Awesome...

Anyway... You must be wondering what's with the title. Well... Just went for some sports thingy yesterday morning. Wahliew... Saturday also had to wake up at 5 am. So suay ah...! Had to take a cab n cost me a hefty $4.50 again... Early morning charge multiply by 1.5 or sth liddat ma... Had to take the MRT that took like50 minutes to get to the destination again. Then... Souvenir of taking part in the event, I brought back two wonderful... BLISTERS!!! Trying on different shoes and then I myself gesi gesi tried taking off my socks lo. Served me right also la... Heheh...
I had to rush to the closest clinic after I finished. Took another half an hour. Can you IMAGINE the pain??!! The doctor said it's called "Dover's Blister". Hmmmm... Kinda suay also this Dover guy had to have a BLISTER named after him. Maybe he was the cause of it in the first place? Like... AIDS? "Aku Ingin Dapatkan Seks"... Heehee... Cool...
Anyway... The white-robed guy said a minor operation had to be done on my poor blisters, that it won't be of much pain(that's what they ALWAYS say, right? I guess these medical ppl had to take a course in uni called "Lying in Vain about Pain 101" and all that. Who knows, eh? Tell me whether you do, yeah, Afiqah, CP or Chung? :P). On with the incident... He started by inserting this 3mm in diameter tube into my blister and accidently rubbed it against my flesh on the inside(I'm sure you can tell that it's NOT supposed to rub against my skin, aye?) . When I shrieked slightly, he just gave me that sly, wicked smile and... and...
... GOTCHA!!... Heheh... I was just kidding there. Hahah... Come on la... I said "Trying on different shoes and then I myself gesi gesi tried taking off my socks lo." already how could the blister be possibly be on my ARM??!! Weren't paying attention la! Trying to enjoy in my suffering la?!! Anyway... I wasn't TOTALLY lying... That pic is really entitled Dover's blister as I found it over the net. Though... I couldn't find an actual definition or info on this Dover thing...
THIS here is the REAL blister on my heel.
And... Open Skinnatomy!
Yucks!!! That's REALLY my flesh there... Hmmm... but from this pic you couldn't tell which part of the body it's on as it's so close up, right? I tried so hard to look at it close up myself but wasn't flexible enough, hearing my spines crack away in the process. Thank God for cameras and the 'macro' function. Or in this case... The 'super macro' function. Wow... For all we know I can even take a pic of my butt to check on how small it is, yeah? But what the heck... WHY'D I EVER WANNA TAKE A PIC OF MY BUTT??!!!! That's preposterous of you to think of such a thing!!! May God forgive you for such a thought!!!... Heheh...
Don't worry though.. It's not TOO serious. Should heal in a day or two. Thank God for Mr. Tan Chong Kiat who helped me with some antiseptic and the cleaning thing PERSONALLY! I'm just trying all of you reading there who care about me to have SOMETHING to worry about. Heehee...
Came across this cute picture while searching under 'blisters'. Heheh.. Cute cereals... Very unappetising though... So what I can do to cure this blister?
Wow... Advertisement over the net DOES help eh? blisters on toes got special product... Then blister on base of feet need different stuff also? Maybe Oxy and T3 should start this also. Oxy's "Oxy5 for Pimples on Left Cheek", T3's "T3 Anti-Acne Ointment for Underarm - With Real Tea Tree Oil collected from the underneath of a branch!"
Okay... I've crapped enough tonight already... Signs of a good mood, yea? Heehee... Hope you enjoyed this entry!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007


Hey you ppl out there who'd like to buy some exp stuff at a cheaper price, esp those who live in Singapore... Check this website out! Quite interesting...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

12-04-07 PMT!

Another PMT-ing day...!!

Woke up forgetting where I put my handphone after just turning it on. Had to go to JC without it. At least I paid attention during the lectures today, despite the hard struggle.

As I was abt to go back after the 'Nanotechnology' talk and Science Research briefing, it started pouring cats and dogs. At least Ms. Yu had the spikes with her and I finally got my hands on them, despite the 'priceyness'...

Was going to Chua Chu Kang MRT station to meet up with someone to get sth later this evening. It's like... a 10-minute + bus ride to Bedok MRT station first followed by an almost 20-stop MRT ride, taking up the bulk of the hour-long journey. When I reached Redhill(slightly more than 15 stops later...), I had to switch over to the MRT heading back cos the guy couldn't make it. At least I got to draw some money and get a new calling card, despite the waste of an hour or so...

Went to the pantry to wash up my mug and my friends drinking outside prompted me to go check on my juices in the refridgerator. 1 MORE 1-liter carton of juice gone! The 3RD one this week!!! BLESS THESE BOARDERS!!!(Love they enemies, right...? Grrr...) At least I got to drink 2.5 out of 5 of my juices, right? Quite some money wasted there... Arrrr....

Called parents to complain a bit abt the ppl here and instead got told off for some other stuff before I got to the ppl part... How nice... At least... They called back again... And I sensed a tone of 'sorryness'.

Came down to computer room to blog and the first comp wouldn't even let IE run the sites I loggid into just because I turned on a SECOND IE!! Had to switch over to this comp. Well, at least I still finally got to blog, yea? Was gonna go out cycling in the breezy night to cool down and relax a bit but... Kinda late already.

Kinda makes me amazed how there's actually a silver lining behind each cloud here. Wow... I've encouraged myself! Heehee... But still... Going to de-stress tomorrow night la! Need time to slow down and enjoy the stuff around ah!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

10-04-07 Will We Last That Long?

Read this off the papers a week or two back...

No offence to the ppl in charge of these projects but I couldn't help thinking... Will we be around that long to enjoy all this progress?
I mean... Earthquakes right across the sea that the tremors could even be felt in Singapore? Death-incurring floods that swept across Johor, leaving 90, 000+ ppl homeless in Johor? let's not even mention global warming. I guess there ISN'T much hope for this earth to survive for too long now, eh? Even if we just MAINTAIN the energy consumption and amount of waste we're producing now, the earth wouldn't last too long too. Try imagine the ADDITIONAL damage incurred as more ppl are born, more projects are underway, more forests are razed and more oil tankers spill their 'gall juice' into the sea. I guess God would STILL be keeping His promise. "I'm not gonna send another flood to destroy the earth. This time, I'm gonna use HEAT to do it. And YOU can't blame ME... Cos YOU did everyth to make it happen, my dear children!"
(Of course God ain't so cruel...! I'm just putting stuff in perspective...)