Friday, November 25, 2011

25-11-11 (Friday) “Oh great… Now I’m gonna be late for…”

Something unforeseen happened to me a few days ago that got me stuck in it for quite a while.

In that moment, I thought through how the scenario happens to many and how the “normal” reaction is. The first thing that came to my mind was the title of this post.

IMG_0453 Given this period of post-exam break where nothing much happens and my schedule is pretty clear, things are different and hence that thought wasn’t my main thought. However, if it had been on any other day of the year, I believe that thought would be the very first thing that comes to mind.

We claim or think that mankind’s quality of life and standard of living has never been better in any time before the present. We have all these gadgets and devices that make life easy for us, saves us time and effort so that we are able to do ten times the work we would have done in a same period of time a decade ago. Yet, we end up having not enough time to do all that we wanna do.

“Darn it, forgot to pray/do my quiet time today. I’ll just go through two readings tomorrow.”
“Looks like I’m gonna need that (insert energy-boosting drink) tonight!”
“Can you drive faster, please? I really have to be there in ten minutes.”

Can we all please slow down? Can we spare at least 1 hour a day for people and not activities? Maybe another hour for God too, for us believers? To just read His Word and think about things to thank Him, to adore Him? Can we afford to be more patient?

Can I?

Sunday, November 06, 2011

07-11-11 (Monday) “Time heals…?”

We hear it over and over again when hit with some painful event.

“Let it heal with time.”
“You’ll be fine as time goes by.”

I can bear testimony to the time healing bit, having experienced healing over time but… Is it really time that heals?

IMG_20752 A waiting place

Or is it God that heals us in time?

Sure… Most things will feel less painful over time… But I’ve heard of cases where instant healing takes place. No more pain. No more wound to show.

Ultimately, God is in control.

That’s right… Time heals. But God is in control of time. He is over and above time. Its like… Time is so out of God’s league. God pre-dated time. He owned time.

God is the one who heals. Period.

IMG_20052The Promise

Lamb fat is the best fat ever.