Monday, January 13, 2014

13-01-14 (Monday) "A Reality Not to Be Forgotten"

So I've been married for just over 2 months now. It's been quite an awesome time so far, honestly. Sure, there are some not-so-nice moments when I have been careless and caused some hurt to Erene but we deal with it and we talk about stuff and that's the best part! Even though we hurt each other, we discuss and talk over it and work things out!

A friend of ours, Soph Tam, described it rather aptly. She said, " Marriage is like a marathon adult sleepover. You just stay together and don't have to go back to your separate homes after dates everyday!" I just think that's such an awesome way to put it! :)

Today, I just came across a blogpost by one of my favourite wedding photographers - Jenny Sun and she shares the story behind Taylor Swift's song "Ronan". The lyrics express the thoughts of a mother who captured the journey as she endured the battle that her young son was in - fighting against cancer. It is rather saddening but it is a real story.

As I listened to the song and the lyrics, I became slightly affected myself. Things such as cancer are harsh realities of life. We're not made to live forever on this earth. A colleague of mine recently lost his life in a freak accident while windsurfing, despite having decades of experience under his belt.

"Never be satisfied with anything in this world. Be satisfied only in the God who gives us our breaths, careers, partners, family and supplies our needs."


"God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him."